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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

West Virginia Pumpkin Festival Until Oct 5th

Note: Photos are of Vintage Blenko Pumpkins - I don't have photos of 2008 Pumpkins - the vegetables and fruit change very little from year to year.

GREAT NEWS! Blenko Glass has a booth at the PUMPKIN FESTIVAL! So purchasing the PUMPKIN just became easier.

THE West Virginia Pumpkin Festival http://www.wvpumpkinpark.com/index.asp . Plan to Attend! Stop at BLENKO GLASS http://www.blenkoglass.com/ on the way to or from, for great Halloween items - PUMPKINS and other special treats! STOP by the Visitors Center - even if you buy the Pumpkin at the Festival - you'll want to see the wonderful new items at the VISITORS CENTER, Diana works very hard to keep the VC filled with in season Blenko and in the colors you want. IF you don't see what you want, ask Diana - it may be possible for her to acquire the item for you. Note: Not always possible but it doesn't hurt to ask!

FOR THOSE FOLKS (like me) WHO LIKE THE GLASS PUMPKINS! Christy from Blenko reports the 2008 batch is one of the best ever - the colors are bright, the guys made a wide variety of sizes and some different shapes - get there early for the best selection! The price has NOT increased! $34 for the LARGE $28 for small and prices vary for the in between. See below note from Christy! SHOP BLENKO GLASS for HALLOWEEN DECOR! Note: While I haven't been to Milton in a few weeks, I heard through the grapevine that many items in the visitors center have been marked down. These items are on the back table and on table next to rear wall. Check these tables for HOLIDAY GIFTS. Buy now and hold.

The BLENKO GLASS CO.VC Shop http://www.blenkoglass.com/ will have pumpkins and we will also have a booth at the WV Pumpkin Fest this weekend. (Milton Pumpkin Park)
Large pumpkins are 34.00, small are 28.00
We may have some odd sizes avail also. Some smaller and some larger and they will be priced accordingly.


Anonymous said...

At my club last evening we were discussing my beloved Blenko and Rick's departure. A friend former Art Prof at U Conn suggested signed by Rick might be worth more than signed by WH since the tenture will be shorter. Most of my glass is signed WH, except for last 10 years.
If this is a family tiff I don't understand, if its to keep the company afloat and they needed to eliminate high salary positons this seems wise. The question of who then will sign glass returns to the table.
Unlike Tim, I won't buy more glass until this is solved. No member of my family wants my glass, I have 3 rooms in Conn and a house full in Pea Ridge. Most all West Virginia Glass. All defunct except Fenton, I no longer buy Fenton, it is not made in WV and Blenko. Sad to see Blenko so near closing.
Margie Hale

lewisdvmphd said...


susan said...

Three blind mice...children's song very appropriate for the Blenko Drama.

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I would be happy to own some of the Blenko that some of you have. I only have afew pieces and was saving to buy more. Will still be looking in the flea markets and second hand shops for deals on Blenko. Me I feel for the less important people who work for the company of Blenko. Nothing like getting caught up in a change of power and wonder from day to day will I have a job. Depending on the age of these people and work in the area will depend on what they will do. Unemployment is not all that and it runs out too. Blenko will be for ever, even if they never make another thing, but the people of the company will not. This saddens me and I am sorry for not being positive. that is what is wrong with this old world, it is all about the money and what one owns, when really we just get to use it while we are here. Some of us should think about are childhood days and then we would be grateful and give thanks for what Blenko you have been aloud to buy and look at. I have been thou a company changing hands not a pretty thing at all. The little man will be the one who hurts the most, we will still be able to find and buy Blenko. Sorry Hillary. The stock market just did what some predicted years ago would happen and I grew-up with a Daddy who was a kid and remembered the first depression. We should all be grateful for the things that we do have. Roxie

Anonymous said...

is right we all should be grateful every day for what we have.
Margie Hale
Thank you Roxie.

westvirginiajanis said...

If three grandchildren are running BLENKO, that means that the people in charge are all between the ages of 70 and 90. Companies need to balance the wisdom of age with the vision of youth.

Who will bring the youthful vision?

When I met with (I believe it was) Brent, he struck me as very competent and enthusiastic about BLENKO.

Hopefully, the trio of grandsons (who are old enough to be great grandfathers) will get some young people in the company who know how to stay abreast of design trends, know how to appeal to the younger crowd, and are adept at using computers to take advantage of the marketing possibilities on the web.

Who will be the future of BLENKO?

I buy glass:

1) I love
2) I can afford
3) that was made in West Virginia

My buying will not change.

WV Janis

P.S. Margie Hale-- please let some of us see your glass while you still have this great collection.

P.S.S. Thank you Roxie for reminding us to be thankful.

Dr.BOB said...

local fairs are only of interest to local people and then only a very few.

Anonymous said...

Walter and Mr. B are the grandchildren of the original Blenko. Don Blenko is a great grandchild and of the same age range as Rick. There is still young blood at the factory, myself included. I hope that this is not your only concern. Walter Blenko and Bill Blenko, Jr. will both be signing glass. As the president Walter will likely do some signing events much like Rick did. Keep your eyes on the website we should have some Biographical info about Wlater up soon.

Katie Trippe
Blenko Glass Company

Anonymous said...

Now I am totally confused
is Katie Tripp a Blenko?
I thought she was the young girl
who was the market person?
You all keep changing things on me.
Hilary tell me whats right.
Margie Hale

Anonymous said...

Miss Margie
We have heard the name Walter
Blenko on this blog before couple times with photos of GlassLady so he is not the an unknown.
Katie Trippe name we also know from the blog several times. These people are not unknown.
Read all 2008-09 this may end the confusion.
Mountain Rita

Anonymous said...

WVJanis Good Comments As Always
Margie Old is a relative state, for you and Glass Lady 80 years is prime of life!
Lewis, Yeah you will buy more glass, so you can say Glass Lady I bought more than Sol.

westvirginiajanis said...

Now, fellow bloggers, we're getting our humor back! Sol, when you stick to topic (BLENKO), your comments are delightful!

Thank you Katie Trippe for clarifying who is on board at Blenko and the fact that Don Blenko is a GREATgrandchild (and under 80)!

Blenko is one of many companies making changes now. So, the change isn't shocking. It is, however, shocking that men who should be frolicking in retirement are running a company!

May I suggest naming pieces for Lewis, Sol, and Margie? That will get them buying again!

West Virginia Janis

Anonymous said...

I dunno about Margie but I'm not boycotting Blenko. My Mom and Aunt bought Blenko before my birth, my Mom and Marion were friends.
Only in the last three years have I bought Blenko, I buy business use I shall continue this.

Anonymous said...

Don is the same age as Rick...OK that settles it Katy, you should have him sign the glass.
Or what about allowing the creators (blenko workers) to sign their own glass? Fenton often does this. I have Fenton signed by 7 or 8 different workers.
Glad you Katy are the problem solver not us.

Anonymous said...

When I met with (I believe it was) Brent, he struck me as very competent and enthusiastic about BLENKO.
I agree West Virginia Janis

Blenko Glass Company said...

In answer to the questions of who will sign the glassware: this coming weekend in Ypsilanti, MI at Cheeky Monkey Bears and Gifts, Randy Rider will be signing glassware. It is our hope that signed pieces will come from a combination of people within the factory and we plan to start giving credit to the skilled artisans that have served this company for years. It is a good possibility that you will see more of our craftsmen signing glass.

Katie Trippe
Assistant Vice President

andreerods said...

what can I say? Pumpkin Festival ?

susan said...

The pumpkins are not on the website, please co ordinate what you ask us to buy with Blenko so we might actually buy the item.
Thank you.