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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Skip Copley Engaged to Wed

After 14 years as a single parent, my Uncle Skip a Real Estate Broker in Mrytle Beach North Carolina is engaged. We're excited. He phoned to talked about engagement rings - prior to purchase. he said the jeweler told him, based on his income he should pay $30,000 for the stone and then have it set in a mounting. My first thought was BLENKO! I'd ask the prospect groom to buy Blenko and use the 30K as down payment on property. Today's post is for the prospective brides and grooms (who may or may not have 30K) or just anyone with a special piece of BLENKO that BROKE - you can recycle the item into a wonderful gemstone. Check this OUT!

Wearable Blenko
Would you like to be able to wear your Blenko as a gemstone in a ring, pendent, earrings or perhaps a bracelet?
A gemcutter in Arizona can make it possible for you.
David Bester, a gem cutter with studios in New Bern, NC and Apache Junction, AZ, is the originator of “Wearable Blenkogemstones cut from Blenko Glass.
David has been cutting gemstones from Blenko glass for several years. He originally became familiar with Blenko when he was doing a project involving stained glass. He later visited the plant and purchased some glass to use to cut new gemstone designs as he worked them out before cutting them in highly priced gemstone rough materials.
When showing a test design cut in Blenko to a client it was suggested he should offer gems cut from Blenko glass for sale. After receiving a very positive response to the gems from other clients he contacted Brad Sherrill of the “Blenko Glass Collecting” page who thought enough of the stones to list them on his web site. It was through this web listing that Tammy Kosla and Cathy Gallina saw and purchased Blenko gemstones mounted in pendants and encouraged David to expand his efforts with Wearable Blenko
Mr. Bester said the reaction to “Wearable Blenko” gemstones, which can be purchased un-mounted or mounted in sliver or gold, has been very positive. He attributes this to the quality of the glass which produces a very bright gemstone with a high degree of color, sparkle and dispersion. And of course they can be cut in the full range of colors provided by Blenko.
For complete information as to gemstone designs, mountings and prices you may contact David at davbstr@suddenlink.net
Gemstones can be cut from glass provided by David or from your glass if
you happen to have remnants of a broken favorite Blenko piece.
A Gem Cutter’s Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each piece.
*Blenko is a registered mark of Blenko Glass. “Wearable Blenko” is not affiliated with Blenko Glass. Note: I can't seem to get the photos he sent to upload - will keep trying!
** This article and info was provided by David Bestler.


Dr.BOB said...

Ms Hilary this day I am forwarding your Skip Copley Engaged to Wed story to my Son Saul.
You are much more than remarkable, you are ancient in thoughts and deeds while possessing both youth and beauty.
I was five long years paying for a ring that my wife long before the last payment.
You my lovely glass loving lady are too wise.
When the time comes, I will introduce your groom to a diamond broker, and guarantee you an excellent 2 carat stone for great price. In case you or he decide against the Blenko.

sweetdoc said...

Take the 30K ring darling and ask for a larger one.
The ring is immediately your property.
Before and after the marriage.
Look out for yourself.
No one else will look after you.
You are young and naive and inmature to say don't take the 30K ring.
Take the ring, take everything,
Women and Men in the modern world look after their own interest.
Hilary you learn this lesson before you look for a groom.
Or phone me, my office mates have enough stories to stop most any wedding.

Anonymous said...

Skip Copley and his Blenko jewelry sounds very much like the gentleman at the Collectors 2004 meeting, selling pieces. I very much regreted not purchasing a piece, and did not know who to look for. Now that I do, I will have some I can wear!
dr. bob, quite some years back when I got engaged I preferred a downpayment on a house to a ring. In fact, we got married with "loaner" rings from the jeweler because we had forgotten to order bands until 5 days before the wedding! We did get some Blenko for a wedding gift, tho. Hillary, practical and beautiful can co-exist very nicely, and you are proof.
Car Girl

Anonymous said...

For over 30 years I have kept this broken ruby vase, not blenko was lovely glass from Europe I will contact your friend David
You have unique contacts

Anonymous said...

I may know your uncle did he go to school in Kentucky and work as a Manager at Kmart while a student? Do you have relatives in Lexington?
Sarah Stricklen

Anonymous said...

Nice way for everyone to own Blenko. Love is not the cost of something or the size, is all I can say. What does what one makes have to do with a engagement ring? I would pick something out that I could pay cash. Go in debt for a ring, that is not the way to start a marriage. Nor is wasting thirty thousand on a ring. So I agree buy the Blenko and start a new fashion statement. What does common sense tell one to do. Might she really love him a bubble gum ring would work. Roxie

andreerods said...

My two cents worth.
You Doc Hilary are not the kinda woman who would want diamonds, but a more costly unusual stone, ruby, emerald, fill in the blank ___, but something out of the ordinary.
Quality is more important much more than size, sentiment also important.
Remember I also met your Mom, my thoughts are she would never perfect a blenko or other 'glass' ring to enter your life.
Your scores on exam were outstanding. Great news. Is there a party?

Anonymous said...

No No NO
A lady should expect a proper ring, and a gentleman should be ashamed to offer anything less than the best he can possibly afford.
Margie Hale
many families use the same stone for years, I have given stones to my grandsons.

Jim Ross said...

Am I the only person who sees something wrong with spending $30,000 on a stone for a ring?

sweetdoc said...

Jim Ross
In todays world we must have it all immediately. 30K is a good amount but if the jeweler said he could afford this amount, then that is the amount he should pay.
The ladies in my office want to know if he has brothers? Also he seems very romantic to even consider a 30K ring.
Hillary, Dr Bob, and Roxie agree with you together they have No brains and they have never been divorced of this I am certain. Otherwise they would know the ring is immediately the property of the female. I say Go for the biggest and most expensive thing available, aka Princess Diana in 1982.

bridgett said...

Will you put up the info about that osburne fella and his website.
We plan a trip up before holiday and I want to stop and buy from him. Can not get the website.
Also your suggestions on what to purchase.
Hinkle Glass is this good?

bridgett said...

Will you put up the info about that osburne fella and his website.
We plan a trip up before holiday and I want to stop and buy from him. Can not get the website.
Also your suggestions on what to purchase.
Hinkle Glass is this good?

westvirginiajanis said...


I am not Hillary but here is two cents on Ron Hinkle.

Ron Hinkle is a native West Virginian who has worked in the glass industry, blowing glass and learning from the masters since the early 1970's. Truly, he was apprenticed into glass blowing by the talented blowers at Louie glass in Weston, WV. He was really known for paperweights. I see his glass and think of marbles-- also a big tradition in WV. Ron is still very active blowing glass and getting special commissions.

So, if you like the look of his busy-swirly glass. I say buy it. It is handmade in WV in his studio. He oversees everything at his studio, which I believe is in Buchannon, WV.

My suggestion is to trying to buy as much as possible from people who have a direct connection to the product. I buy local produce when it is available. If you buy Ron's glass, as you follow his career and see his items available, you can you know you own his work. He does a nice job of signing his work and is gaining a small following for his work.

Ron blows glass at Hinkle's Dying Art Glassworks. The name of his studio alone tells you about the state of glass blowing!

WV Janis

Anonymous said...

I also think 30K is unless you are a Saudi prince too much money.
Derrick Frye

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is this guy still in business?
How do I contact him
the link and gmail dont work.

Anonymous said...

I love your work, my goal is to own a piece of your signed glass.
To learn you follow Blenko - well, strange but small world?

Anonymous said...

Question for ya Hillary
Is your uncle still married to this gold digger or did she take the ring and move on?
Just thinking about this - what 4 years later.

Anonymous said...

Myrtle beach is in south Carolina stupid.