Heart of Glass - Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Adams Hallmark - #1st Edition of Series of #4 Blenko Vases for 2016

1st in a series of four Limited Edition Blenko Vases for 2016. Each vase limited to 50 pieces. Hand-numbered. Clear and Kiwi Green. Each piece individually cut by glassmaker and no two will be exactly alike. 9" tall, 8" diameter. Made in Milton, West Virginia, USA. www.adamsfinegifts.com
Adams Hallmark
Info and Photo from Suzanne ( Blenko Collector)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Blenko Garden Party in May

Dear Hillary,

Blenko's garden party will be May 13, 14, and 15th.  They will be selling some of my stained glass pieces there under the name of Splash of Glass.  All are one-of-a-kind creations using only Blenko stained glass.  What's really cool is that the majority of glass I use is from an old scrap pile I found of beautiful, discontinued colors - some being as old as 70 - 80 years. Over the years, Blenko has had over 1,400 different shades of stained glass! 

Attached are a few samples of the fun and colorful pieces I like to make that will be available for purchase at the garden party.

Thank you!

Brenda Ellis

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Seeking Blenko - Sold at Kaufman's in Pittsburgh

I'm seeking  a series of four pieces of crystal glass sold in the Kaufman's Pittsburgh location.
They were signed by Mr Bill Blenko and numbered.

I don't have photos.  Does any of this make sense?  If so can you help me replace these items that were lost when we moved  my grand mother from her home in 2000.  We are just now realizing the loss.  She had a list of items. 
Her description was crystal bowl,  crystal flower vase,  crystal triangle, crystal basket.
Thank You.
Cookie Bealle
Short Hills NJ

I do know this series.   It started at Kaufman's in Pittsburgh the same year the WV Birthday Series began in West Virginia.  May I suggest,  You might  advertise on Craigs' List or ask a Pittsburgh dealer to assist you.
We'll ask if anyone of our Blenko Collectors own these series - if so we'll get photos - and if they want to rehome the glass we'll give you their contact info.
Thank you for reading and for purchasing Blenko Glass.
Note:  I couldn't get the photo to publish.  May I suggest your google Texas Blenko - Bruce S
sent photos of this series to the blog in
Bruce owns three pieces .  Helen Lodge owned the Vase.  Steve and Margie Bair  of Charleston also own the vase.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blenko Glass Company. Blenko Glass Chess Piece

We posted this earlier - and for some odd reason the photo didn't appear!   Purchase this on line at www.blenkoglass.com.  The online store.
Blenko Glass Chess Piece

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blenko Celebrates Texas

Blenko Glass Texas Steer 
Blenko Glass Cowboy Hat
If you visit Texas - you must buy leather boots ( red ?)  and a cowboy hat -  My favorite cowboy hats are made of Glass.
The cowboy hat is in the current line and available for purchase at Blenko Glass.   The Texas steer is vintage, and can be purchased on Ebay or found in a vintage glass shop.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


You may leave comments on the blog - the comments are NOT INACTIVE.
We don't have a volunteer to screen and post.
We do read your comments and we will respond to any / all questions.

I apologize for the confusion.


Thank you for reading and for commenting.

WANTED: These Glass Items. Top #10 Wanted BLENKO GLASS

One of our goals is to assist with 'rehoming 'vintage  Blenko Glass. 
If you have unique Blenko you no longer want,  and feel it would / could find a home in another collection .  Send a photo.
Also if you are seeking an item - we can post your needs.
The Blenko Project will put provide your contact info  with person who has the item you wish to purchase.  We will prior to this send you photos to confirm this is what you are seeking.
   If you can help the collectors below complete their collections with the addition of an item listed.
Thanks.  Questions?  TheBlenkoProject@aol.com

In no particular order:
1. Vintage Sandblasted Blenko  ( Mr. Harold W. Charleston)
2. Vintage Blenko Pineapple and other glass fruits and veggies ( KH / Charleston)
3.  Anything Rose'   ( George - Weston)
4.  Olana - by Husted ( Sarah - North Carolina)
5.  The Husted decanter Collection - Variations ( RF  Charleston SC)
6.  WV Birthday Vase -  multiple people / different years
7.  RUBY Lamp   ( Rhonda -  Cabin Creek WV)
8.  Glass - Very Large Pieces from 70s  - multiple people
9.  Ebony Glass -  multiple people
10.  Animals and Whimsy pieces  ( Suzanne B.  Ohio)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blenko Glass Company. New Product - Blenko Gurgle Bottle

You'll want to visit the www.blenkoglass.com  website often for info about New Products!   One of our favorites is the Blenko Gurgle Bottle.  Available in Tangerine and Bermuda Blue.
Blenko Gurgle Bottle in Bermuda Blue

Friday, April 15, 2016


  Since before my birth, (30+years ago)  we've had Blenko Glass in our yard.  The birdfeeders are Blenko Bowls,  the bird bath is a Blenko Pedestal with big bowl on top.  The stepping stones are sun face ashtrays...the garden uses Blenko Glass brick instead of concrete pavers...we have Blenko Fish, birds, owls, turtles, frogs all enjoying the garden...year after year.  

   This weekend is the WVa Master Gardeners' Annual Meeting - Greenbrier County is hosting.  The gardeners will meet on Friday - Sunday.     You can be certain my Dad offered Blenko Glass for the silent auction and he'll be promoting BLENKO in the Garden with photos of his own creations.  My Dad firmly believes that BLENKO GLASS and Gardening are addictive,  positive addictions and the marriage of the two is spectacular. 

WVU Ext - Master Gardeners | Home - West Virginia University


   Dean Six  was a new addition to the BLENKO GLASS staff this year.  Most of you will be familiar with Dean's dynamic personality and endless energy and  vast knowledge of American Glass ...from his work at Replacements .Com and also the WV Museum of American Glass in Weston. Dean is a well known author, his latest book is
West Virginia Glass Towns - Dean Six in Books, Nonfiction. 
   One of Dean's suggestion for Blenko - was an upgrade to the Glass Garden - inside the walls and the entry way.  Many of you ( 6-10) will remember working as volunteers in the garden in 2009 -2011.   This area was in need of upgrading and Dean Six is supervising this project. A  GARDEN PARTY  at Blenko  is being planned to celebrate the new Gardens and to allow you to preview items created to be used in your gardens.   While I have very little information about this event,
I do know its the weekend after Mother's Day -  and there is a charge.  You'll want to visit the Blenko Glass www.blenkoglass.com  webpages to obtain additional information.   I'll also publish here anything we receive. 

Note:  The older Blenko, and  heavier  items are best suited for use in the garden.  I think Blenko may recommend bring them in each winter.  I'm certain at the Garden Party we'll see examples of in stock items that are deemed appropriate for the garden.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Blenko Project Is Seeking Volunteers

We need someone with computer skills, to update the Blenko Project web page monthly. Approx 2-3 hours max. 

We need assistance with the Blenko Project mail - 3/4 of this is identifying glass or suggesting the correct resource  for self identification.

Blenko Glass ID -  assistance.

Photos of Collections or Special Items that are BLENKO GLASS or were MADE IN West Virginia .

Someone to assist in responding and publishing appropriate comments - we have not allowed comments for six months.  The comments can be educational and helpful to new collectors - this should take 2 hours max per week.

If you are available to assist please email  TheBlenkoProject@aol.com 
include your name - contact info and let us know how you wish to assist.

Thank You

Blenko Glass Company #441 pre designer pinched vase

Blenko Glass pre-designer pinched vases
Hi Hillary,
I guess I will start with these predesigner pinch vases. These are Blenko #441 in Turquoise and Ruby. These are relatively hard to find that don't have water damage since it is extremely difficult to clean the inside of the "donut".Have had this photo on hold for quite a while since I always had newer pieces that I wanted to share first. I also believe some of the other manufacturers produced similar pieces so you are left having to base your identification on the color and pontil mark.

Hope you enjoy,
Bruce Specht

If you are new to Blenko Glass Collecting or the Heart of Glass Blog.  Bruce Specht and his family are avid Blenko Glass Collectors - they own some of the best BLENKO in Texas and perhaps the USA.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Blenko Glass - Observation Deck - Now OPEN!

You'll want to check the www.blenkoglass.com website to confirm the observation deck is open before you visit.
Watching exceptional craftsmen make glass is a learning experience for old and young alike.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Heart of Glass Blog - To celebrate 10 years of weekly blogging about Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass offers hands on glass making classes....no prior experience...we'll assist you in producing your own work of art.

The Heart of Glass Blog will be celebrating (Summer 2016)  ten years of Heart of Glass hosted by The Huntington - Herald.
To the Blenko Project Volunteers and Blenko Glass Collectors thank you for your support of The Blenko Project www.blenkoproject.org  to support WVa and American Made Glass with emphasis on BLENKO Glass located less than 30 minutes from Charleston, W.Va.
We thank each of your for sharing photos, your collections, your time, your computer skills, and most important your support of Made IN USA Glass.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Currently IN STOCK - WVU and Marshall Logo Items

Frequently the WVU and Marshall Logo items are special order or catalog order only....however....the Blenko Glass VC gift shops has these items available April 1.

Friday, April 01, 2016

April 1st - BLENKO GLASS

Today is April Fools Day.  It is also the 70+ birthday of John Homburg - Blenko Collector and my Dad.

The warehouse sale is over....and at Blenko they are gearing up for Mother's Day,  College Graduation.   Several new items have been added to the line for the summer....you'll want to
visit the BLENKO GLASS www.blenkoglass.com website to view the new items.
Many items are time limited....meaning BLENKO will make a limited number or make this item only for a brief period of time.

At BLENKO GLASS things constantly change...re....ONLY the excellent service and high quality handcrafted mechanism remains the same.   To learn more about Blenko Glass and Collecting Blenko visit The Blenko Project website www.blenkoproject.org.

unique frosted water bottle

Blenko Glass - Unique Easter Bunnies

Festia Dinnerware _ Tent Sale

Fiesta tableware is made in West Virginia.

Tent Sale: March 31st - April 2nd

Thursday 8am - 7pm
Friday and Saturday 8am - 6pm
Slate and Sage will be released as second quality