Heart of Glass - Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Keith Lahti - WV Potter

Examples of items available from Keith Lahti.

Keith Lahti - Potter's relationship with my family goes way back. When I was in 2nd grade I did a camp called ' The Dragon Camp' basically a theater and drama camp for children. My Mom knew Keith and approached him to make a 'dragon' for me as a keepsake for the summer events. Keith handcrafted a dragon that was a lamp - the fire comes out of the dragons' mouth (I'll try to take photo and add later to blog) . Keith is very talented, he is a full time craftsperson living in rural West Virginia. For about 5 years now he has been teaching his craft to others.
Each year Keith Lahti has an OPEN HOUSE for established customers, he sells everything left over from that season at a reduced price so people can buy MADE IN WEST VIRGINIA crafts for HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING.
This year Keith gave me permission to invite all of you to his OPEN HOUSE! If you can't go phone, he might be able to do phone orders.
Below is a copy of my invitation - YOU ARE ALL INVITED!

It is that time of year again!
You are invited to the annual
Holiday Showing of Pottery
created by Keith Lahti.
Saturday and Sunday
November 15th and 16th
noon to 5:00pm
Everyone welcome - Bring friends and family!
I-79 to Big Otter, exit 40(Rt. 16).
North on Rt. 16 to Nebo-Walker Road(about 3 miles).
Go 8/10ths of a mile and bear left up a hill(sign says Nebo Babtist Church).
Go to the top of that hill and down the other side.
Driveway is on left at bottom of that hill.
Phone: (304)286-2635

Email: lahticlay@yahoo.com

Check out KEITH's new website!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Make Mine PINK! - Pink Ice Returns to BLENKO Glass

Limited appearance - PINK ICE - Returns for the Holiday to Blenko Glass. This glass we hope will be ready in LATE NOVEMBER FOR THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY! You can order the sweetpea by phone (304 743 9081)
For all those ' MAKE MINE PINK' people Blenko Glass Company http://www.blenkoglass.com/ will be doing a very limited run of PINK ICE*
Blenko expects to have PINK ICE ready the last week in November - but we'll post a notice as soon as PINK ICE is available. I incorrectly reported pre orders were available. This is not the case. You will need to wait.
Last year due to school conflicts - - I wasn't able
to purchase PINK ICE (it sold out very quickly) for my 'make mine pink' friend Laura, or for
family friend Clara who is a CANCER SURVIVOR. The Color PINK long
thought of a being a feminine, soft , sweet color has come to represent
STRENGTH as it is used for the Pink Ribbon to promote Cancer Awareness.
I'm a JEWEL TONE woman, I don't usually like pastels, however, PINK ICE is a color that will have even the non pink crowd asking for more! Visit BLenko Visitors Center and see the PINK ICE.

Pink is the colour we most often connect with romance. Used for love, friendship, harmony, compassion, relaxation and companionship. Pink is symbolic of gentle emotions and of emotional unions. Western society often links pink with very young female children and has recently been used in the pick ribbon breast cancer campaign. Use it in Magic spells of protection and unconditional love. (web master Steve)

BUY SOMETHING PINK ( BLENKO OF COURSE) and see how it makes you feel!
Webmaster Steve contributed the info below from web search about color PINK.
Symbolism of Pink
Buy something pink and find out just how you feel.
Here are more opinions from other contributors:
warm comfy
cotton candy
Breast Cancer

* Pink Ice is a 2007 BLENKO GLASS COLOR.
**** See any mistakes or mis information, please immediately help me to make corrections - theblenkoproject@aol.com or comment below and I'll correct. Thanks.

** When photos of the new items in Pink Ice become available we'll post.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winter Sports in WVa. - Ski Snowshoe

In Response to the Questions about Ski activities in WV - and is Snow Shoe open!
The following response is from friend in the know. hjh Hope this helps with your plans to
visit WVa.

Hey, There are a few places to ski in WV but the best is by far snowshoe. It has tons of trails, different activities (snowmobiles, snoeshoeing, tubing, snowboard park, ect.) and lots of restaurants and clubs. The village on top of the mountain is similar in style to vail, CO and has everything you need including a huge arcade/adventure building for kids. Snow has just begun to fall and it should have 6" by the end of the day. Opening day for ski season is Nov.26. You can contact snowshoe at their website, www.snowshoemtn.com or call them at 877-441-4FUN. Its a great area in the fall and summer also if you like to fly fish, mountain bike, or golf. Winterplace is a good place to go if you want to catch a good day or two of skiing and is closer to Charleston, but it isn't a true resort like snowshoe is.Hope this helps, Gordon Lane

Blogger Network

My good friend Chris' Blog http://not-my.blogspot.com/ discusses most everything except BLENKO GLASS and WEST VIRGINIA CRAFTS Note: He will on occasion post BLENKO GLASS SALES and other events. He's been known to activate the 304 Bloggers and have everyone POST BLENKO Events. Bloggers network a good group of people to know. Chris is the people person, he knows everyone, and is generous with info and time. Today his blog is about Bill Maher's Film .....
"I was driving by Park Place Cinemas (which I still have a tendency to call "Cinema 7") in downtown Charleston Sunday between two hospital hearings and was thrilled when I saw Bill Maher's Religulous on the marquee! I never expected that I would be seeing that film come to Charleston, WV as I was just discussing it with JDB the other day who had caught this film when it opened in Pittsburgh on the same logic. JDB reviews this film much better than I could over at Infinity Ranch (so check it out) but here is my crack at it. Bill Maher likes to be irreverent and I appreciate that about him. He was one of the first who spoke out against the George W. Bush administration when their solution to 9/11 was to tell people to slap a flag sticker on their car and go to the mall as a way to help the nation ... now 7 years later look where we are. His book When You Ride Alone, You Ride With Bin Laden was brilliant and I used to watch his tv show when it was on Comedy Central"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ONLY at the Visitors Center!

Sweet Pea photo from www.blenkoglass.com
Available for purchase only at the visitors center ( phone 304 743 9081 and ask for Diane or Mindy - they may arrange shipping). SWEET PEA and FESTIVAL OF GLASS VASE.

We received a note from our Milton reader who says SWEET PEA and Festival of GLASS VASE are both available in very limited quantities at the Visitors Center in Milton (BLENKO GLASS http://www.blenkoglass.com/ ).

If you haven't purchased these items - or if you have - now is the time to get another for Holiday Gift Giving!

These items were part of a very limited run. Great Value. Blenko Glass. Made in West Virginia.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Blenko Glass Visitors Center

Its NOT TOO LATE - to get the PERFECT Halloween Pumpkin! www.blenkoglass.com phone 304 743 9081 ask Diane or Mindy to select one and ship it to you.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jar Fly RIchmond

The gentleman standing is JARFLY RICHMOND, he was one of BLENKO's very best , he later became shop foreman. The BLENKO PROJECT theblenkoproject@aol.com is searching for information about JARFLY RICHMOND to add to the website. If you have glass made by Jar Fly, personal stories about Jar Fly, photos that include Jar Fly. You knew Jarfly and You have time for an interview please contact us. We want to feature JarFly and Jessie Carpenter and l/2 dozen other craftsmen from BLENKO in the way Shorty Finley is currently featured on the www.blenkoproject.org website. Your assistance is needed and your help in preserving the history of GLASS MAKING in West Virginia will be allow our children and grandchildren to have this information readily available. Thank You. Hillary Digit Image of Blenko Glass - Blenko W.Va. Post Card. Post Card sent by Blog Reader.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

JPM Joel Philip Myers

To view examples of JPM Myers work at Blenko Glass. Check out www.blenkoproject.org or the Blenko Collectors four, Blenko Collectors Society or Blenko Museum. hjh
One Blog Reader NOW describes her self as LUCKY - she bought a BLENKO VASE that was Signed by WH BLENKO and also had the JPM 2965 marked on the glass, she wrote to ask what the JPM meant? We don't know how many BLENKO items JPM signed - thats a question the Blenko Collectors Society maybe able to answer, (another reason to join the BCS) but I can tell you the JPM isn't an everyday occurrence. Below is info provided by WEBMASTER STEVE about Joel Philip Myers.

Photo of Joel Philip Myers with Matt Carter (another former BLENKO GLASS Designer). Photo is from Matt Carter's file.

Joel Philip Myers (born 1934; resides Ording, Denmark)
Joel Philip Myers graduated with honors from the Department of Advertising Design at Parsons School of Design in 1954. After spending a year studying ceramic design in Copenhagen, Denmark, Myers earned both a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, NY. From 1963 to 1970, Myers served as Director of Design at Blenko Company, in Milton, WV. From 1970 to 1997, he served as Distinguished Professor of Art at Illinois State University, Normal, IL. Myers has an extensive list of students who went on to establish themselves as noteworthy artists. Like Harvey Littleton, Joel Myers also possesses an encyclopedic list of awards and honors, solo and group exhibits, collectors, and publications. Awards and honors range from Honorary Life Member of the Glass Art Society to Fellow of the American Crafts Council, and Fellowship recipient from the National Endowment for the Arts. Among his innumerable exhibits are Joel Philip Myers & David Huchthausen (former student and assistant), Contemporary Art Niki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 1994; Joel Philip Myers, which traveled in Europe under the auspices of the Glasmuseum in Ebeltoft, Denmark, 1993; Joel Philip Myers and Students, Galerie L in Hamburg, 1991; and History of American Glass, co-organized by Corning and the Toledo Museum of Art, and exhibited at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, among other major venues. Collectors range from The Art Institute of Chicago, to The Museum of Decorative Art, Prague, Australian Crafts Council, and Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Japan. Myers’ work is characterized by exquisite craftsmanship and an extraordinarily strong sense of formal design. Joel Myers is ften cited as the most 'successful' of the BLENKO designers.

PROBLEM will be solved this day.

The blog hasn't allowed for comments in the last few days. We are attempting to repair this.
Please check back later today. Or email your comments to theblenkoproject@aol.com. Thanks HJH

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blenko Pumpkin Lamp

This luscious lamp came to my home today, a Halloween gift from my parents. It was made by BLENKO GLASS http://www.blenkoglass.com/ . This is the first year these jack o lantern lamps have been offered at BLENKO GLASS. The story I was told... is Randy Rider and company wanted to create something special for the 'customer' and they made table lamps and nite lights. The cost varies between $50-70. This item will become a permanent part of my Decor from Sept to November! The lamp comes in the clear pumpkin color (orange) glass or frosted - mine is clear. My Mom thought the frosted was prettier but she bought the clear as she knows I prefer clear glass. If you buy the frosted - send photos.
Phone BLENKO today, or run by the Visitors Center before the limited number of Pumpkin Lamps have been sold . Turn on your PUMPKIN LAMP to celebrate not only Halloween but Fall.

Webmaster Steve provides the following info: A jack-o'-lantern (sometimes also spelled Jack O'Lantern) is typically a carved pumpkin. It is associated chiefly with the holiday Halloween, and was named after the phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs, called ignis fatuus or jack-o'-lantern. In a jack-o'-lantern, typically the top is cut off, and the inside flesh then scooped out; an image, usually a monstrous face, is carved onto the outside surface, and the lid replaced. At night a light (commonly a candle) is placed inside to illuminate the effect. The term is not particularly common outside North America, although the practice of carving lanterns for Halloween is. Note: BLENKO GLASS makes the COOLEST PUMPKINS AND JACK O LANTERNS . Blenko made in the USA, Blenko Glass made in WVa by West Virginians.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fiesta - Wedding Gifts

Re: Homer Laughlin Fiesta - I have a small collection of BLUE and GOLD and the WVU Special Items - My 'best friend at Dent School' comes from a family of very serious FIESTA COLLECTORS 'they' have every color of every item! Fiesta is made in West Virginia - Fiesta and BLENKO seem like a natural combination. Does else combine the two hobbies or use both to set your table? hjh
Reader writes:

we drove up to flatwoods and bought a ton of fiesta this summer at the tent sales. Thank you for the heads up on the sale.
We also got the Marigold bowls (photo attached and info jpg format ) before it was retired. Fiesta Collectors are large in number and diverse
group, loose knit. Some collect everything, some only one color. Some like me just buy for the children and neices and nephews
at sales and meet up for the friendships formed.
I can let you know when the events are in advance if you like. Newell is much better than flatwoods, one gets a real feel for the
company and the history in Newell. Charming village.
Rita Osburne McGuire

"This is what drives collectors, says Harvey Linn, a collector since 1986. The baking bowls resemble the original pieces from 1936, making them all the more appealing, finishes Linn. The bottoms of the baking bowls in the remaining glazes will feature the signature FIESTA stamp or embossment.
Dinnerware and accessories in Marigold will follow according to Brinkman --and like the other anniversary color collections to be introduced April 1, 2009 and April 1, 2010, 75 weeks later, each will officially retire. We're offering the opportunity to purchase special anniversary collections four years in advance of the actual date, he says. As for details regarding the future 75th anniversary introductions, รข€˜mum' is the word. All we can tell you is to look for Marigold, says Brinkman, and when you find it, get it, because 75 weeks later, it will no longer be in production.
We want limited colors that we know will eventually retire and filter into the secondary market, says Sandra Bond, president of the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association (HLCCA). We collectors...¦we'll go to great lengths to get our hands on limited pieces, she finishes. The Association boasts more than 1,000 members nationwide." http://www.hlchina.com/ http://www.hlcca.org/

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Matt Carter Multi Talented Man

Matt Carter -The last full time designer for Blenko Glass, the last designer to live in or near Milton (1995 - 2002).
Matt Carter would later work with the Huntington Museum of Art before leaving West Virginia. The Blenko Project http://www.blenkoproject.org/ will be updating the Blenko Designer section soon* to add Matt Carter. We'll have a complete bio, and photo of his Blenko and current work. Take these photos with you as you shop for BLENKO. You may want to collect all the 'Carter Designs' or just the ones you like in the colors you like. BLENKO we always have something for everyone!

Photos from the collection of Matt Carter.
* Soon - could be 1 -3 months depending on web master Steve's schedule
** Multi talented ie Matt works in ceramics, he is an administrator as well as talented artist. hjh

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blenko Designers -

If you are just starting a BLENKO COLLECTION, check out http://www.blenkoproject.org/, the Blenko Collectors Society Webpage, Blenko Museum, google BLENKO, The Blenko Collectors Four is a most excellent site - look at the items made by each designer. Many designs by John Nickerson (blue jacket) Winslow Anderson (Black jacket) and Wayne Husted (preppy sweater and blue shirt) are still available at the Visitors Center. Read before you go, or else go -' fall in love' with some BLENKO, then come home and research the item.
Blog friend SWEETDOC reports she buys only what she loves, thus she doesn't worry about price fluctuation. Happy Blenko shopping. hjh Note: I am having computer issues - This should be posted on Tuesday at 6am EST.

John Nickerson signing Charisma glass.

Wayne Husted shown with a series he designed after
9/11. This grouping is considered a "must have" by
most Blenko Collectors. Limited #.

White Water Rafting and Fall Foilage Trips

Heart of Glass friend Jeff ask us to remind everyone this is the LAST WEEKEND FOR RAFTING. If you don't like the water - do a fall foilage drive. The WV hills are in full color this week and next.
Jeff sent the info below:

Outdoor Recreation in Charleston and Beyond
Your Doorway to Fun and Excitement!Charleston has a variety of public golf courses, swimming facilities, fishing, and distance runs. Add even more excitement to your trip! We're the Doorway to West Virginia because in Charleston, you're at the threshold for an abundance of outdoor recreation. Snow skiing, whitewater rafting and kayaking and other fun outdoor activities are located just a short drive from Charleston. GolfingAll courses listed, unless otherwise noted, are open to the public.
BIG BEND GOLF CLUBRiverview Dr.Tornado18 holes, par 71, 6,044 yards;304/722-0400.
CATO GOLF COURSE100 Baker Lane, Charleston9 holes, 3 par 4s, others are par 3s304/348-6859.
COONSKIN GOLF COURSE2000 Coonskin DriveCharleston18 holes, par 55, 2,240 yards;304/341-8013.
SANDY BRAE19 Osborne Mills Rd.Clendenin(Amma Exit, I-79)18 holes, par 69, 5,876 yards;304/965-6800.
SCARLET OAKS COUNTRY CLUB (semi-private)#1 Dairy Rd., Poca18 holes, par 72, 6,021 yards;304/755-8079.
SHAWNEE GOLF COURSEShawnee Regional Park Route 25Institute9 holes, par 72, 5,956 yards;304/341-8030 or 304/341-8027
For information on golf courses outside the Charleston area, check out the West Virginia Division of Tourism's Web site at: www.callwva.com. Camping
FOXFIRE RESORT - located approximately 35 minutes from Charleston at exit 28 on I-64W. Rt. 2, Box 655, Milton, WV 25541. (304) 743-5622.
KANAWHA STATE FOREST - campground is open from mid-April to early November (weather permitting). I-64, Exit 58A, then US 119. South to Oakwood Rd., and follow signs. 304/558-3500.
RIPPLING WATERS CHURCH OF GOD CAMP - located about 40 minutes from Charleson on I-77N. Non-smoking, non-drinking campground for RV's, campers, pop-ups and more. No tents. HC 62, Box 77, Romance, WV 25248. 304/988-2607.
Horseback Riding
NEW RIVER RIDING STABLE, INC. - Scenic hourly and overnight guided horseback rides. Wagon rides also available. For a color brochure detailing the types of trips available, write to P.O. Box 67, Oak Hill, WV 25901. Phone 304/465-4819 or 1-888-743-3982.
TRI-STATE RACETRACK AND GAMING CENTER - Exits 47 and 47A off I-64, Cross Lanes. 304/776-1000 or 1-800-224-9683.
CATO PARK - 200 Baker Ln., Charleston. 304/348-6860.
COONSKIN PARK - 2000 Coonskin Dr., Charleston. 304/341-8000.
KANAWHA STATE FOREST - I-64, Exit 58A, then US 119. South to Oakwood Rd., and follow signs. 304/558-3500.
NITRO CITY PARK - Park Ave., Nitro. 304/755-0705.
PIONEER PARK - East Bank. 304/949-3500.
SHAWNEE PARK - Institute. 304/341-8030.
Snow Skiing
In wintertime, the beautiful West Virginia mountains become the best in the southeast for skiers. Within a four hour commute are CANAAN VALLEY, SILVER CREEK, and SNOWSHOE ski resorts.
Only 58 miles from Charleston is WINTERPLACE - Exit 28 off I-77, Flat Top. 304/787-3221 or 1-900-607-SNOW.
Cato Park Tennis Courts, Kanawha City Tennis Courts, Boiarsky Tennis Courts at Coonskin Park, Shawnee Park Tennis Courts, Charleston YMCA and Martin Luther King, Jr. and North Charleston Community Centers.
Walking & Biking Trails in Charleston
KANAWHA STATE FOREST - hiking trails with over 25 miles of trails provide a challenge for even the serious hiker. Included is "The Spotted Salamander" trail, a paved level walkway with Braille interpretive nature stations designed for both visually impaired and physically challenged guests. Mountain bikes are allowed on certain trails, and during the winter months, these trails are suitable for cross-country skiing.
COONSKIN PARK - located 10 miles from downtown Charleston this park offers over 1,000 acres of woodland trails for hiking and biking. It also is a favorite retreat for residents.
CARRIAGE TRAIL - located by the Old Sunrise Museum. This woodland trail is over a mile in length with the final destination ending at an overview of Charleston. This trail can be used for either hiking or biking.
KANAWHA BOULEVARD - you can enjoy biking or walking along the Kanawha River. There are two levels for your enjoyment. The lower level is just above the River Banks, and the upper level runs along side Kanawha Boulevard. Both trails will let you take in the beautiful scenery that Charleston has to offer. Some of which include our State Capitol, which is formatted after our nation's Capitol in Washington, D.C. You can also view some of our historical homes located along the Kanawha River.
Many other walking and biking trails are available throughout West Virginia in the many state parks. To find out more, check out www.wvstateparks.com.
Whitewater Rafting
The Gauley and New rivers, both within easy driving distance of Charleston, attract whitewater enthusiasts from throughout the world. Some of the best whitewater in the U.S. attracts over 100,000 adventurous rafters and kayakers each year.
A-1 EXTREME EXPEDITIONS - Whitewater rafting, camping and other outdoor adventures available. For more information, write to P.O. Box 9, Lansing, WV 25862. Phone 1-888-GO-EXTREME (888-463-9873).
ACE ADVENTURE CENTER - Take an exciting rafting trip or enjoy one of the many other activities that are offered, such as mountain biking, kayak instruction, caving, rappelling, or climbing. Chalets are available. For information, write to P.O. Box 1168, Oak Hill, WV 25901. Phone 304/469-2651 or 1-888-223-7238.
APPALACHIAN WILDWATERS - Whitewater rafting, mountain biking, climbing, horseback riding. Day trips and overnight trips. P.O. Box 100, Rowlesburg, WV 26425. 1-800-624-8060.
CLASS VI RIVER RUNNERS, INC. - America's best rafting on the New and Gauley rivers in West Virginia. High quality outfitting at a reasonable price for ages six to 86, 1/2 day to seven day trips available. Scenic float trips to Class V + whitewater. Experience one of North America's most scenic and culturally fascinating regions. Free brochure and information. Class VI River Runners, Inc., Box 78, Lansing, WV 25862. Phone 304/574-0704 or 1-800-CLASS VI (252-7784) or fax 304/574-4906. Groups of two to 600 can be accommodated. Call today!
DRIFT-A-BIT WHITEWATER RAFTING - Affordable whitewater rafting on the New and Gauley rivers - from family adventure to adrenaline-packed excitement. For information, write to P.O. Box 885, Fayetteville, WV 25840. Phone 304/574-3282 or 1-800-633-7238.
MOUNTAIN RIVER TOURS - More than 30 years experience. Catering to convention groups with one to three hour rafting trips. "Young-at-Heart" half-day and full-day scenic float trips for seniors. Exciting variety of whitewater trips available on New and Gauley rivers. For information write to P.O. Box 88, Sunday Road, Hico, WV 25854. Phone 304/658-5266, 1-800-822-1386 or fax 304/658-5817.
NEW & GAULEY RIVER ADVENTURES - Expertly outfits river vacations and river-related adventures for travelers of all ages and levels of experience. A variety of vacation experiences are available. For information write to P.O. Box 44, Lansing Road, Lansing, WV 25862. Phone 304/574-3008 or 1-800-SKY-RAFT.
NORTH AMERICAN RIVER RUNNERS, INC. - No one does it better! Uncommonly good service. Whitewater rafting on the New and Gauley rivers. Catered meals; campground. The most complete whitewater paddling shop in WV. More than twenty-five years of experience on the river. Call for our brochure and video. US Rt. 60, Hico, WV 25854-0081. 800-950-2585.
RIVERS - P.O. Box 39, Lansing, WV 25862. 304/574-3834. Whitewater rafting on the New, Gauley and Cheat rivers. One and two day trips plus family float, fishing trips, llama trekking and kayaking. Camping and RV hook-ups available. Ask about our group discounts.
SONGER WHITEWATER - Family whitewater to high adventure. Enjoy whitewater rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing, mountain biking or bass fishing. Packages available. For more information, write P.O. Box 300, Fayetteville, WV 25840. Phone 1-800-356-RAFT.
USA RAFT, INC. - Express whitewater rafting on the New and Gauley rivers. Our express trips have all the excitement of a full day trip in about half the time and at a reasonable cost. New River express at 9:30 am and 2:30 pm, March through November. Gauley express Friday through Monday in September and October. Call for dates and times. Rt. 3, Box 430, Fayetteville, WV 25840. 304/574-3655.
WILDWATER EXPEDITIONS - Whitewater rafting, climbing, kayaking and family trips are available. For information, write P.O. Box 155, Lansing, WV 25862. Phone 304/658-4007 or 1-800-WVA-RAFT.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah - She is also, according to some assessments, the most influential woman in the world!
It's no secret that I admire OPRAH 's touch of gold or ability to immediately declare someone or some product IN and Popular with the masses. http://www.oprah.com/ . It seems she doesn't try to persuade you only share with the audience this discovery she made for herself. She wants to share her pleasures and her knowledge.
Since I was a very small child OPRAH has been a part of my life, like Martha Stewart's cookbook and guide to living, OPRAH 's influence was there, My Mom would often chose my gifts from OPRAH's list of favorite things, or best buys for teens, her influence on what my Mom read , and then ultimately I would read as my Mom would declare the book a must read.
Four years ago and many sleepless or perhaps dream filled nights since I think of OPRAH and BLENKO the similarities are many both came into the public eye due to quality performance. Blenko is colorful, but stable, not too expensive and basically a quality product. OPRAH is a woman born feeling compassion for others and having a desire to succeed and assist others in building success.
Oprah is attracted to quality products, she loves knowing where and how things are made. The story of BLENKO GLASS and the workers make a perfect OPRAH segment. The MOST influential woman, one word about BLENKO, thats what we need a woman with influence in our corner. Now how do we arrange for OPRAH to find BLENKO GLASS http://www.blenkoglass.com/ ?
Note: Photo of Oprah (wax) and HJH discussing BLENKO.
Re: OPRAH webmaster Steve provided me with the following info he obtained from wiki and web about OPRAH.
Oprah Gail Winfrey (born January 29, 1954), often referred to simply as Oprah, is an American television host, media mogul, and philanthropist. Her internationally-syndicated talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, has earned her multiple Emmy Awards and is the highest-rated talk show in the history of television.[2][dead link] She is also an influential book critic, an Academy Award nominated actress, and a magazine publisher. She has been ranked the richest African American of the 20th century,[3] the most philanthropic African American of all time, and was once the world's only black billionaire. She is also, according to some assessments, the most influential woman in the world.
Born in rural Mississippi to a poor teenaged single mother, and later raised in an inner city Milwaukee neighborhood, Winfrey was raped at the age of nine, and at fourteen, gave birth to a son who died in infancy. Sent to live with the man she calls her father, a barber in Tennessee, Winfrey landed a job in radio while still in high school and began co-anchoring the local evening news at the age of 19. Her emotional ad-lib delivery eventually got her transferred to the daytime talk show arena, and after boosting a third-rated local Chicago talk show to first place she launched her own production company and became internationally syndicated.
Credited with creating a more intimate confessional form of media communication, she is thought to have popularized and revolutionized the tabloid talk show genre pioneered by Phil Donahue, which a Yale study claimed broke 20th century taboos and allowed gays, transsexuals, and transgender people to enter the mainstream. By the mid 1990s she had reinvented her show with a focus on literature, self-improvement, and spirituality. Though criticized for unleashing confession culture and promoting controversial self-help fads, she is generally admired for overcoming adversity to become a benefactor to others. hjh

Sunday, October 19, 2008

THINK - Simon Blackburn

This weekend is a busy one for me, clinic until 5pm on Friday then drive to Charleston for a dinner with my family then to Beckley on Saturday afternoon for my classmates wedding, then on to Pittsburgh for my friend A's Birthday Celebration and BATMAN visitation. It is a rare weekend of 'Just Fun.'

I'll post photos of events and comment when I return on Monday, Blogger will auto publish until I return.

Simon Blackburn wrote THINK several years ago - its NEW to me, and a book that every person should read to understand and the key questions of philosophy, ranging from free will and morality to what we can really know about the world around us! If you have 'free time' I recommend this as good thoughtful stimulating reading
Photos today are from my Charleston visit. All are of BLENKO GLASS.
NOTE: Please notice the DOME on the Bird House is BLENKO!
The other 2 items are examples of Don LEMLEY"s STAIN GLASS CLASS - offered at BLENKO phone 304 743 9081 to enroll.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blenko's Bella Bocca

Readers : Because you ask for photos of NEW BLENKO!

Bella Bocca Collection
The new Bella Bocca line--from Blenko with love. The romance of these Mediterranean inspired shapes will grace any setting with an intimate conversation between function and form. Vases that pout for flowers to hug and pitchers that long to pour...these shapes want to be used and don't mind saying so. The Bayliss Design Team - BELLA www.blenkoglass.com Check it out!
BUY NOW and age your own glass.
From the Blenko Glass Company www.blenkoglass.com web

Oct 25th Blenko's First Open House

1st Annual Blenko Open House
Saturday, October 25


Refreshments & door prizes.
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Special discounts on selected items.

Jewelry Making Demonstrations by Blenko employee James Woodson 10am-2pm

Mobile making class ---- *Call to reserve your spot, space is limited. Class filling fast

Special coupon for use on 10/25 only

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Wishes...and Hopes...and Dreams...

" Goals that are not written down are just wishes." Chinese Proverb (?) What are your GOALS or WISHES concerning Collecting BLENKO? Let us share them here so they are written down and perhaps we can help one another find the 'treasures' we seek.

OK - I'll go first. I WANT Blenko Water Pitchers with HANDLES this is my first wish, I am also looking for a Blenko pineapple, a Winslow Anderson pear, and some other vintage fruit pieces.

2) I have heard from DEBBIE IN VIRGINIA who is searching for WVa Birthday Pieces she needs 15 more to finish her collection. You may send any info to theblenkoproject@aol.com and I'll forward to Debbie or add the comment to the blog.

3) The gentleman in South Carolina seeks a COMPLETE will accept nothing other than complete, wants photos of piece and signature of WV Birthday Pieces and will pay $25K bgraham@gmail.com or you can send email to theblenkoproject@aol.com or comment on blog.

4) ADD YOUR WANTS to our Wishes - Lets make them GOALS to finish our Collections! Send your list to theblenkoproject@aol.com or just comment here. We now have Larry of Texas who owns a shop and his a great gather /hunger and Tom from NYC who also 'hunts for hire' so we maybe able to find your items.

Another goal for me - once I finish school in 2009- is to buy the entire BLENKO GLASS line each year. In 2009 the Bayliss Team will be revealing more exciting pieces - recently they announced the 'BELLA' series

this one was so beautiful, I broke tradition and purchased a pitcher. Light plays off this glass in such wonderful ways. If you haven't bought the Bayliss ' Bella Line' let me now recommend you sign on to http://www.blenkoglass.com/ and reserve a piece. Its my understanding for a few extra dollars you can ask that it be signed prior to shipping. I recommend having your glass signed when signing is offered.

Many of you have recently sent me your favorite quotes - I'm filing them and plan to do a post during the Holiday with a collection of your 'favorite quotes'. Below are other inspiring quotes about Goals and Wishes.

My wish for each of you is a peaceful weekend, wonderful weather and terrific luck in your weekend Blenko Gathering trips. hjh
'Great souls have wills, feeble ones have only wishes'.

'A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he WISHES to be true he generally believes to be true". Note: This is doubly true for GIRLS!

'It is always the simple things that change our lives, And these things never ha pen when are looking for them to happen. Life will reveal answers at the pace life wishes to do so. You feel like running, but life is on a stroll. This is how the Gods do things." (unknown to me who author is)

'When the world ceases to be the scene of our personal hopes and wishes, where we face it as free beings admiring and asking and observing, there we enter the realm of Art and Science." Albert Einstein.
Note: Photo of Owl from Blenko Museum Collection of Blenko Glass - visit the website.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Skip Copley Engaged to Wed

After 14 years as a single parent, my Uncle Skip a Real Estate Broker in Mrytle Beach North Carolina is engaged. We're excited. He phoned to talked about engagement rings - prior to purchase. he said the jeweler told him, based on his income he should pay $30,000 for the stone and then have it set in a mounting. My first thought was BLENKO! I'd ask the prospect groom to buy Blenko and use the 30K as down payment on property. Today's post is for the prospective brides and grooms (who may or may not have 30K) or just anyone with a special piece of BLENKO that BROKE - you can recycle the item into a wonderful gemstone. Check this OUT!

Wearable Blenko
Would you like to be able to wear your Blenko as a gemstone in a ring, pendent, earrings or perhaps a bracelet?
A gemcutter in Arizona can make it possible for you.
David Bester, a gem cutter with studios in New Bern, NC and Apache Junction, AZ, is the originator of “Wearable Blenkogemstones cut from Blenko Glass.
David has been cutting gemstones from Blenko glass for several years. He originally became familiar with Blenko when he was doing a project involving stained glass. He later visited the plant and purchased some glass to use to cut new gemstone designs as he worked them out before cutting them in highly priced gemstone rough materials.
When showing a test design cut in Blenko to a client it was suggested he should offer gems cut from Blenko glass for sale. After receiving a very positive response to the gems from other clients he contacted Brad Sherrill of the “Blenko Glass Collecting” page who thought enough of the stones to list them on his web site. It was through this web listing that Tammy Kosla and Cathy Gallina saw and purchased Blenko gemstones mounted in pendants and encouraged David to expand his efforts with Wearable Blenko
Mr. Bester said the reaction to “Wearable Blenko” gemstones, which can be purchased un-mounted or mounted in sliver or gold, has been very positive. He attributes this to the quality of the glass which produces a very bright gemstone with a high degree of color, sparkle and dispersion. And of course they can be cut in the full range of colors provided by Blenko.
For complete information as to gemstone designs, mountings and prices you may contact David at davbstr@suddenlink.net
Gemstones can be cut from glass provided by David or from your glass if
you happen to have remnants of a broken favorite Blenko piece.
A Gem Cutter’s Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each piece.
*Blenko is a registered mark of Blenko Glass. “Wearable Blenko” is not affiliated with Blenko Glass. Note: I can't seem to get the photos he sent to upload - will keep trying!
** This article and info was provided by David Bestler.

Glass Fruit for FALL TABLE DECOR

"Pear bud vase" #532 with Sea Green body and Chartreuse stem & leaf. Designed 1953, 9.75" tall
Reader from Georgia writes:

Can you tell me the history of Bleko Glass Fruits? When they started,
what fruits have been made, do they still make the fruit and what it will
cost to do a fruit basket for my table? Should I look to ebay or can I buy
I'll look for the answer but hurry Oct is coming!

Well Oct is here. I'm so far behind in letters - I apologize. The answer is ' all off the above' shop ebay for fruits and veggies, shop vintage stores, and phone the visitors center. Spoke with the VC last week and there were 8 different items available.
We sent emails to our 'experts' about the origins so when I know - you'll know - a quick review did turn up this bit of info - Winslow Anderson designed a pear. The above photo is from the Blenko Museum (thanks again to Damon C. and BLenko Museum for providing such excellent documentation of BLenko history and allowing us use of photographs).
Readers if you have photos of fruit or veggies you'd like to share - please send to theblenkoproject@aol.com or if you have suggestions for Georgia re: obtaining a full fruit basket make comments below.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NERB SCORES ARE IN - I'm a high 90s !

Tonight I want to say Thank you for your support of BLENKO and for your interest in my well being.
I'm not certain if - receiving 25 emails & a l/2 dozen blog comments asking - 'if I PASSED' made me feel cared for - or - anxious...but you all certainly deserve to know...the NERB Exams scores are in and mine was good. This is my final year of the DDS program. I hope to be accepted into a GPR or AEGD program - we'll see. My next exam is in December - its a written exam see NBDE Part II below..
Dental Education/Training in the U.S.
Dental school is four academic years in duration and is similar in format to medical school--consisting of two years of basic medical and dental sciences, followed by two years of clinical training (with continued didactic coursework). Before graduating, every dental student must successfully complete the National Board Dental Examination Part I and II (commonly referred to as NBDE I & II). The NBDE Part I is usually taken at the end of the second year after the majority of the didactic courses have been completed. The NBDE Part I covers anatomic sciences, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, pathology, and dental anatomy and occlusion. The NBDE Part II is usually taken during winter of the last year of dental school and consists of operative dentistry, pharmacology, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, pain control, prosthodontics, orthodontics, pedodontics, oral pathology, and radiology. NBDE Part I scores are of importance when considering residency training after graduating from dental school.
After graduating, the vast majority of new dentists go directly into practice while a small percentage of dentists apply to a residency program. Some residency programs train dentists in advanced general dentistry such as General Practice Residencies and Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residencies, commonly referred to as GPR and AEGD. Most GPR and AEGD programs are one year in duration but several are two years long or provide an optional second year. GPR programs are usually affiliated with a hospital and thus require the doctor to treat a wide variety of patients including trauma, critically ill, and medically compromised patients. Additionally, GPR programs require residents to rotate through various departments within the hospital, such as anesthesia, internal medicine, and emergency medicine, to name a few. AEGD programs are usually in a dental school setting where the focus is treating complex cases in a comprehensive manner.

Miss Manners Last Word On Weddings.

Weddings! When one is in professional or graduate school, it seems every weekend, there is a wedding. WHAT IS A WEDDING YOU ASK - I signed on to read about Glass? A
wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, presentation of a ring or rings, and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or religious leader. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is followed by a wedding reception. Music, poetry, prayer or readings from Scripture may also be incorporated in the ceremony

Last year I also wrote about weddings! I've gone to more weddings in the last two years, than in all the previous years of my life combined.

It seems there are dozens of books about the DOs and Don'ts OF Weddings and Wedding Gifts.

My post today is about Weddings! I like weddings - I don't think, I'd like being the Bride...or being the mother of the Bride or being in any position of responsiblity but the events are Fun otherwise...

This weekend another member of my class is being married in Southern, West Virginia. We want to be there as our friends are united in marriage. To join the the celebration of Life and Love. webmaster Steve found the following info about wedding traditions from the internet.
United States customs / North America
Most weddings in the United States follow a similar pattern to the Italian wedding. Customs and traditions vary but common components are listed below.
See also: Etiquette in Canada and the United States#Weddings
The bride may wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”
See also: Ceremonial clothing in Western cultures#Marriage
The bride usually wears a white dress at her first marriage.Note : Perhaps first 3 in todays world!
A color scheme is often selected to match everything from bridesmaids' dresses, flowers, invitations, matchbooks, and table settings.
Rice is sometimes thrown at the newlyweds as they leave the ceremony to symbolize fertility. Some individuals, churches or communities choose birdseed due to a false but widely believed myth that birds eating the rice will burst.
The bride's family sends engraved invitations to the wedding guests, addressed by hand (or in an elegant font) to show the importance and personal meaning of the occasion.
Guests send or deliver wedding gifts to the bride's family home before the wedding day.
A wedding ceremony takes place at a church or other location, such as an outdoor venue.
At the wedding reception following the ceremony, sometimes at the same location but sometimes at a different venue:
The bridal party lines up in a receiving line and the wedding guests file past, introducing themselves.
Usually snacks or a meal are served while the guests and bridal party mingle.
Often the best man and/or maid of honor toast the bride and groom with personal thoughts, stories, and well-wishes; sometimes other guests follow with their own toasts. Champagne, sparkling cider, or nonalcoholic carbonated drinks are usually provided for this purpose.
Clinking silverware against glassware encourages the newlyweds to kiss.
If dancing is provided, the bride and groom first dance together. Often further protocol is followed, where they dance first with their respective mother and father, then possibly with the maid of honor and best man; then the bride and groom rejoin while the parents of the bride and groom join the dance and the best man and maid of honor dance together; then other attendants join in; then finally everyone is entitled to dance. Dancing continues throughout the reception. Music is sometimes provided by a live band or musical ensemble, sometimes by a disc jockey.
In some cultures, the dollar dance takes place, in which it is expected and encouraged for guests to pin money onto the young bride and groom to give them a financial base to start their new lives. This practice, as is any suggestion that the guests owe money to the couple, is contrary to etiquette and considered extremely rude in some circles.
The cake-cutting ceremony takes place; the bride and groom jointly hold a cake cutter—often a special silver keepsake cutter purchased or given as a gift for the occasion--and cut the first pieces of the wedding cake. They then entwine arms and feed each other a bite of cake. In some social groups, the bride and groom smear cake on each other's faces at this time, which again is considered quite vulgar elsewhere.
The bride tosses her bouquet over her shoulder to the assembled unmarried women; the woman who catches it, superstition has it, will be the next to marry. In some social groups, the process is repeated for unmarried men with the groom tossing the bride's garter for the same purpose. These practices are falling into less favor in the 21st century.
Gifts are not opened at the reception; they are either opened ahead of time and sometimes displayed at the reception, or if guests could not deliver gifts ahead of time, they are placed on a table at the reception for the bride and groom to take home with them and open later.

Wedding gifts THINK BLENKO GLASS http://www.blenkoglass.com/
The purpose of inviting guests was to have them witness a couple's marriage ceremony and vows and to share in the bride and groom's joy and celebration. Gifts for the bride and groom are optional, although most guests attempt to give at least a token gift of their best wishes. Some brides and grooms and families feel, contrary to proper etiquette, that for the expense and effort they put into showing their guests a good time and to wine and dine them, the guests should reciprocate by providing nice gifts or cash.
The couple often registers for gifts at a store well in advance of their wedding. This allows them to create a list of household items, usually including china, silverware and crystalware; often including linen preferences, pots and pans, and similar items. With brides and grooms who might already be independent and have lived on their own, even owning their own homes, they sometimes register at hardware or home improvement stores. Registries are intended to make it easy for guests who wish to purchase gifts to feel comfortable that they are purchasing gifts that the newlyweds will truly utilize. The registry information should, according to etiquette, be provided only to guests who request it, and should never be included in the invitation. Some couples register with services that enable money gifts intended to fund items such as a honeymoon, home purchase or college fund.
Some guests may find bridal registries ** as they rarely include BLENKO! inappropriate. They can be seen as an anathema to traditional notions behind gift buying, such as contravening the belief that all gifts are optional and should be taken as delightful surprises, taking away the element of surprise, and leading to present buying as a type of competition, as the couple knows the costs of each individual item. Etiquette considers it inappropriate to invite people who know neither the bride nor groom well enough to be able to choose an appropriate gift.*BLENKO Glass engraved is always a most appropriate gift!
Many believe a false etiquette myth that thanks for gifts may occur up to a year after the ceremony. Gifts however, though optional, may be sent up to a year after the wedding date. Thanks should be sent as soon as possible, preferably within two weeks. Extra time can understandably be given for gifts received just after the ceremony, while the couple is honeymooning. While receiving an invitation does not require that a gift be given, etiquette dictates that all wedding invitations be returned with at least congratulations.**Invitations returned with regrets and BLENKO are the 'most appropriate'. hjh Get your Wedding Glass personalized at http://www.westvirginiaglass.com/

Answers To Mondays Glass Photos Quiz - From Larry of Texas.

#1 Wayne Husted 5616-C vase 1958 ? can't remember the color.
#2 Blenko Starfish # 941 7 1/2" in tangerine 2007
#3 Let's everybody guess. It is Blenko. I don't think they have used this piece in quite a
while. The center is dark blue (cobalt ?) and the outside is yellow. Larry this is the ONE everyone commented on the long skinny one - what did they use it for??? People wanted to know if it was long rod one uses in garden decor?...
#4 Is For Hillary; Do you recognize? Fostoria # 3113 (RA02)"Radiance pattern" 10 oz Water
goblet 1981 - 1982 Crystal from My Parents home - yes, now that I know - I do reconize it!
Blenko Snowman 2007 hjh

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can you Help me Identify and Place Value On This Blenko Item?

Teri from Oklahoma needs our Help - My comments are -
The Silver Sticker usually indicates it is an older items - it was not an expensive item at time of purchase. We'll ask our readers what they know about this item. Here's her note - hjh

The piece is about 8" tall, 5 3/4" across base, just under 5: wide at mouth without pour spout, and 5 1/4" wide at pour spout. It is clear, crackle glass; does not have a handle nor anywhere where a handle could have attached. The pontil is about 1/4" and in a recessed spot in the base. I feel an edge but not a rough edge.

It has the silver "Blenko Handcraft" sticker. I do not find a signature or number on the bottom. I was told that the picture of it in the catalog showed it with liquid in it and this was the smaller of the two sizes made.

The Remarkable WInn Anderson - Sailor, Designer, Milton Resident

Winslow Anderson - The obit read:
Artist, designer, and sailor, Winslow Anderson, 90, died Monday, December 10, 2007 at his home. The son of the late Paula and George Anderson, he was born May 17, 1917 in Plymouth, Mass. In his youth he wanted to design swift boats, but instead he was recruited into the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, where, in 1947, he graduated magna cum laude with Departmental Honors in Industrial ceramic Design. During WWII he served in the United States Army in Pawling, NY as a topographical draughtsman. While trained as a ceramist, upon graduation Mr. Anderson was hired as the first full-time designer at Blenko Glass, Milton, West Virginia. During his six year tenure, 1947-1953, he was instrumental in creating new, modern functional designs in vibrant colors, which greatly enhanced Blenko’s reputation. He often told friends how the glass itself was the best designer: he stated, “The glass did things in the process of being made; it revealed new ideas to me.” The Museum of Modern Art presented Anderson with a “Good Design Award” for his bent neck decanter, which acknowledged his elegant, simplified designs in 1950. In 1953 he went to work for the Lenox China and Crystal Company in Trenton, New Jersey as both designer and the design director. He remained there until his retirement in 1980, when he chose to move back to West Virginia. Upon retirement Winn sailed his boat, the Ti Fi, painted and traveled the world. He will be remembered by his friends as a witty storyteller, a collector with a most discerning eye and as a visionary designer. Donations in his memory can be made to either the Huntington Museum of Art or the Putnam County Animal Shelter.
Winslow saw art and beauty in the world around him - he is often remembered for his keen sense of humor. The photo above shows 'little trinkets' Winslow made from found objects during his travels. All are signed on the back and dated along with the place and he wrote short phrases 'memories' on each. Perhaps to capture a bit the of marvelous fun and mystery from each trip . hjh

Monday, October 13, 2008

Name That GLASS

Larry From TEXAS send theses PHOTOS - its a Are You Smarter Than ? . . . . Or Can You Identify the Glass Game. Can YOU?
Just an idea for the decorators out there. Blenko Antique (blown sheet glass) in green before finishing Gets tons of comments in my store.
KEEP buying Blenko keep the company alive. Support American made. In the early to mid 20th century there were in the neighborhood of 300 glass factories in the Ohio River valley. How many can you identify today? (not you Hillary, you know) Don't let Blenko become one of the many. Only we, as collectors and consumers of American made products, can save companies such as Blenko Glass Company. We don't have the details of what went on at the board meeting and don't need to speculate. Buy Blenko and it will be around for many years tocome. Larry from Texas. E Mail me at larry@serenityantiques.com or call 214 724 5081