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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, November 30, 2012

www.blenkoglass.com Blenko Glass Blog - 365 Photos of Blenko

These fish - match the colors in my kitchen,  we love the combination of blue and green.   So very fresh,  decades after - they somehow still look very modern. 
Bruce of Texas -  Photo 

365 Days of Blenko 
  Send your photos of Blenko to theblenkoproject@aol.com    We'll be publishing your photos of Blenko for the next 360 days.
   If your glass is looking for a new home - include your email address and asking price.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blenko Glass. Blenko Glass Blog. 365 Days of Blenko Photos

www.blenkoglass.com    and www.blenkoproject.org   Blenko Glass .   If you don't collect, why not start today!   
365 Days of Blenko.
Limited Edition and Available NOW  at Blenko.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blenko Glass. Blenko Glass Blog . Minatures.

www.blenkoproject.org  and www.blenkoglass.com  to learn more about Blenko Glass and Blenko Glass Collecting.  
365 Days of Blenko Photos.
Special Limited Edition Item -  Blenko Mini  water bottles.

If you don't have a collection of Blenko - - Start now, with the Blenko mini
water bottle with handle.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

365 Days of Blenko. A Puppy Named Blenko!

Hillery  I want an update sometime in Oct 2007 you said your Mrs Bee was 4 .   Is she living?  What kind of dog is she,  is she a maltese?   Also you said rescue where does one find a rescue dog a good one?  Thank you  Jodie

Jodie,  Thank you for asking.  My Ms B (Blenko)   is now nearly 9 years old.  She continues to do' bichon blitz 'and loves long walks.  My family is involved with Small Paws Rescue ( google ).   A good dog?....Well, my experience has been all dogs are good dogs - - - rescue dogs need more patience in the beginning, however, they have so much love to give.   With rescue you must be patient, and allow the dog to become comfortable and to make mistakes.
    If you are interested in a Bichon from breeder,  I suggest Western Pa Bichon Club.  My family and I are members of this Bichon group.  Several members breed bichons ( show and pet).
Good Luck!

Ms B  -  A Bischon Rescue (2004)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Blenko Glass Company. Blenko Glass Blog.

www.blenkoglass.com   or www.blenkoproject.org  to learn more about Blenko,  to view collections of glass.

Arlon Bayliss was born and educated in Britain and has been working in the USA since 1990. Natural forms and the inherent qualities of hot and cold glass inspire his studio work and his design work for glass factories. His architectural projects explore light, space and movement. They result in installations that engage the viewer and activate space.
Arlon Bayliss a professor of glass, designs part time for Blenko Glass.  
Learn more about Arlon Bayliss  www.arlonbayliss.com

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shop Small Business Saturday Nov 24th

Saturday after Turkey Day and before Cyber Monday -  Small Business Saturday.     Remember folks, when you can shop local   each and every day -  check out the small businesses in your neighborhood,  the mom and pop food places, the local Fix It shops,  the locally owned dress shops,  the local men's shops,  most  independent business owners value you and your  neighborhood.

Always shop local.  
Blenko Glass is a small family owned factory in Milton, WVa  www.blenkoglass.com .

Webmaster Steve provided the folloowing from wiki and the web:  Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday created by American Express, held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving during one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. First celebrated on November 27, 2010, it is a counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which feature big box retail and e-commerce stores respectively. By contrast, Small Business Saturday encourages holiday shoppers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local.

In 2010 the holiday was promoted by American Express via a nationwide radio and television advertising campaign. That year Amex bought advertising inventory on Facebook, which it in turn gave to its small merchant account holders,[1] and also gave rebates to new customers to promote the event.[2][3]

American Express publicized the initiative using social media, advertising, and public relations. At least 41 [1] local politicians and many small business groups in the United States issued proclamations concerning the campaign,[4][5][6] which generated more than one million Facebook "like" registrations and nearly 30,000 tweets under the Twitter hashtags #smallbusinesssaturday (which had existed since early 2010) and #smallbizsaturday.[2]

Cinda Baxter, founder of The 3/50 Project, was national spokesperson for Small Business Saturday its first year. The 3/50 Project encourages consumers to commit to spending $50 of their current monthly budgets with independently owned small businesses they care about.[3]

The Twitter hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday has existed since early 2010 and was used to promote small businesses on any Saturday (not solely that Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday). The hashtag is used in a manner similar to #FollowFriday to highlight favorite local businesses.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Limited Editions. Blenko Glass.

Hilery,  Last week I went to Milton in search of the 384 mini w/ handle.  Shopkeeper didn't know what I was speaking of.  It seems now they make the mini but no handle.  Did I wait too long?  Could you help me acquire a pair of these?   Georgia
Georgia,   I also failed to acquire the gold and blue mini's with handles.   Today I'll write to ask if Blenko will be making these in the future.   Blog Readers,  if anyone has a pair of these needing a new home -  send a note to theblenkoproject@aol.com  and we'll forward to Georgia.   Georgia please also send your contact info.   HJH
mini 384 with handle - limited editon

Monday, November 19, 2012

Blenko. 365 Days of Blenko Glass. Perfect Wedding Gift? Think Blenko!

Do you have friends who have everything?   What to give is always an issue -   I'm recommending Blenko Glass.  For Birthdays,  Births, Weddings,  all Special Occasions.   Engraved Blenko.   What could be better than WV Glass, handcrafted glass  to serve as a remembrance of your special occasion.
   This photo was provided by Chris Ross. Long time blog readers - will remember the name Chris Ross.    Chris is my Blog mentor - he's a very successful  local lawyer, a Blenko collector.  Recently he recently married his best friend Angela.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Test link for high resolution catalogs on www.blenkoproject.org


I am testing new formats for uploading high-resolution catalogs on website. Unfortunately, due to  limitations of google, I cannot upload all images in full resolution. So am trying to upload pdf files instead.

Here is a test webpage, please give your feedback here. If feedback is good, then will add this for all pages. To view the download link for pdf, click the arrow on top right corner.



Blenko Glass. 365 Days of Blenko Photos. Blenko Jugs - #111 Blenko Jugs #2

www.blenkoglass.com   and www.blenkoproject.org  to learn more about Blenko Glass and collecting Blenko Glass.  
 Blenko Glass. Blenko Glass Blog - Blenko Jugs - #111 Blenko Jugs #2
A  note and photos from Texas Collector of Blenko ,  Bruce S.

HI Hillary,
This photo is in response to a comment about the Nickerson jugs that was posted to the web a week ago. The first comment was about "Variations". Now I know she meant the Husted series of pitchers but it got me to thinking of all the variations of jugs that Blenko has done over the years. So with that in mind I searched out most of the jug designs I have in my collection for this grouping.
Hope your readers will enjoy as well.
From left to right: Shepherd designed "Big Sky" #8225, "Cumulus" #7824, Myers designed #6526 in Tangerine, Husted design #5424 in Jonquil crackle, Special Edition jug for Blenko Collectors group in "Watercolor", Pre-designer jug #443 in Ruby, Shepherd designed "Snowdrift" #8324 with handle variation, Pre-designer jug #417 in Lime crackle, Nickerson designed  jug #7226-M in Emerald, and Shepherd designed  "Barnwood" #7912-S

Saturday, November 17, 2012

blenko glass company. blenko glass blog. 365 Days of Blenko Photos.

     Do you sell Blenko?   Collect Blenko?  We welcome your photos -   theblenkoproject@aol.com .  All photos will be published in  future blog ,  you are granting permission to publish when you send the photo.
Photo from Betty H.  Note:  We would welcome  these to our collection. 
   We won't publish photos -  that don't belong to you.  hjh

Friday, November 16, 2012

Joy Blenko

Blenko, Joy

Joy Blenko Photo from Carolee 
Joy Kinneman Blenko, of Allison Park, died Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012 from complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She was born Nov. 23, 1925, in Pittsburgh, the elder daughter of John Kinneman Jr. and Catherine Sweadner Kinneman. She was the sister of Donna Hasley Hodges, who predeceased her. She graduated from The Ellis School, Goucher College and the University of Pittsburgh business school. After graduation from Pitt, she was employed in retail fashion merchandising at Gimbel's Department Store. She had a long time interest in growing and arranging flowers, and was president of the Pittsburgh Civic Garden Center. She was a long time volunteer at Western Pennsylvania Hospital, where she was a member of the Women's Committee and its Governing Board. In 1949, she was married to Walter J. Blenko Jr., who survives her. She is also survived by her sons, John W. (Cheryl) Blenko, of Baltimore, Md., and Andrew W. (Patricia) Blenko, of North Huntingdon; and three grandchildren, Stephanie N. Blenko, Charles R. Blenko and Evan A. Blenko. Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012, at JOHN A. FREYVOGEL SONS INC., 4900 Centre Avenue at Devonshire Street. Services and interment will be private. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests contributions to The Ellis School. http://www.freyvogelfuneralhome.com.   webmaster Steve sent this info.

PBS - Blenko

Blenko continues its association with Public Broadcasting.
A decade ago Mr. WH 'Bill' Blenko and Mr. Richard Blenko made the connection with Public TV.  Mr. Walter Blenko Pres. and Katie Trippe VP   are continuing this tradition.
Blenko and Public Broadcasting.  A perfect union. 

Downton Abbey Revisited Blenko Glass: - Vegas PBS

T h e M o n t h l y M a g a z i n e f o r M e m b e r s o f V e g a s P B S. A FILM BY KEN BURNS. Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey Revisited. Blenko Glass: ...


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blenko Glass Co. - Blenko Glass Blog - 365 Days of Blenko Photos

www.blenkoglass.com   to view an online 2012 catalog of Blenko Glass.
www.blenkoproject.org  to learn more about the history of WV Glass and Blenko Glass.

Photo from a Glass Making Class - 2009  Blenko Glass 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blenko Glass. Blenko Blog. Vintage Blenko. Myers 106 stretch bottle designs

Myers designed bottles; Blenko # 6426 in Tangerine, Blenko #6425 in Peacock, and Blenko #6427 in Special Fade combination.   
No one - but no one,  collects and photographs Blenko like Bruce S of Texas.

Blenkoproject.org back on google search

I resubmitted the links to google, and blenko project is back on google. Its on the first page now. Attached is the screen shot. Blenko project will go up in ranking eventually, it just takes google's crawlers some time to forget old links and register new ones.

If there are any more issues please let us know. 


Search result for keyword "blenko"
Search result for keyword "blenko project"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blenko Glass Co. Blenko Blog. 365 Days of Blenko Glass Photos

www.blenkoglass.com   to order Blenko or inquire about a class.  www.blenkoproject.org to learn more about Blenko and WV Glass. 
Blenko Glass is often used in Window Making - shown a student break Blenko blocks for use in a 12x20 Student Project.   Blenko Glass 2008  -  Stain Glass Panel Class

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blenko Glass. Blenko Blog . 365 Days of Blenko Photos

The Heart of Glass blog welcomes your photos.  We will publish one or more Blenko photo each day for 365 days.
Share your photos,  your Blenko stories, and photos of your Blenko Collection.

Blenko Glass - Silver Foil Stickers 
www.blenkoglass.com  and www.blenkoproject.org   to learn more about Blenko Glass.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Days

Today is all about the Red White and Blue.   If you know a Veteran, why not take him to lunch, or for coffee.  Say Thank You for your service.  
I recently read that only 1% of us serve in the military.  This 1%  deserves to be honored. 
    Visit your local VA Hospital or Nursing Home -  bring cookies.  Do something this year.  Take the time to think about  the Veteran and  Veterans Day.

Wayne Husted Design for Blenko 

Info about Veterans Day from webmaster Steve.   ( wiki and other internet sources - cut & paste)

U.S. President Woodrow Wilson first proclaimed Armistice Day for November 11, 1919. In proclaiming the holiday, he said

"To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations."[2]

The United States Congress passed a concurrent resolution seven years later on June 4, 1926, requesting that President Calvin Coolidge issue another proclamation to observe November 11 with appropriate ceremonies.[2] A Congressional Act (52 Stat. 351; 5 U.S. Code, Sec. 87a) approved May 13, 1938, made the 11th of November in each year a legal holiday: "a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated and known as 'Armistice Day'."

In 1945, WWII veteran Raymond Weeks from Birmingham, Alabama, had the idea to expand Armistice Day to celebrate all veterans, not just those who died in World War I. Weeks led a delegation to Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, who supported the idea of National Veterans Day. Weeks led the first national celebration in 1947 in Alabama and annually until his death in 1985. President Reagan honored Weeks at the White House with the Presidential Citizenship Medal in 1982 as the driving force for the national holiday. Elizabeth Dole, who prepared the briefing for President Reagan, determined Weeks as the "Father of Veterans Day."

U.S. Representative Ed Rees from Emporia, Kansas, presented a bill establishing the holiday through Congress. President Dwight Eisenhower, also from Kansas, signed the bill into law on May 26, 1954.[3]

Congress amended this act on June 1, 1954, replacing "Armistice" with "Veterans," and it has been known as Veterans Day since.[4][5]

The National Veterans Award, created in 1954, also started in Birmingham. Congressman Rees of Kansas was honored in Alabama as the first recipient of the award for his support offering legislation to make Veterans Day a federal holiday, which marked nine years of effort by Raymond Weeks. Weeks conceived the idea in 1945, petitioned Gen. Eisenhower in 1946, and led the first Veterans Day celebration in 1947 (keeping the official name Armistice Day until Veterans Day was legal in 1954).

Although originally scheduled for celebration on November 11 of every year, starting in 1971 in accordance with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, Veterans Day was moved to the fourth Monday of October. In 1978, it was moved back to its original celebration on November 11.

Presidential Proclamation -- Veterans Day, 2012




Whether they fought in Salerno or Samarra, Heartbreak Ridge or Helmand, Khe Sanh or the Korengal, our veterans are part of an unbroken chain of men and women who have served our country with honor and distinction. On Veterans Day, we show them our deepest thanks. Their sacrifices have helped secure more than two centuries of American progress, and their legacy affirms that no matter what confronts us or what trials we face, there is no challenge we cannot overcome, and our best days are still ahead.

This year, we marked the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. We began to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. We welcomed our veterans back home from Iraq, and we continued to wind down operations in Afghanistan. These milestones remind us that, though much has changed since Americans first took up arms to advance freedom's cause, the spirit that moved our forebears is the same spirit that has defined each generation of our service members. Our men and women in uniform have taught us about strength, duty, devotion, resolve -- cornerstones of a commitment to protect and defend that has kept our country safe for over 200 years. In war and in peace, their service has been selfless and their accomplishments have been extraordinary.

Even after our veterans take off the uniform, they never stop serving. Many apply the skills and experience they developed on the battlefield to a life of service here at home. They take on roles in their communities as doctors and police officers, engineers and entrepreneurs, mothers and fathers. As a grateful Nation, it is our task to make that transition possible -- to ensure our returning heroes can share in the opportunities they have given so much to defend. The freedoms we cherish endure because of their service and sacrifice, and our country must strive to honor our veterans by fulfilling our responsibilities to them and upholding the sacred trust we share with all who have served.

On days like this, we are called to reflect on immeasurable burdens that have been borne by so few. We pay tribute to our wounded, our missing, our fallen, and their families -- men and women who have known the true costs of conflict and deserve our deepest respect, now and forever. We also remember that our commitments to those who have served are commitments we must honor not only on Veterans Day, but every day. As we do so, let us reaffirm our promise that when our troops finish their tours of duty, they come home to an America that gives them the benefits they have earned, the care they deserve, and the fullest opportunity to keep their families strong and our country moving forward.

With respect for and in recognition of the contributions our service members have made to the cause of peace and freedom around the world, the Congress has provided (5 U.S.C. 6103(a)) that November 11 of each year shall be set aside as a legal public holiday to honor our Nation's veterans.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim November 11, 2012, as Veterans Day. I encourage all Americans to recognize the valor and sacrifice of our veterans through appropriate public ceremonies and private prayers. I call upon Federal, State, and local officials to display the flag of the United States and to participate in patriotic activities in their communities. I call on all Americans, including civic and fraternal organizations, places of worship, schools, and communities to support this day with commemorative expressions and programs.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this seventh day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand twelve, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-seventh.



Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday, November 09, 2012

Blenko Glass. Blenko Blog. 365 Days of Blenko Photos

We think 'Fire and Ice' was an in house design.   It is one of the most beautiful and most sought after color design.  
Blenko Fire and Ice
 www.blenkoproject.org  and www.blenkoglass.com  to learn more about Blenko Glass.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Blenko Glass. 365 Days of Blenko Glass Photos. Blenko Glass does Fall Colors Like No One Else

www.blenkoproject.org  and www.blenkoglass.com   to learn more about Blenko Glass.
Blenko Blog. Fall Colors ? Blenko Glass does Fall Colors Like No One Else

Husted designed Blenko #617 Pitcher in Tangerine (14") and Blenko #6147 Pitcher in Tangerine (9 3/4")

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Blenko Glass. Blenko Blog. 365 Days of Blenko Glass Photos

www.blenkoglass.com    and  www.blenkoproject.org   to learn more about WVa Glass and Blenko Glass.

There are some collectors who love Blenko Crystal -   Many collectors search for the vintage crystal Blenko, before environmental laws controlled the use of lead in crystal. 
Blenko 6819 

Obama Wins 2012 Presidential Election

'The best is yet to come!'
         As a country I trust we will put aside our issues and think only of building  a consensus to improve the economy and unite our country.   Then work toward making it a stronger, more focused, more inclusive .  hjh

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Lahti Open House Nov 10-11

You are invited to the annual
Holiday Showing
Keith Lahti
November 10 & 11
Noon to 5 PM

Also featuring ceramic jewelry by Cree Lahti

Directions: I-79 to Big Otter, Exit 40 (Rt. 16). North on Rt. 16 to Nebo (about 3 miles), Right on Nebo-Walker Rd. and go 8/10 of a mile. Bear left up hill on Walker Road.
Go to top of hill & down the other side,
Driveway is on left at bottom of hill.
Phone (304) 286-2635
(call if you need another time)

Make a weekend excursion and plan to visit McColley Studio in nearby Chloe to see the work of  Connie McColley (jewelry),  Lynn Gundry (stained glass), Margie Mills (fiber) and Karen Shreve (lotions and soap)
Info at 304 655-7429

Blenko Glass. Blenko Blog. 365 Days of Blenko Photos. Sponge Bob Vase ( item # 6812)

www.blenkoglass.com   and www.blenkoproject.org   to learn more about Blenko Glass and WVa Glass.

Here are three examples of the piece that Blenko employees refer to now as Sponge Bob vases, item number 6812.  I always thought that the circles looked like orange slices but some people think of them as sand dollars.  The colors are, to the best of my knowledge, Olive Green, Turquoise and a later example of Teal.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Blenko Glass. Blenko Blog. 365 Days of Blenko Photos

 www.blenkoglass.com   and www.blenkoproject.org    to learn more about WVa and Blenko Glass.

Photo from Gale Copley -  a vase purchased during the Holiday Sale 2010 
Blenko Glass Holiday 'Shop Piece'  created by Randy Rider *
*Correction:   This vase was created by Keith Morris of Blenko Glass (  11/7/2012 )

Blenko Glass. Blenko Glass Blog . 365 Days of Blenko Photos- Blue Top Mountain Glass decanter and vase

BLOG TITLE: Blenko Glass. Blenko Blog. Blue Top Mountain Glass decanter and vase
Yes Virginia  -  good Vintage Blenko Glass exist, and can often be found on Ebay and in 'junk' and 'flea markets'   the key is to have your catalogs, books etc so you can identify the glass.  The following is from our Texas friend Bruce S. 
 Warning:  Bruce has a glass karma that can not be duplicated.

Hi Hillary,
Just wanted to send along this photo of the two pieces of Blue Top Mountain Glass that I have in the collection now. PIcked up the large cylinder vase just a couple weeks ago as a mis-list on Ebay for twenty-five. Absolutely love the color and crackle on the piece. These are Don Shepherd designs and are Blenko #7735 decanter (9") and Blenko #7738 (16").
Hope you enjoy,

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Blenko Glass. Blenko Glass Blog. 365 Days of Blenko Photos

www.blenkoglass.com   and www.blenkoproject.org  to learn more about Blenko and WVa Glass. 

Most Beautiful Set of Blenko Glass Lamps 

Blenko Glass. Blenko Glass Blog. 365 Days of Blenko Photos

Day 3.   www.blenkoproject.org   and www.blenkoglass.com   for information on Blenko and WVa Glass.
Blenko style cat
This photo is from Blenko Collector Gloria  who states she collects CAT that are hand crafted and often
buys the end of day creatures.   A made in WVa Cat. 

Friday, November 02, 2012

Blenko Glass. Blenko Blog. 365 Days of Blenko Glass Photos

www.blenkoglass.com    www.blenkoproject.org   to learn more about Blenko and WV Glass.
    Blenko Glass 365 Days of Photos.   This photo of Blenko Swirl in cobalt, photo from Roxie and Blenko.
Blenko Swirl  2011

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Blenko Glass Blog. 365 Days Of Blenko Photos

www.blenkoglass.com     www.blenkoproject.org     To learn more about Blenko Glass and WV Glass.
    Bella Bocca Collection   by Arlon Bayliss      365 Days of Blenko Photos -  Day 1