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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blenko 658 L & 6732L

Shown here are Myers designed decanters- 6732L in Honey and 658L in Peacock.

Several of you have written to ask about Bruce Specht Family.

Bruce sent this photo and note to say Thank you to all the blog readers who left such thoughtful responses to the post of Debbie's obit.

The Specht Family will forever feel the loss but are at peace and remain strong.

Thank you Bruce for these photos, and for your continued support of West Virginia Glass and Heart of Glass blog.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ron Hinkle exhibit at State Cultural Center

The West Virginia Division of Culture and History will open a new exhibit, Ron Hinkle Glass, one of the West Virginia’s Gift to the World series, in the Lobby Gallery of the Culture Center, State Capitol Complex in Charleston. An opening reception to celebrate the show will be held Monday, Aug. 30, at the Culture Center beginning at 6 p.m. The exhibit and reception are free and the public is invited to attend. Ron Hinkle Glass will remain on display through Oct. 31.

The evening’s event will include remarks by Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith of the Division and a Gallery Talk by Hinkle. The artist also will have 100 signed and numbered pieces entitled “Flower of the Evening,” for sale to the public for $40. The special edition piece is a six-inch-tall cranberry glass starflower mounted atop a solid base of crystal glass that rises up in a spiraled vine where the flower sits.

The exhibit has the theme “While You Were Sleeping,” and will resemble a glass flower garden. There are approximately 1,000 pieces of glass in the show including flowers, stars, orbs and leaves in a variety of shapes and colors – all set against the backdrop of a night sky.

Hinkle is an accomplished master glass artist who embodies great passion and appreciation for glass and the history of glass making. He was born and raised in Buckhannon and developed a love of glass at the young age of 12. Using the glass tubing from his chemistry set, Hinkle taught himself to bend and stretch glass over the burners of his gas stove.

During the summer before his senior year at Buckhannon-Upshur High School, Hinkle learned that the glass factories in nearby Weston needed summer help. He began working for Louie Glass and ended up spending the next 20 years there, learning from the masters, while developing his own style.

Within a few years, Hinkle began working independently during his breaks and after work to learn the art of glass blowing. He soon was assigned to a glass blowing position, where he remained for 14 years. He began crafting paperweights during every spare moment and secured an apprentice to assist him. In mid-1993, Hinkle left Louie Glass and opened Hinkle’s Dying Art Glassworks on Jan. 1, 1994 in Buckhannon. He initially sold his work wholesale, particularly to Princess House Consultants. For the first five years, his business grew by 30 percent each year. His art glass is available in more than 30 states and select international locations. In December 2005, he changed his company’s name to Ron Hinkle Glass.

Hinkle’s work has been featured on the West Virginia Governor’s Tree and the Christmas Pageant of Peace trees at the White House. He regularly demonstrates his craft at the Mountain State Arts and Craft Fair in Ripley and the WVU Jackson’s Mill Jubilee near Weston and has been featured in USA Today, Lifestyle Crafts Buyers Guide, Wonderful West Virginia, West Virginia Living. Corridor, West Ways and All About Glass magazine. His product line includes designer vases, rondels, bowls, stemware, table lamps and a series of novelty figurines including animals, fruit and flowers. He currently is developing a line of handcrafted custom lamps in collaboration with blacksmith artist Jeff Fetty of Spencer.

For more information about the West Virginia’s Gift to the World exhibit, Ron Hinkle Glass, contact Charles Morris, director of museums and collections and exhibits manager for the Division, at (304) 558-0220.
I plan on heading over after work tomorrow - I hope some of you will as well!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Specht Family of Texas - Photo

#549 Spouted decanters in Charcoal and Amethyst.

When I see Bruce Spect's photos of Blenko Glass - these words from a song . . ." nobody does it better " find their way into my sphere. Bruce's photos are always superior.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Vintage Blenko



Please give me the phone number and address of the dealer in NYC you all

speak of on the blog.

I'm tired of looking w/o success for the older items I need to complete my


S. Preiser

Ms. Preiser,

Please check out the web site http://www.vmglasshouse.com/ if you don't find
the information you need, email me at theblenkoproject@aol.com and I'll forward your
letter to the appropriate person. A reader wrote to say Tammy Kosla former Blenko Collectors Society President - is downsizing and will be bringing her vintage glass collection to market.
Good Luck!


Thursday, August 26, 2010


http://herald-dispatchblogs04.blogspot.com/ The Heart of Glass Blog
All things Blenko and West Virginia Glass.
Save the book mark.

Heart of Glass needs your Blenko and West Virginia Glass photos and stories. Please send to theblenkoproject@aol.com. Note: Please do not send photos from other websites w/o permission of the owner.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its not easy to find a good Blenko Collectors Group!

Elle - The folks at Blenko Glass hear our voices re: the need to support a Blenko Collectors group. Family owned businesses in these economic times are struggling. Be patient, keep buying Blenko.
When you purchase directly from the factory and encourage your friends to buy new Blenko - you are supporting the factory.

Hillary Saw this card and had to purchase for you. I'd like to add
its very difficult to find not only a good dentist but a Blenko Glass Collectors group and a Blenko Blog.
Please return to the daily publishing of this blog.

For those of us new enough never to 'know' a Blenko Collectors Group this is all
we have.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blog Reader Shares New York City - Blenko Shopping


Last week I did my annual 10 days in New York City. Saw a few plays, did a lot of shopping and browsing in antique shops.
My partner loves MOMA thus one day and evening was devoted to the Museum of Modern Art.

If you haven't been I recommend you all visit immediately. I ask about Blenko Glass. After some research a curator told me MOMA does own 5 pieces of Blenko and I could view them on line only.

I am attaching the photos from MOMA website. I found only 2 photos. This pitcher I own in a green color and the ash try is now on my list of 'must haves.'

Blenko is in every city. When you travel ask if shopkeepers have Blenko. In Short Hills, NJ of all places I found a Wayne Husted decanter for $275. This purchase kept me happy for days.
Thank you for allowing me to share.
Mountain Rita

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass in Milton, WV is OPEN
each and every weekend.
Each visit - I encourage you to check the clearance tables and look in the boxes near the back wall for
items no longer made, or over runs - the prices are very low.
When you visit BLENKO GLASS www.blenkoglass.com don't forget to walk up the steps and visit the Blenko Museum of Glass also if time permits walk around the property.
The lake is beautiful, full of catfish, the ducks are available and willing to take your left over snacks.
Blenko Glass installed a dozen picnic tables last year. Blenko welcomes you to stay awhile and enjoy the property.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass has made bookends in the shape of Clams, Shells, Cats, Owls etc.
If your interest includes collecting solid glass bookends, think BLENKO GLASS.
This photos is from Margie who lives in Connecticut, Margie makes a trip to Blenko Glass twice each year to purchase glass for herself and her friends.
Do you collect Blenko Glass? If so - we welcome your photos and Glass Collecting stories - send to theblenkoproject@aol.com.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SALE - Blenko Glass

Check out the Blenko Glass wenbsite - www.blenkoglass.com.
You'll find the clam shell bowl ( see photo ) in a variety of colors. This item and many others are listed under the SALE tab. Return to the Blenko Glass website frequently for coupons off - and to check the reduced price items - look under the SALE tab.

Remember #1)BLENKO GLASS is made in the USA. #2) Blenko always has the perfect gift - for every occasion.
#3) Blenko Glass is famous for magnificent color and timeless design.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Check out the Blenko Glass website.
Coupon for % off and photos of the current items being offered by
Blenko Glass.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Relay For Life

Blenko Glass www.blenkoglass.com has created a unique line of pendants and key chains. The Relay For Life (shown here) is the most recent addition.
These can be worn on a cord, or used as a charm. Blenko Glass donates a portion of the price to the American Cancer Society.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wheaton Arts Announcing New Fall Workshops and Classes

Wheaton Arts will be having several interesting glass classes this Fall -- See pages 6 and 7 of this PDF:

Glass Casting: Tree of Life

Saturdays and Sundays
October 9 &10 and October 16 & 17
(4 sessions)
9am to 6pm
Members $400 / Non Members $450

The tree of life, an old Mexican tradition,
is a beautiful, non-verbal, yet narrative
form of art depicting birth, life and death;
a construction of moments, passages and
people. For this exciting workshop we in-
vite each student to create their own tree
of life while exploring the expressive po-
tential of hot casting glass. By using a sand
bed as their canvas, students will take ob-
jects from their lives and press them into
the sand, leaving a mark on the sand creat-
ing a story or an autobiographical narrative.
Students will then add colors and inclusions
and finally will fill the impressions with glow-
ing molten glass. Once cooled, the glass ob-
jects can be used to create a mixed-media
assemblage. Ages: 18 - Adult; Class limit: 10;
Location: Glass Studio.
Instructor: Luisa Restrepo

Hot Glass Pumpkins!

October 20 to November 3 (3 sessions)
6:30pm to 9:30pm
Members $235 / Non-Members $250
Color fee: $50

Do you want fun, decorative, harvest fruit
that stays fresh all year long? Well, come
join us and blow your own glass pumpkins!
In this three week workshop, students will
learn a variety of techniques to create their
very own collection of this popular October
squash. Using varying steel molds and spe-
cial color combinations, students will learn
how to twist and swirl hot glass into crea-
tive and unique pumpkin shapes! Prerequi-
site: None. Ages: 16 - Adult; Class limit: 6;
Location: Glass Studio.
Instructor: Karin Kozlowski

Glass Ornament Workshop

December 1,
8 & 15
(3 sessions)
6:30pm to
Members $235 /
Color fee: $50

Colorful and fast-paced, glass ornaments are an exciting
way to enhance your glass skills and create unique gifts/keepsakes for the holidays! A variety of colorful surface, and interior, designs will be explored in this three-week intensive. Students will also explore the optic mold as well as “alternative” shapes to give their ornaments their own creative twists! Pre-requisite: None. Ages: 16 - Adult; Class
limit: 6; Location: Glass Studio.
Instructor: Karin Kozlowski and
WheatonArts Staff

This notice is from Blogger friend Tony Patti

Monday, August 09, 2010

New Paperweight Website

Recall the post about paperweights? "CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN PAPERWEIGHT ARTISTS":

Drew Ebelhare has a new website: www.ebelharepaperweights.com.

Check out Drew's new paperweights.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


The Blenko Project www.blenkoproject.org is in the process of updating the web site. If you or a family member worked for Blenko - we'd like to hear from you, please write to theblenkoproject@aol.com . We're looking for old photos, oral histories, and most any Blenko Glass information you can share.
The Blenko Project is devoted to preserving the history of BLENKO GLASS.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Blenko Stained Glass Window

Rainbow Studios in Downtown Memphis is fabricating a large outdoor stained-glass installation that Memphians will be able to view just by driving down Walnut Grove or Humphreys Boulevard.

Employees of the studio at 400 S. Front recently unloaded in its basement 10,000 pounds of 1-inch thick, 8-by-12-inch slabs of glass in 75 colors to begin work on the installation, which will sit in front of Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis' new 250-plus-seat educational auditorium.

A rendering shows the free-standing stained-glass panels and bell tower at the new Baptist auditorium. Courtesy of Earl Swensson Associates
The stained glass, set to be installed at the hospital at 6019 Walnut Grove in September or October, includes three free-standing panels, each 8 feet wide and 19 feet tall, and three panels installed in the auditorium's bell tower, each 8 feet wide and 45 feet tall.

The auditorium, which faces Walnut Grove, sits between two physicians office buildings, east of the patient tower.

The free-standing panels will be a few feet in front of the curved auditorium (the concrete blocks and steel framework are in place now waiting for the stained glass). The bell tower is free standing from the auditorium and will have stained glass in the east, north and west sides. The south backs up to the auditorium.

"It (the installation) will sit facing Walnut Grove, so because of its layout and its physical size, it will be highly visible. It's one of the first things visitors will be able to see," said Ric Ransom, assistant administrator for Baptist.

"I've done my research on the Internet, and the largest sculpture of this kind I've found is 6 feet," said studio owner Dan Oppenheimer. "Blenko (Glass Co.) says it's the largest as


Established in 1893, Blenko of Milton, W.Va., Rainbow's primary glass supplier on the project, is one of the oldest stained-glass suppliers in the U.S.

"It has the potential to be a real knockout," Oppenheimer said.

The hospital sent out proposal requests to three Mid-South stained-glass firms in December and opted for Rainbow because of its design approach and its long history with the hospital. Rainbow created many stained-glass features for the old Baptist Hospital on Union.

"You have to think of where it is, on Walnut Grove and Humphreys, and think in terms of if another Hurricane Elvis came through. It would flop it to pieces," Oppenheimer said. "Rather than approach it as a design component, I looked at it as an engineering problem."

With the assistance of independent designer Jerry House of Memphis, Oppenheimer proposed using the Dalle De Verre method, also known as faceted glass, first used in European churches and primarily used in architectural applications. This sets dalles, or thick glass tiles, formerly in stone or concrete and now in epoxy.

Oppenheimer and his crew begin pouring next week, and will take a couple of months to complete the process.

"It's all done by hand, which is time-consuming, because it's the old craft style," House said.

The team of six or seven will assemble 126 sections, each 3-by-4 feet and weighing 125 pounds.

The process includes cutting the glass slabs with a diamond saw to shape, laying them out on sand-covered paper according to House's pattern, and pouring the molasses-like charcoal-colored epoxy between the glass.

Workers will then chip off extruding glass to give it a "jewel-like" appearance.

"It makes this semi-circular bridge, kind of like the bottom of a Coke bottle that's been chipped, so that to people driving by, it seems extremely lively. It creates this sparkle over the whole thing," House said. "And the negative space between the glass is very much a design element as well."

House at first came up with a traditional-style design for the panels, but evolved into a more contemporary, abstract look.

"I'm going for a spirit of movement to represent life and energy," House said.

Some of the panels will feature Bible verses to represent the Baptist mission, which is "Healing, preaching and teaching."

The three verses chosen by Baptist staff members include Exodus 15:26, "For I am the Lord who heals you"; Mark 16:15, "Preach the good news to all creation"; and Psalm 143:10, "Teach me to do your will, for you are my God."

"The idea of the stained glass is something people typically associate with churches. It's a very Baptist-y thing to do, and Dan's knowledge of that preference is an important value brought to the project," said Nick Lewis, assistant director of facility services for Baptist. "Not a lot of folks can do this work. He's a specialist at what he's doing, and he's been able to come up with something incredibly durable and highly resistant in addition to being very beautiful."

Once the panels are complete, Oppenheimer says it will take about a week to install, with A&H Glass overseeing the installation.

There will be a separate dedication of the stained-glass installation following the Sept. 15 dedication of the auditorium. Earl Swensson Associates of Nashville, the architectural firm and interior designer for the auditorium, came up with the concept for a stained glass installation.

Not only is he excited about taking on such a large challenge, but Oppenheimer also hopes the project will have an infectious effect on the city.

"It's really exciting, and hopefully it will start a movement toward more public art projects," he said.

Stained glass installation at Baptist hospital will dazzle passers-by this fall.


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Museum Building Campaign Wildly Successful at MAG in WV


Match the Money—and the Museum Is Ours! was the rallying cry that launched an ambitious fund drive for the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia at the 19th annual Glass Gathering held at the museum in Weston, West Virginia on Friday October 23, 2009. Now 6 months later and the results from the campaign are in. Campaign co-chairs, Jeff Evans of Jeffrey S. Evans Auctions and Dean Six, Executive Director of the museum are pleased to announce it has met and exceeded its goal in the six month long "Match The Money and The Museum is Ours" building campaign fund drive.

In October 2009, an anonymous donor offered to match, dollar for dollar, donations up to $45,000. The $90,000 amount would allow the Museum’s current mortgage to be retired and the not-for-profit Museum would own its home free and clear of any debt. Success seemed apparent from the outset as individual donors, community organizations and numerous glass collecting clubs stepped forward to donate. The museum holds an impressive array of American-made glass, the collection of objects from the National Marble Museum, glass making tools, an extensive library of glass industry information and the American Flint Glass Workers Union archives.

As of April 25, 2010, six months after the campaign began; the total raised by the campaign is $105,803. A public mortgage note burning ceremony is planned. The money raised over and above that needed to pay the $90,000 mortgage will be used to earn yet another dollar for dollar match. The Museum is submitting a proposal to the State of West Virginia for funds to renovate and make climate controlled the 2nd floor archival storage area. The archives include, among thousands of other items, the nationally significant collection from the American Flint Glass Workers Union.

In 2009, the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia became the residence for the artifacts of the American Flint Glass Workers Union now displayed in the public area on the first floor. The second floors houses over 100 years of archives and research materials of the AFGWU, glass catalogs and other valuable industry research documents in the archives storage area. The second floor area will benefit from the second matching funds being sought to provide much needed air conditioning and heating to preserve these and other valuable American glass history documents.

The Museum of American Glass in West Virginia is open daily Memorial Day through Labor Day noon to 4:00pm. The balance of the year the museum is open daily noon to 4:00pm and closed on Wednesday and Sunday. Admission is free. It is easily accessible off I-79 exit 99 onto US 33 West for two miles to Main Avenue. A left turn onto Main and the museum is on the left at 230 Main Avenue. Begun in 1992, the museum relocated to its present location in 2007 and occupies 12,000 square feet with over 7,000 pieces of glass on permanent display. The museum is home to the National Marble Museum and The American Flint Glass Workers Union Archives. The museum holds an annual marble festival and numerous special exhibits throughout the year. More information can be found at http://wvmag.bglances.com/. Questions about programs or the museum can be directed to 304-269-5006.


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Festival Of Glass Classes

Glass Blowing Workshop

$350.00 per person. Class limited to 8 participants. This workshop will allow you to participate in each step that is necessary to create a piece of handmade glass. The process will begin with making the ball, then gathering the glass that will become the finished piece, blowing the glass, sticking up the glass using a pontil to reheat the glass then continue to the finishing process, where the glass is sheared and opened up to the desired width. Finally, the glass will be carried to the lehr to begin the annealing process that takes 4-4 ½ hours. Participants will work with all shop members as they learn the process of making a piece of glass. Participants will be able to work on at least 2-3, if not more pieces each. Glass pieces will be available either later on Friday or Saturday in the shipping department. If you are unable to stay long enough to pick up during the Festival, please leave instructions for shipping.

Paperweight Class

$40.00 per person. Class is limited to 15 participants, ages 12-up. Each participant will choose the colors of glass frit They want to see inside the paperweight. Product will be available for pick-up in the gift shop later that day or can be shipped to your home. Please let us know how you want to handle picking up your product.

Lg. Windchime/Mobile Class

$60.00 per person. Class is limited to 15 participants. Create a wonderful display of art that can hang inside or outside your home. You will create a one-of-a-kind piece with Blenko kiln-fired sheet glass pieces. These pieces are reminiscent of Old-fashioned ribbon candy but reflect the beauty of Blenko's vibrant colors. Each person will be able to take home their creation immediately

Sm. Dreamcatcher Class

$30.00 per person. Class is limited to 15 participants. Create a wonderful piece of art using Blenko Kiln-fired sheet glass pieces cut in unique shapes and sizes. You will create a single strand dreamcatcher that you will be able to take home immediately.

Lg. Dalle Chipping Class

$125.00 per person. Class is limited to 6 participants, ages 14-up. Turn your artistic vision into a work of art by chipping away at a slab of glass. This class offers you the opportunity to learn the techniques involved in faceted glass art. A Fun-filled class that is approx. 2 hours long that will allow you to experience the art of glass design. Each person will be able to take home their own faceted glass art creation. The item will be available 4-5 hours after the class ends or it can be shipped to your home. 18 x 18 panel.

Sm. Dalle Mosaic Class

$40.00 per person. Class limited to 10 participants, parental supervision requested under age 10. Use your imagination to create a glass art panel using various shapes of Blenko glass including dalle de verre slabs. Participants will create their design themselves and a Blenko employee will assist in the finishing process. The item will be available 4-5 hours after the class ends or it can be shipped to your home. 8 x 8 panel.

Miniature Class

$40.00 per person. Class is limited to 10 participants, adult supervision under age 12. This is a wonderful chance for anyone who has ever wondered what it feels like to work in a glass factory to try it out. During this class you will learn to cast some of Blenko's Miniature figurines, including animals, hearts, etc. Each person gets to take home two of their creations. The items will be available 4-5 hours after the class ends or can be shipped to your home.
New Classes for 2010

Stepping Stone Mosaic Class

$20.00 per person. Class is limited to 10 participants. A great class for kids. A variety of forms will be available to choose from. A fun way to create your own custom garden stone using colorful glass gems made by West Virginia's own Marble King, based in Paden City, WV. Item will be available the next day for pick up.

Christmas Ornament Class

$35.00 per person. Class is limited to 6 participants. Each participant will choose their own frit colors and assist our skilled craftsmen in creating their very own one-of-a kind round Christmas ornament that can be displayed and shared with their family and friends. Ornament will be available 4-5 hours after the class ends or the next day.

Stained Glass Panel Class

$65.00 per person. Class is limited to 6 participants. You will learn the basic steps required to make a stained glass panel and will then create your own unique piece with the assistance of Blenko employees. You will learn basic cutting, grinding and soldering techniques during this class. You will be able to take your creation with you immediately.
Sign-up Today!!!

If you are interested in participating in any of the classes, call us at 877-425-3656.

Monday, August 02, 2010

3rd Annual Festival of Glass

The 3rd annual Festival of Glass event will be held at the Blenko Glass factory on Friday, August 6th & Saturday, August 7th. Free parking will be available, and visitors will have the rare opportunity to view our skilled artisans at work and participate in a variety of classes related to the glass making process (fees apply). A schedule of classes and events along with a class description for each class can be seen below. If you are interested in participating in a class please sign up early because class space is limited and classes are filling up fast.

Friday, August 6
8:00 Welcome!! Visitor Center Open. Be sure to get your free
Blenko commemorative medallion. Free refreshments
and cake available upstairs in the Visitor Center for a
limited time.

8:00-3:15 Glassblowing Demonstrations

8:00-5:00 Red Wynn of Louisville, KY will be demonstrating the
primitive art of flintknapping & the reproduction of
arrowheads using Blenko glass. Products will be
available for purchase outside in front of the Visitor

8:00-12:00 Glassblowing Workshop $350.00 8 Participants

8:00-9:30 Sm. Dreamcatcher Class $30.00 15 Participants

9:00 Guided Factory Tour (please assemble upstairs in Visitor

9:00-11:00 Walter Blenko signing event in gift shop

9:00-10:00 Miniature Casting Class $40.00 10 Participants

9:00-10:30 Paperweight Class $40.00 15 Participants

10:00-11:30 Sm. Dalle Mosaic Class $40.00 10 Participants

10:00-11:30 Lg. Mobile/Windchime Class $60.00 15 Participants

10:00-12:30 Lg. Dalle Chipping Class $125.00 6 Participants

10:30-12:00 Christmas Ornament Class $35.00 6 Participants

10:30-1:30 Stained Glass Panel Class $65.00 6 Participants

11:00 Guided Factory Tour (please assemble upstairs in Visitor

11:00-1:00 W. H. Blenko signing event in gift shop

11:30-1:00 Stepping Stone Mosaic Class $20.00 10 Participants

12:00 Lunch (The Buffalo Grill food vendor on site & picnic

1:00-2:00 Miniature Casting Class $40.00 10 Participants

1:00 Guided Factory Tour (please assemble upstairs in Visitor

1:00-3:00 Walter Blenko signing event in gift shop

1:00-2:30 Paperweight Class $40.00 15 Participants

1:00-2:30 Sm. Dreamcatcher Class $30.00 15 Participants

2:00-3:30 Christmas Ornament Class $35.00 6 Participants

2:30-4:00 Lg. Mobile/Windchime Class $60.00 6 Participants

*Time allotted for classes is approximate

Saturday, August 7
9:00 Welcome!! Visitor Center Open. Special Limited Edition
Craftsmen pieces go on sale in the gift shop. Each
shop has created a unique signed piece. There are 50
pieces available for each blown tableware shop and 100
pieces available from the spin/cast shop. Be sure to get
your free Blenko commemorative medallion. Free
refreshments and cake available upstairs in the Visitor
Center for a limited time

9:00-3:15 Glassblowing Demonstrations

9:00-11:00 Walter Blenko signing event in gift shop.

9:00-5:00 Red Wynn of Louisville, KY will be demonstrating the
primitive art of flintknapping & the reproduction of
arrowheads using Blenko glass. Products will be
available for purchase outside in front of the Visitor

9:30-1:30 Glassblowing Workshop $350.00 8 Participants

9:30 Guided Factory Tour (please assemble upstairs in Visitor

9:30-11:00 Sm. Dreamcatcher Class $30.00 15 Participants

10:00-11:00 Miniature Casting Class $40.00 10 Participants

10:00-11:30 Paperweight Class $40.00 15 Participants

10:00-11:30 Christmas Ornament Class $35.00 6 Participants

11:00-1:00 W. H. Blenko signing event in gift shop

11: 00-12:30 Stepping Stone Mosaic Class $20.00 10 Participants

11: 00-1:00 93.7 "The Dawg" Live Radio Remote (be sure to sign up
for giveaways during the broadcast)

11:00 Guided Factory Tour (please assemble upstairs in Visitor

12:00 Lunch (The Buffalo Grill food vendor on site & picnic

12:30-2:00 Lg. Mobile/Windchime Class $60.00 6 Participants

12:30-3:30 Stained Glass Panel Class $65.00 6 Participants

1:00 Guided Factory Tour (please assemble upstairs in Visitor

1:00-3:00 Walter Blenko signing event in gift shop

1:00-2:30 Sm. Dalle Mosaic Class $40.00 10 Participants

1:00-2:30 Paperweight Class $40.00 15 Participants

1:00-2:30 Christmas Ornament Class $35.00 6 Participants

1:00-3:30 Lg. Dalle Chipping Class $125.00 6 Participants

*Time allotted for classes is approximate

Sunday, August 01, 2010

2010 GAS Conference

Dear Members and Friends of the Glass Art Society,
Here is the announcement you all have been waiting for. In line with our mission, the Board of Directors of the Glass Art Society is happy to announce that the 2011 Glass Art Society Conference will be held in Seattle, Washington, June 1-4, 2011. The 2011 conference will also feature a Day of Glass in Tacoma, WA, on Wednesday, June 1, 2011.
This 2011 Conference will celebrate the community and diversity of glass throughout the country and the world.
We know from listening to you that one of the most important aspects of the GAS conference experience to you is connecting with other artists. We are working to make an intimate conference experience for you with the downtown Sheraton Seattle as the conference hotel, which features a Pilchuck Glass Collection and plenty of spaces for networking and connecting. Some of the 2011 GAS Conference features will be the Pre-conference Fundraising Reception at Dale Chihuly’s Boat House; lectures and the auction at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel; and Technical Display, lectures, and demos on the CMoG Hot Glass Road Show across the street at the Washington State Convention Center. A variety of demos will also be held at Pratt Fine Arts Center and Seattle Glassblowing Studio. The Closing Night Party will be held at the recently expanded Seattle Art Museum, just blocks away from the Sheraton. Special tours to Pilchuck Glass School will be offered on Sunday, June 5.
The featured Day of Glass in Tacoma, WA, on Wednesday, June 1, 2011, will offer demos at the Museum of Glass and studios, and free admission to the Tacoma Art Museum.

Mark the dates on your calendar! More information will follow. See you in Seattle in 2011.