Heart of Glass - Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, April 30, 2007


The State of Decay: The Series will continue today (Monday) with Part 2: Denture in a Day The demand for dentures is growing in West Virginia.
Next Sunday: Part 3: Nothing To Smile About: Across the state children are missing school, eating poorly and not sleeping well because of untreated tooth decay. Next Monday:
Part 4: The Fight For Fluoride: Dentist and health official recommend fluoride in the battle to improve dental health. About one in four West Virginians rely on well water, which normally isn't fluoridated.
How the Gazette did the series: Eric Eyre spent six months researching oral health in West Virginia as part of a Kaiser Media Fellowship in Health.
Eyre visited dental clinics throughout the state and interviewed dentists, hygienist, dental school students, state health officials, nonprofit group leaders, and patients with oral health problems.
Much of the dental data was culled from Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
Eric Eyre is an award winning author and reporter.
I promise to return tomorrow to writing about BLENKO GLASS, if I can remove the obsessive compulsive thoughts about why relegate our health care decisions to third party payment and decision makers. Why we don't accept responsibility for our own health care and decision making, why we don't educate our children about proper nutrition and dental care and make certain both are provided. OK I'm off the Soap box.
Send your BLENKO photos and questions! hjh

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Charleston Gazette-Mail - Special Report WV ORAL HEALTH CRISIS

Sunday Charleston Gazette Section C -
Eric Eyre Is A Charleston Gazette - Daily Mail Reporter. He is a highly honored award winning author and reporter. Whatever Eric Eyre tackles he does with intensity and he tackle the issue without any preconceive notions.
Mr. Eyre is now writing about STATE OF DECAY: West Virginia's Oral Health Crisis Today's article was the first in a four part series.
You must read this! Not because I am a dental student, but because you Live in WEST VIRGINIA and you need to be informed and become aware of the difficulties facing those less fortunate. Eyre doesn't offer solutions, he sites brutal statistics: (1) 42.9% of West Virginia's age 65 and older have all ALL their natural teeth - the highest percentage in the US (2) 50% of all West Virginians age 75 and older suffer from complete tooth loss - the highest in the nation (3) l4% of all West Virginians age 65 and older have dental insurance - one of the lowest rates in the nation (4) 33% of West Virginia's poorest residents went to the dentist last year - the lowest rate in the nation (5) West Virginia has the LOWEST percentage of adults over 55 that saw a dentist last year.hjh

Saturday, April 28, 2007

1984 - A Good Year

Amandeus - Indian Jones - Ghost Busters - Splash- Temple of Doom - Gremlins _ The Terminator - Heaven Knows How Miserable I Am - The Smiths - Van Halen - Jaguar XJ6 - Success Is The Best Revenge- The "Wave" became popular - Apple Became A Household Name (Superbowl XVII Ad) - George Bush is VP- Regan President- - George Orwell-
convertibles were stylist - Hillary Homburg was born. BLENKO GLASS Catalogue Cover was a Champagne Bottle on Ice.
by : jerrod edwards

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mother's Day Gifts - Huntington Museum of Art Classes

The Huntington Museum of Art will offer summer art classes for adults: * Digital Photography and Computer Techniques from 6:30 to 8:30 Wednesday in June with instructor David Pattaleh. Cost is $65 for musuem members, $80 for non members. *Sculpting: Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Outside ...from 6 to 8pm June 6 to July 25 with instructor Kathleen Knealsey. Cost is $95 for members and $120 for non members. * HandBuilding and Wheel Throwing for Adults 6 to 8 pm Jule 11 to July 30 with instructor Kathleen Knealsey. Cost is $95 for members and $ 120 for non members.
To register for classes call Brad Boston at 529 2701 ext 21.
A membership to the Huntington Museum of Art would make the PERFECT Mother's Day Gift - - - This with a bouquet of Flowers in a BLENKO VASE...ahh...

Blenko Glass

Milred Preiser of Twin Fork (?) wrote to ask for photos of Cats made by Blenko. This is a photo of the most 'collectible' cat made by BLENKO. There are many others - if you have a photo of a BLENKO CAT please send, so that we might post.
Last week I noticed Blenko Visitors Center (304 743 9081) has a number of CAT paper weights and book ends. hjh

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You Respond - Photo

Another Photo from Jerrod Edwards, Capitol High Student - and neophyte Blenko collector.
Jerrod took this photo at the WEST VIRGINIA CULTURAL CENTER
BLENKO - West Virginia's Gift is currently on display - if you haven't been, plan to go. The W.Va. Cultural and History Commission Staff worked very hard to make this an awesome display and the exhibit will not disappoint any one with a desire to learn about or see a display of exceptional BLENKO . hjh

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

PHOTOS - You Respond

These photos are from Jerrod Edwards. The gentleman working is Les Womack, retired Blenko craftsman - this was taken during the Blenko Collectors Convention last year. The BSC holds a yearly meeting in Milton. At this time
'very special' items are usually available for purchase. Membership fees are nominal and include a great glossy newsletter.
The other photos Jerrod provided are also of the Convention - sales booths and a display of the various 'blenko colors' with labels and samples provided by Blenko expert Dream Wood of the Montgomery, WVa.
If you have photos of Blenko, or visit Blenko and take photos of something 'beautiful' pass them along to us- I won't promise they'll show up properly- but I promise the beauty of BLENKO always shines through. hjh

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Colorful Glass at the Visitors Center

Blenko Glass Company - Milton, W.Va.
phone 304 743 9081 Visitors Center Gift Shop and Museum is open today....

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Secretaries Day - THINK BLENKO

.IF you haven't phoned your FTD Florist for flowers - its Administrative Professionals Day
Wednesday April 25th. This year consider asking your Florist to use a BLENKO Glass container for your flowers.
This is a day to express your appreciation for a 'job well done' - its a day not just to honor secretaries but all support staff - perhaps show your appreciation to the entire office.
BLENKO GLASS - Visitors' Center Gift Shop has a wide selection of tableware, animal figures, stepping stones, WVU and Marshall logo items . . . .there is an appropriate GIFT for everyone on your list at BLENKO.
The flowers are blooming at Blenko - and the prices have never been better!

Friday, April 20, 2007

You Respond - Blenko Photos

We are always requesting photos from BLENKO - when you visit- take photos - send / email a copy and we'll share your visit with our readers. Thanks. hjh

Shorty Finley & Dave Osburn
perhaps sometime in 2006.

Last photo is of Les Womack and Charlie Chapman these men are all retired BLENKO Craftsmen who possessed /possess extraordinary talent. hjh


Upcoming Holidays - THINK BLENKO!

Winslow Anderson Vase - Photo provided by Jerrod Edwards. This item is NOT currently available - but a large section of Pitcher and Vases and decorative table ware items are
Secretaries Day - a great gift in addition to the usual lunch and flowers - would be to ask your local FTD Florist to use a BLENKO GLASS container for the flowers.

Or one could drive down to Milton and purchase a lovely piece of glass or pieces of glass for the secretaries instead of the usual candy and flowers.

MOTHERS DAY - Blenko is such a great Mother's Day gift. Made in WVa by West Virginia Craftsmen, each item is unique - each item is hand crafted. Most everything item in the Visitors Center is marked less than 50% of the retail value (great sales on going). The selection of glass is AWESOME! You are sure to find an item in just 'her' favorite color!

JUNE 20Th - West Virginia's Birthday Mark this day on your calendar . Blenko will again be making a limited number of SIGNED and Numbered WV Birthday Vases. Arrive very early to claim your vase. We'll be posting additional information - - and if you don't collect the Birthday or Blenko. Start now by looking the websites devoted to BLENKO GLASS to learn more.

Blenko Can You Identify This Item?

We think it is a 5711 pitcher - in the Blenko 'blue' but await response from knowledgeable
collectors? Is this a 5711 and is it Blenko Blue?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blenko Museum Announces Launch of NEW Website

The Blenko Museum is proud to announce the official launch of its completely re-designed and greatly enlarged website.
Damon Crain the Blenko Museum Curator writes, ' though you will still be able to get there from our old .com address, their new address is the more appropriate www.BlenkoMuseum.orgAs the first organization dedicated to Blenko and the first one to have offered a website dedicated to Blenko history, The Blenko Museum is pleased to re-present to you what is now the most comprehensive website on vintage Blenko glass on the World Wide Web.
Over a year in the works the website now cleanly and succinctly provides all the essential information on vintage Blenko in one location.
It is our intention to be as useful as a scholarly book with the advantage of being free and easily accessible.New features include:- a source of all vintage Blenko catalogs from 1948 onwards as well as many earlier ones- a comprehensive identification guide including the most easy to use guide on identifying colors- dozens of never-before published photographs including images of all museum Blenko exhibition installations in the US.The launch coincides with the publication of an important new article on vintage Blenko glass, published in the spring issue of the National American Glass Club's quarterly magazine. Titled "Blenko, Heir Apparent to the American Art Glass Legacy" the full text is available on the "Resources" page along with all other major Blenko articles of the last 5 years. '
My Blenko Project advisor considers the Blenko Museum website, an excellent source of information, professionally designed and a must for all collectors of Blenko. Even if you don't collect it's a site you'll want to visit.


Saturday, April 14, 2007


Blenko Paper Products ( old ads / forms/ post cards / most any thing connected with BLENKO ) continue to be collectible. This set can be found framed in the home of a local physician. hjh

Tequilla Sunrise

Photos of BLENKO 'Classic' Water Bottle in Tequilla Sunrise!


Friday, April 13, 2007

Blenko GLass

These items were blown by Milton, WV Glass worker SHORTY FINLEY.

If you've heard me speak - or you read this blog - you know I am enamoured with Winslow Anderson, Wayne Husted*, Joel Myers,* John Nickerson*, and the craftsmen who worked with them Les Womack*, Shorty Finley, Charlie Chapman, and the list goes on.....but today I want to share a set of photos from the Wheaton Museum of pieces my dear friend Shorty Finley who still lives in Milton made in 1983. Shorty worked very close with Don Shepperd. Don SHepperd was a designer at BLENKO. Shorty is always very quick to say " I ain't No Designer but I could and still can make what ever they draw." Shorty reports he and the men he worked with had 'great respect and a wonderful relationship ' with the designers. Blenko folks have always worked together to make great products. hjh

Note: * denotes age much lower than 80.

You Respond -

These photos were sent by WV Glass Collectors or visitors to the Blenko Visitors Center. Thanks! hjh

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rose' Water Bottle

Billy at DIXIE's reports the Rose' Water Bottle sold, Congratulations to the new owner!
Wish it could have been ME!
Blenko GLASS in MILTON has several NEW COLORS in the long running WATER BOTTLE
series. If you are a water bottle collector, or thinking of starting a collection - - - water bottles are inexpensive, easy to showcase, practical, useful, just a great way to start collecting BLENKO.
The Visitors Center currently has over a dozen colors in stock. The prices vary from $15 - $35. hjh

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vintage Rose Water Bottle

Blenko hasn't made the WATER BOTTLE in ROSE for quiet some time, Water bottles are a great item to collect. If you don't have the ROSE water bottle, it seems that Dixie's in Texas (WWW.THEBLENKOSTORE.COM) does have ONE. It is a part of a l,300 piece BLENKO VINTAGE BLENKO COLLECTION that DIXIE's is currently selling. Check it out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Architectural GLASS - Blenko. Blenko has long been the #1 source of ANTIQUE GLASS, it is the ONLY MADE IN THE US Antique Glass. For the consumer or homeowner who desire the very best' BLENKO' is the only choice! BLENKO is offering for sale Architectural BRICKS - - see the Sunday Gazette News Article or visit the Visitor Center to view the Bricks. hjh

Monday, April 09, 2007


The people are what make BLENKO so very special. . .they all work very hard to make a good NO A GREAT product...but even more than this...they try very hard to please each customer...to get to know what each customer wants...Don Lemley knows ANTIQUE GLASS and the Architectural Glass Market, Randy Rider knows the art of glass making, he can look at an item and tell you when it was made how many he might make in an hour and the color #, while Rodney Wade knows the Retail & Shipping areas and has a great knowledge of the working of Blenko, these three combine with a dozen others to make the factory day run every so smoothly.
Its amazing to watch.
If you don't own a business or make stain glass windows you can still purchase Blenko at discount prices from the VISITORS CENTER in Milton.
The Visitors Center is open daily with an observation deck and /self guided tour where you and your family can observe the glass making process. Phone 304 743 9081 .

Sunday Gazette Article BLENKO BRICKS by Joe Morris

The Sunday Edition of the Charleston Gazette has a great BLENKO Glass Company story by Joe Morris with photos by Ken Kemp a link is attached. If I can get permission from Mr. Kemp and Mr. Morris I'll post the photos and the article. The photos are AWESOME and well...you'll have to read the article...but ... it's about the bricks (see photos of bricks in the garden posted a few days ago) ...that BLENKO is making for builders - most prominent is WEST POINT - but read the article - - to learn more.

URL: http://www.wvgazette.com/section/News/Business/2007040710

Saturday, April 07, 2007


The 'Easter Clearance Sale' At Blenko Glass is the place to be this day! Richard Blenko will be signing your purchases, the Blenko Collectors Society officers will be on site to speak about the Collectors Club. A local Radio Station will be giving away prizes. . .free food. . .its a great place to spend an afternoon.
If you are looking for Easter Basket gifts or if like my family your mind is on the NEW BASKETBALL COACH . . .well BLENKO has WVU and Marshall logo items.
Blenko . . .Made in West Virginia. hjh

Friday, April 06, 2007


Finding great GIFTS for any occasion is difficult.
I think buying for men is even more difficult. However, BLENKO GLASS in Milton (304 743 9081) makes selecting the perfect gift much easier.
They have a complete line of MARSHALL UNIVERSITY and WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY logo items. Sure to please all sports fans and university graduates. These will make great items for the EASTER BASKET but also a wonderful ' JUST BECAUSE' gift.
Sex isn't an issue when the gift is GLASS - men, women, children. . . .there is a perfect piece of glass at BLENKO for everyone!
The KISSES with WVU and MU logos are my current favorite! The Easter and Clearance Sale continues - Richard Blenko will be signing GLass on Saturday (check the hours) and the BCS members will be there to speak about the Collectors Society and answer questions.
This is a great weekend to visit BLENKO GLASS off I 64 Milton exit. hjh

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

EASTER Figurines - Bunny - Eggs - Baskets

Four days remain for "Easter Basket Shopping" . . . .and BLENKO GLASS (304 743 9081) is having a clearance and Easter Glass Sale.
Pictured are some of the many items currently in the Visitors Center.
A local church bought 100 eggs to use in their ' Easter egg hunt' what a great idea - no smell from the eggs not found - no mess, and the egg can either be a gift for the child - or exchanged for 'sweet treats' after the hunt!
Mr. Richard Blenko will be available to sign your purchases on Saturday. I recommend going today - then you can return on Saturday. The Visitors Center is a treasure trove of 'glass' many one of a kind pieces from the factory!
If you go send photos of any unique items you find. hjh