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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Photo Art - Link?

Good morning!

I saw your reply to the inquiry regarding a nice gift for a Blenko collector. Maybe I'm "blog-challenged" but I didn't see a link on which to click to take me to the photo art by Damon Crain.

Can you tell me how to access this art and possibly purchase some for myself? I've had no success "googling" to find it.

Thanks so much!

Carol Sugg
Charlotte, NC
My goof up - here is the link -
http://www.vmglasshouse.com/ltdedphoto.htm Carol I didn't include the link and I haven't published the post about Damon's photo art. Click on this link, and if you purchase, please send a copy of your print hanging on the wall to 'heart of glass'. Damon Crain's work is always outstanding. hjh

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Antique Treasures (and Blenko Glass) in Nitro, WV

Recently we spent a lazy Sunday afternoon Antiquing in Nitro on Sunday, we came upon some beautiful vintage Blenko pieces (see photos below). Also many vintage items from Fenton, Fostoria and Pilgrim glass were available for sale, at prices I found to be very reasonable (note: lots of non-glass items - if you are in to that sort of thing!).

Below are places in which we observed good deals on vintage Blenko (and other fun collectibles) while in Nitro:

Somewhere In Time Antiques - With nearly 100 booths there is something for everyone!
307 21st St Nitro, WV 25143
(304) 755-0734‎

Nitro Antique Mall LLC - More than 31 vendors with 3 floors of antiques and collectibles!
110 21st St Nitro, WV 25143
(304) 755-5002‎

Nitro Auction House & Antique - Have fun bidding on vintage treasures!
1190 21st StNitro, WV 25143

(304) 755-3694‎

Know any other great places to shop for antiques in the tri state or online? Let us know!

Blenko Chess Piece

Dr. Hilary
Saw this one for sale last evening. Is this the vase you call 5929S and is this a great price? Also is charcoal rare? Should I pay more for rare color? What about the acid stamp does this also mean I should pay more?
Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob, This is not a 5929S - Charcoal is one of the limited Blenko colors and acid stamp means its a vintage item. Check out Blenko Collectors Four website for descriptions of the Blenko stamps and labels.
Re: Price - a good price is the price you want to pay.

This stunning decanter made in 1959 stands just UNDER 15 " tall. The official Blenko color is referred to as Charcoal. The shape is fantastic, often referred to as the "Chess Piece". This was designed by Wayne Husted for Blenko in 1959, Blenko catalog #5922s. The base has the acid etched / sand blasted Blenko logo.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stopper Not Fitting ? What to do.... suggestions.


My West Virginia Birthday 2009 decanter has a stopper that doesn't fit. I tried to call Blenko about the problem. I am certain it is a unique to me issue, but no one has returned my call.

Did anyone else get a stopper that isn't holding straight?

Suggestions from anyone as to what to do are welcome? Should I try super glue?



While I delivered the 2009 B-day vase to WVU in mid June, I wasn't at the June 20th event and have no knowledge of issue with stopper. You are the first to write to the blog - so I'm thinking its just your stopper.

You didn't include an email address - or I would have made this less public.

Phone Blenko and / or if you are close by go in.

Randy Rider and his crew of men are expert glass craftsmen and they would never knowingly allow a mis fit stopper to leave Blenko.

Please contact them, let me be the first to apologize to you for your inconvenience. Blenko is known for handcrafted, quality man glass. We want to keep the reputation high and in tact.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Reader Writes

We took the grandchildren to Blenko three times this summer and have yet to see the glass being made. Is there a schedule they stick to?
Lynn M.
Blenko does have a schedule, and it is followed. However, phone 304 743 9081 before you travel and ask " will glass demos be available today, if so what time." Blenko is a small (50 employees including management and visitors center) manufacturer.
Your grandchildren will never forget the experience, even now, I can think of no better way to spend an afternoon.
Note: BLENKO does not conduct glass making demos on weekends!
Often no demos are available on holidays - so check before you drive, the Visitors Center is open 7 days a week, the beautiful museum (upstairs) and the magnificent glass garden and pond are available for viewing 7 days a week. Bring your lunch, eat at one of the tables. Experience BLENKO GLASS. Questions about Blenko, comments, photos send these to theblenkoproject@aol.com.
This message is from the Blenko Glass Website:
Blenko Glass, an American family tradition.

Announcement: There will be no demonstrations on Friday, July 3. The Visitor Center will be open on July 3 and July 4 for the holiday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blenko Decanters

Hi Hillary,

I was pleased to see the comments on the last photo you posted to the blog so I thought it was only fitting to shoot this one in response to the comment referencing the "lemon" piece.

A nice pair of Blenko 6530S's in Chestnut and Lemon.

The Chestnut was a Ebay mislist from a couple years back and the Lemon was on the bottom shelf of a flea market stall that I periodically check and found last week for $10.00.
The optics in the decanters as well as the stoppers really are spectacular.
Bruce Specht

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Unusual - The Difficult - Blenko Glass Antique Department Can Do Anything!

Looking for something different? Have a window or opening question? Need something made and think perhaps it might be great in GLASS.

Phone 304 743 9081 and speak with Don Lemley the Antique Glass Director / Supervisor.
Over the years Don has used his expertise and knowledge of 'what the men at Blenko CAN do" to create many one of kind awards, unique items.

Recently on a visit, I saw a sushi platter (20 remaining ), many unique glass blocks (see photo of hand), and glass bulbs, glass mobiles, glass windows etc. The men at Blenko can made awards - and most everything they produce is less expensive than the alternative and the item is unique, handcrafted by West Virginia craftsmen.

Brides need gifts for the wedding party, Blenko can personalize anything, they can make glass tiles for you in most any shape and color. Anniversary gifts, family reunions . . . .BLENKO GLASS is the answer. http://www.blenkoglass.com/

Thinking about your next conference, national meeting, or just a way to reward or acknowledge volunteers ? Phone Lemley with your budget and ask "What Blenko Can Do For You!"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BLENKO Family Donates Newest Birthday Art Glass to WVU

This was in our local paper on Sunday. We're over 1,000 miles from Morgantown. Good to know the tradition continues. We didn't come as I just assumed Blenko wouldn't be doing the 'birthday' this year.
Many people in and out of the state will be grateful to the Blenko family for their generosity in continuing to keep the collection in tack and up to date.
Do you know where it's housed?
We attend 4 home football games each year , I'd like to take photos of a completed set.

Blenko family donates newest 'birthday' art glass to WVU

— This piece of art called "Aqua Luna" is the 2009 West Virginia Birthday collectible from Blenko Glass.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – In celebration of the Mountain State’s 146th birthday Saturday (June 20), the Blenko family is donating the newest addition of the West Virginia Birthday Blenko Glass Collection to West Virginia University’s art collection. The latest collectible will become part of the complete 29-piece birthday collection given to the University in 2007 by student and former WVU Foundation scholar Hillary Homburg.
The Blenko Glass birthday pieces began in 1980, and since her birth, Homburg - a WVU dental student and Charleston native – and her father have been in line waiting for their Blenko collectible every year on West Virginia’s birthday.
“Before I was born, my Dad bought the birthday collection for me. Then in 1985, I was in line in person – and every year thereafter,” she said.
“While I was a student helping with New Student Orientation, I decided to give my collection to WVU,” Homburg added. “I realized that thousands of people visit campus. If Blenko glass was on display at the University, perhaps those people would develop an interest and want to visit the factory or buy some glass and take it home as a souvenir of their trip to West Virginia. These pieces represent a variety of Blenko designers who were major figures in the American glass scene, and decades of design and color.”
When Homburg decided to donate her collection to WVU, the Blenko family agreed to make a gift each year of the company’s annual birthday collectible to keep the collection intact.
According to the Blenko Glass Web site, the latest West Virginia birthday piece, Aqua Luna, is inspired by the state’s lakes and rivers, suggesting a rising moon over rippling waters. Its strong, confident form boldly announces its presence. Designed by Arlon Bayliss, the 16-inch tall special edition Sea Breeze decanter has a generous crystal stopper hovering over the wide, outstretched rim. Aqua Luna has contemporary proportions, yet is also classical in feeling.
The collectible series is the longest running, annually signed and numbered item that Blenko produces. The limited 146 pieces are available on West Virginia’s birthday (June 20) at the Blenko Glass Visitor’s Center in Milton.
The latest Blenko Glass collectible was given to WVU’s art collection through the WVU Foundation, a private nonprofit corporation that generates, receives and administers private gifts for the benefit of WVU.

No Glass Demonstrations at Blenko on Friday July3

Announcement: There will be no demonstrations on Friday, July 3. The Visitor Center will be open on July 3 and July 4 for the holiday
check out the website www.blenkoglass.com for hours of operation.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Glass at Wheaton to Air June 24th

WheatonArts is proud to announce the airing of New Jersey Network's State of the Arts presentation:

Friday, June 19, 2009 @ 8:30pm
Wednesday, June 24, 2009 @ 11:30p

The program explores the world of the Creative Glass Center of America at WheatonArts, where fellowship artists live and work together as they pursue their creative visions.

New Glass at Wheaton features 2008 CGCA Fellows Charlotte Potter, Kim Harty and Rika Hawes who work in different ways with glass, sometimes combining it with other materials including performance.State of the Arts producer Susan Wallner visits the fellows at the beginning and then again toward the end of their residency, to see the work they have made and find out how the experience compared to their expectations. She also talks to CGCA creative director, Hank Murta Adams an internationally renowned artist. Adams reinforces the fact that, like any art colony, the most valuable aspect of the residency at WheatonArts for the artists is the dedicated time to focus on their creative work.Also included is a visit to Glass Weekend, a biennial event at WheatonArts bringing together collectors, artists and gallery dealers. During Glass Weekend '07 former fellows and artistic collaborators Sabrina Knowles and Jenny Pohlman gave a hot shop demonstration. The pair speaks of how their fellowships were critical to their artistic development; in fact, they describe their first fellowship in 1999 as a turning point in their careers. New Glass at Wheaton views many of the gallery booths set up for Glass Weekend and talks to collectors and dealers, including Rick Snyderman, director of the Snyderman-Works Gallery in Philadelphia and a member of the advisory board of CGCA.
We hope you'll watch this special presentation of State of Arts and visit us for GlassWeekend '09 on July 18 and 19.

Hank Adams, former Blenko Designer and CGCA director

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Folded Leaf Workshops in June

Miss WV - Hands out the Blenko Birthday Cards.

The blog received a total of 22 comments on the appearance of Miss West Virginia. All very positive comments. She is a native of Milton, West Virginia and one family wrote she was the kindergarten teacher for their child.

Even more beautiful in person!

Thanks to WV Janis for this photo.

2008 WV Birthday Piece

Here we have a candid of the 2009 Birthday Piece in all of its glory. We missed seeing the Bayliss team at this year's event. They are so personable and so fun to talk glass with. The 2009 piece, the first decanter in the 29-year tradition is even more meaningful when we read what the designer wrote about it, "Inspired by the state's lakes and rivers, this West Virginia birthday piece suggests a rising moon over rippling water. Its strong, confident form boldly announces its presence. This Special Edition seabreeze decanter has a generous crystal stopper hovering over the wide outstretched rim. Aqua Luna has contemporary proportions, yet is also classical in feeling. Above all, it is clearly Blenko." WV Janis
Do you have photos of the June 20th event?
Do you have photos of BLENKO or WV Glass
you want to share?
I begin my GRP at OSU on Monday - my free time will be limited - - so - - I'm going to need lots of help from my glass friends this year. Your photos, stories, and Blenko inspired post are most welcome. Please send to theblenkoproject@aol.com Thank you for reading and commenting, and of course for BUYING BLENKO GLASS.

Photos from Reader - WV Birthday

I do like the monochrome - but not exactly black and white photo - so appropriate for Blenko! All photography was originally monochrome, most of these photographs were black and white.Even after color film was readily available, black-and-white photography continued to dominate for decades, due to its lower cost and its "classic" photographic look. It is important to note that some monochromatic pictures are not always pure blacks and whites, but also contain other hues depending on the process. The Cyanotype process produces an image of blue and white for example. The albumen process which was used more than 150 years ago had brown tones. Now Janis tell us about this technique. hjh
Early birthday piece customers being greeted at the door by Katie Tripp at Precisely 8am on June 20, 2009.
This scene reminds me of Willy Wonka, letting people into his chocolate factory. Until today, I didn't realize the beauty of the Visitor Center sign.
WV Janis

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Candid Photos of the WV Birthday Celebration at Blenko 2009

If you have photos from West Virginia Day that you would like to share, please send to theblenkoproject@aol.com !

WV Birthday Glass Stories - Artist Debbie

Debbie an artist with two college age children, arrived shortly before 7am Friday with her beautiful daughter a Philosophy Major at Purdue University.

This is Debbie's second trip to Blenko Glass - last year was her first! But, with a lot of Internet shopping she now has ALL but FOUR of the Birthday Pieces! The known number of complete sets will be increasing if we get more determined, goal oriented new collectors like Debbie.

Debbie's hobbies are quilting, and collecting Art Glass (different types). Debbie reports she both buys and sells Blenko Glass.

Debbie states: " As an artist I appreciate the purity of color in the Blenko Glass, I love the colors."


The BEST of the 2009 Birthday Vase Stories - HUSBAND OF THE YEAR

Mark E. and his son Micheal arrived Milton today at noon, after a 14 hour drive from their home in Deltona, Florida.

Mark E. May very well be the HUSBAND OF THE YEAR when he returns from Milton on Sunday. What man would drive 28 hours, then sit in a line for 20 hours to purchase a vase for the woman he loves? This year at Blenko Glass - there are two such gentleman. (see next post for Kumar's story)

Mark and Micheal's goal is to purchase a 2009 WV Birthday Vase for Alma, a lady Mark describes as: " my best friend, the best Mother in the entire world, and a woman who never ask me for anything . . . .I have to watch to see what she wants" . . . . ." when I saw her eyes light up at a photo on line of the 2009 WV Birthday Vase, well, I knew I was going to Milton to stand in line. " Mark and Micheal sorta 'fibbed' to Alma and said they were going on a 2 night visit to relatives in Beckley, WV where they would fish.

Micheal said: 'His Mom loves to do needle work, she collects glass, and as a family they enjoy the sports of soccer, basketball and also going to parks. "

Mark and Micheal are # 6, and #7 in the line - there were 10 people in this line at 8pm.

You still have time to drive down to Blenko Glass in Milton, WV to stand in line for the honor of purchasing the 30th WV Birthday Piece. Or just come on Saturday morning and enjoy the birthday cake and other festivities. hjh


Friday, June 19, 2009

Blenko Birthday Stories - Barry and Gina of Charleston

Barry C. of Charleston had the honor of purchasing the #1 piece in 2007 and 2008. This year he and his girlfriend Gina arrived at 8 am and were #3 and #4.

Barry reports he was not disappointed as the number didn't matter so much as just getting a Birthday Piece to add to his collection.

Barry is a retired Tech Engineer from Coca Cola he moved to Charleston 4 years ago from North Carolina. Gina is a pharm tech and together they have a 2 year old Bichon named Whinnie.

Barry is the Blenko Collector - Gina has many other collections, but together they hit the Charleston Flea Market and the Milton Flea Market most every Saturday looking for 'new items'. Neither Barry nor Gina buy Blenko to sell, or sell Blenko.

Barry reports his hobbies involve home improvement projects, caring for his dog, and gardening, " I never grow tired of adding plants to my yard, my brother and I exchange plant seedlings and we both have grown into great gardeners over the years.

Thanks to Blog supporter for info and story - PHOTOS to be added after 9am when BLOGGER again is up an running.

Blenko Stories - WV Birthday Collectors -WV Siblings

Siblings who collect glass together, and who just like hanging out together, best describes the relationship between Mike O and his sister JO of Evans and Ripley, WV.

Interestingly Mike has a policy of NEVER standing in line for ANYTHING! But when his sister JO saw this years Birthday Piece on line, she phoned him and they decided to drive to Milton. Hotel rooms were booked, and the two were on their way to owning their first WV Birthday Vases.

Mike and Jo each inherited a lot of WV Glass from various relatives, but both say they came to know Blenko as children - when Blenko Glass did the glass blowing demonstrations at the Ripley Fair. Mike recalled with a giant grin spending long periods of time mesmerized by watching Blenko workers create glass at the fair.

Mike and Jo never sell glass or buy anything to sell.

The two share many other hobbies - gardening, goldfish ponds, and a love of reading.

Blenko WV Birthday Stories - THE BOYFRIEND

What man travels almost 1,000 miles to buy a $150 vase for his girlfriend? A man whose girlfriend collects Blenko!

Kumar a young engineer from Texas flew to Cincinnati then rented a car and drove to Milton. He arrived a little before 1 on Friday.

Kumar has no Blenko Collection. He does have a girl friend who collects Blenko and the Birthday Piece will be his gift to her - a surprise. We aren't going to publish Kumar's photos so not to ruin his surprise.

Kumar's hobbies include tennis and running. He does not sell Blenko and he buys glass only for his girlfriend.

Blenko Glass Birthday Piece - Couple from Beverly, WV

Mary and John Fessler of Beverly, WV (just outside of Elkins, WV) arrived at 2 and were # 5 and 6 in line. They are both retired. They were an energetic couple who drove more than 3 hours to stand in line. They came last year also. Mary reports she made friends with Barry and Debbie and enjoyed talking the night away last year.

John described their hobbies as :" Little bit of everything as he needs to stay busy" Mary collects mostly WV Glass and Waterford.

Mary is absent from the photo as she went back to the hotel to rest for a bit.

The heat was very intense this day, and when we were there only #3, #4, #5

and # 7, # 9 were in line. At 7:30 when left the temp was still over 85.

Quick update with Don and Randy

Don Lemley - Head of Antique Department The 'Windows and Door' and brick Man at Blenko Glass

Randy Rider – Foreman of Blenko Glass 'The Man in Charge of the Making of Glass'
News: The 2009 birthday piece is in production, and the tableware and antique departments are both busy restocking the current lines ("we can barely keep glass in stock - things are selling well, and the production hours are down").

FestivALL Charleston – A City becomes a Work of Art

FestivALL Charleston – A City becomes a Work of Art
June 19-28th 2009

My residency at Ohio State University starts Monday morning (the 22nd) but I still plan on squeezing in some FestivALL fun on my last weekend in West Virginia.

Buswater on the Boulevard -
A free group art exhibition of local and regional fine artists (including Charley 'Jupiter' Hamilton Adrian Blackstock, and Staci Leech).
Located at 1520 Kanawha Blvd. SE, the exhibition is open both weekends of FestivALL, and starts this Friday at 6pm. You can read more about Buswater here: http://dailymail.com/Entertainment/200906170631

Curtains -
A musical comedy/mystery presented by the Charleston Light Opera Guild. Tickets are $20 and are avalible at the Civic Center Little Theatre Box Office. Opening night is Friday the 19th at 8pm and the show will run through Sunday the 28th.

WV State Museum Opening -
Sunday, June 21
The West Virginia State Museum is located on the lower level of the Culture Center at the State Capitol Complex in Charleston. The history of the state will be told in the newly-renovated 24,000-square-foot museum through modern educational exhibits that will appeal to visitors of all ages.
Regular museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9 am - 5 pm and Sunday, 12 - 5 pm. However, during FestivALL the museum will also be open from 9 am - 5 pm on Monday, June 22.

East End Main Street StreetWorks Art Auction and Celebration -
Thirty artistic interpretations of the East End are displayed via banners along Washington Street (from Greenbrier St. to Bradford St.). The Banners are the work of talented local artists including Chris Dutch, Robin Hammer, Jupiter Hamilton, Glen Brogan, Mark Wolfe and Steve Payne.
The original works from which the banners were made will be auctioned off at the Bluegrass Kitchen on Sunday the 21st. The auction is from 5:00 until 6:30 PM celebration and the party lasts from 6:30 until it's over. Tickets are $20 in advance, or $25 at the door (admission includes live musical entertainment, wine, cheese and hors d'oeuvres).

You can find even more FestivALL events for this and next weekend at
http://www.festivallcharleston.com/ !

Kissin Kate's Antiques

Hi Hillary and All,

We at "Kissin Kate's Antiques' have Good News and Bad News to share with you tonight!

The Good News is that I have discovered that it is much harder to close a business than it is to start a business, so we are still Open on Main St. and still loaded with the West Virginia glass that your readers ( and Tim and I ! ) love.

The Bad News is that we have to be out of town at an auction on June 20, the day that I know many of you will be making your annual pilgrimage to Blenko for the birthday piece. I am going to keep the store open until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night ( Friday ) for those of you coming in from out of town. We are only one exit East of Milton. You can get complete directions from the interstate by visiting our website at http://www.kissinkatesantiques.com/. It's easy!

If you are staying in town until Sunday, I would be glad to run over and let you in Sunday morning. We hate to miss the festivities at Blenko and catching up with all of you, however I have been waiting for this auction for two years and need to be there. Remember, if you stop by the store and see something you like in the window, we will gladly ship!

Thank you all for your support and understanding. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Linda King
"Kissin Kate's Antiques and WV Glass Showcase"
( 304 ) 562- 1880

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reader Will Be Selling a 2007 and 2008 Birthday Vase on June 20th

This is a photo of 2008 Birthday Vase that Elmer will have for sale, the 2007 is Blue with blue and green - I'll look for a photo to upload.

Read in Heart of Glass some people didn't get the 2007 and 2008 who wanted one. I have an extra one of both - due to dead in my family. I will bring them June 20th at 7 am.

Note: I will be selling for ABOVE the sticker price. Tell anyone interested to ask for me.



News from Christy at Blenko: The first GLASS MOBILE class is FULL!
A second class is being scheduled for 11am but again LIMITED NUMBER of peope may take this class. This class will be Saturday June 20th.
PHONE BLENKO immediately if you are interested, 304 743 9081. Give them your charge card #, or whatever info they might need to enroll you in this class.
The cost is $40 and it includes the suppies!
This maybe the BEST deal at BLENKO!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sushi Platter Available at Blenko (25 only)

You can be one of 25 people to own a limited edition Sushi Platter created by Don Lemley
and the Antique Glass Dept at Blenko Glass. { The photo at bottom of page is the Blenko Sushi Platter being used in my Columbus Apt. }
http://www.eatsushi.com/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b75cl4-qRE - 95k - (link from reader Chitra on sushi).
Last year Lemley was approached by a high end Sushi restaurant (NYC) and ask if he would make 3 dozen glass sushi platters for the restaurant. Don made them. He has an additional 25 that were not shipped to the NYC restaurant. These are available for $50 each from Blenko Glass. Phone Blenko Glass at 304 743 9081 and ask Don to hold one for you. Credit cards are also accepted at Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/

These look most wonderful when they are left in the freezer for an hour or two before serving - I can attest they keep the sushi cold for 6 hours or longer!
In Charleston many of the Chinese restaurants have Sushi - Main Tin Chinese Restaurant Address. 242 7th Ave SW, South Charleston, WV 25303. Tel: (304) 744-2900. is one of my favorite places, the other is Ichiban (304) 720-7874103 Capitol St, Charleston, WV .
In Huntington I like Hibachi Japanese Steak House 839 4th AveHuntington, WV 25701 (304) 697-0920
Hibachi Masters 375 Huntington MallBarboursville, WV 25504 (304) 736-0992
I'm certain there are other excellent Sushi places in both towns.
For serving Sushi at home - the Blenko Glass Sushi Platter - keeps everything ice cold for hours.

Sushi Platter by Blenko Glass of Milton, West Virginia a great item for a wedding gift, graduation gift, Father's Day Gift or just to gift yourself.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blenko Gift? What to give. . . .


Our boss is a new Blenko collectors, his 60th birthday is in August. We have collected more than $400 for a gift, would you help us select the proper Blenko item for his birthday?

Eliz C.

Dear Eliz,

Not knowing what period of Blenko your boss collects, or what color, or how he collects makes it impossible to suggest a Blenko item.

Damon Crain has produced Photo Art, these prints would be a special gift, welcome in any Blenko Collectors home or office, I am adding a link and with his permission I'll publish copies of the photoart later this week. HJH

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Goodwill Shopping in Milton?

Hillary, On the Blenko Collectors Four and also the Blenko Museum it looks like the item I got at the Milton Goodwill may be a valuable pice of old Blenko it does have the acid etched block blenko and it looks like this but it is a greener yellow.
Blenko acid etched vase designed by WAYNE HUSTED between 1958-1961.
Condition is EXCELLENT!
Measures approx. 5 1/2" tall and 6" at widest point.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blenko the People - David Jenkins

David Jenkins – Antique Department

15 years at Blenko

Favorite thing about working at Blenko: Loves dealing with people from all over the world who use Blenko Glass – their requests are always interesting and filling them is always fun.

Hobbies: Avid Fisherman – if he's not at Blenko working, hes out fishing

What people should know about Blenko: Blenko is one of the last hand blown stained glass factories in the country, and their glass is used all over the world. They are a state treasure.

Currently excited about: Making 43 stained glass windows (in a broken dalle * Dalles as in Dalle De Verremosaic style) for a Church.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Husted Vase sold for $1,500 - Reader writes

Hillary I am cuttiing out and sending to you a recent ebay item. I have three of these if this is what I think it is. Mine are green, orange and blue.
Why did this one sell for $1,500? I bought mine for $120@ at a flea market in Mrytle Beach.
HELP should I go back and let me guy know I bought his treasures for nothing.
Sold for:
US $1,500.00

Auction ended early with Buy It Now.
Make no payments for 3 months on this purchase - eBay MasterCard
May-18-09 16:53:39 PDT
US $45.00US Postal Service Parcel Post®Service to United States
Ships to:
N. and S. America
Item location:
Cypress, TX, United States
1 bid


Just discovered that my favorite vintage modern store PURPLE MOON is now conducting Estate Sales - Check out the Website.
Return frequently for new listings.
Before you purchase Vintage Modern phone Chuck at the Purple Moon. Ask him if he has what you need, or if he can find it, and what you should pay!
Often times, he has source for that Modern item you covet!
The Purple Moon - 20th Century Treasures - Mid-Century Modern Design, ... offers the best of the period here and in our gallery in downtown Charleston,WV
The Purple Moon
906 Quarrier Street
Charleston, West Virginia 25301



Shop Hours -

Tuesday - Friday
11 am - 5 pm
10 am - 4 pm
Closed Sunday & Monday


The Blenko Glass Website changes frequently check it out for weekly specials, for information, for specials. www.blenkoglass.com. For discounts! I found this Coupon at www.blenkoglass.com
CUT and Take this with you to BLENKO GLASS in Milton.
Make multiple copies and use one for every $25 dollar purchase!
Found on the http://www.blenkoglass.com/ website.
Blenko Glass located in Milton, W.Va.
A local West Virginia small manufacturer.
Always handcrafted, always made in West Virginia, always quality, always perfect!
Send photos of your purchases to the Heart of Glass Blog theblenkoproject@aol.com

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garden Tour In Huntington - Master Gardeners

Huntington Garden Tour
Saturday, June 13th, 10 am to 4 pm. Ticket price is $10. The proceeds will be used for downtown Huntington beautification projects. The following houses are on the tour:

Amy & David Coughenour, 8 Oakwood Rd.
Rich & Katrina Mailloux, 2109 Wiltshire Blvd.
Naz & Pam Abraham, 680 Freeman Ct.
Omayma & Joseph Touma, 2970 Staunton Rd.
Gary & Jina Ward, 300 Roland Park Dr.
Gayle & Scott Stapleton, 639 13th Ave.
Ali & Joan Garmestani, 108 Oak Lane

**Master Gardener Session at Ritter Park - Cabell Mg'ers will have a booth at Ritter Park with gardening info and will be selling three different sizes of circle hoes.

We have had a special garden added to the tour, however, this garden was added too late to be included on the tickets. Dr. Larry Dunworth has agreed to host tours this year. His address is 3045 8th Street Road (McCoy Rd.). He was on the tour about 4-5 years ago. We will be handing out flyers about Dr. Dunworth's garden at each home as the ticket holders show up.

Tickets may be purchased from any Junior League Garden Club member or at Lavalette Nursery, C.F. Reuschlein Jewelers, Hatcher's Greenhouses, River & Rail Micronursery, and Empire Books.
St. John's Episcopal Church Plant Sale
June 14 beginning at 12:00 noon
Quarrier St. and Leon Sullivan Way
Most plants are provided by chairman Zeb Wright

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Myers Vases

Hi Hillary,

Just wanted to pass along another photo that I snapped today of some Myers vases. I tend to favor Myers as my favorite designer and these two larger vases are often overlooked. Both of these I picked up as miss listings on Ebay. The Turquoise #7027 just arrived today while I have had the Lemon #6922 for a couple of years. The Olive #6424 was sitting in the window of one of our local shops this morning just waiting for me.

EnjoyBruce Specht

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Myers - Simple / Hard to Find / Oh So Nice . . .

Other than Damon Crain's website and one Texas home - I haven't seen this one before.

Optic rib decanter, designed by Joel Philip Myers in 1970, made for only 2 years, 1 year this color, #7052 in Surf Green, 41.25in.H x 10.25in.D, valued at : $3450

Blenko Bells

Readers: Can you help to indentify these bells? Made at Blenko in the 50s. If you have information please email theblenkoproject@aol.com Perhaps your Blenko family member made something similar or you own something similar? Note from the current owner below.

hillary, these aren't good at all...sorry. but at least they will give you an idea of their configuration. the two large ones are approximately 8" tall and 7" in diameter across the base; the two medium size are 6" tall, 6" in diameter, and the two small bells are 5" tall, 4-1/2" in diameter. note that one of the small ones has had the loop broken off at the top.

i hope this helps to identify them...thanks for your efforts!

martha in lexington

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Quality Vintage Blenko Glass up to 60% off regular price

If you are a blog regular - you know Heart of Glass loves most everything Damon Crain has on his website www.glasshouse.com Damon knows Blenko Glass, he only buys quality well made items, there is no second guessing when you make a purchase from Damon. The glass item is described, and the description is accurate. A couple years ago Damon gave us permission to use his Blenko photographs and descriptions for Heart of Glass .
Should I ever have money to invest in Glass - this will always be my first stop. Check out this sale - it begins today!

Our focus is QUALITY not quantity
BIG CLEARANCE SALE 25% to 60% OFF in anticipation of a more refined selection.

Wayne Husted and Joel Myers are going on a Diet!
HUGE DISCOUNTS to help us slim down to one page for each designer:
Husted Sale: http://www.vmglasshouse.com/hustedblenko5458.htm
Myers Sale: http://www.vmglasshouse.com/myersblenko6467.htm

Goodbye Italy, Scandinavia and USA!
The entire page is disappearing so EVERYTHING on it is ON SALE!!
Click here: http://www.vmglasshouse.com/italianscandius.htm

Cased glass & transparent by Carl Erickson, Higgins, Greenwich Flint Craft, Alsterfors and others!

When one door closes, another opens: Soon these pages will be replaced with something different.

Coming Soon: Exclusive, quality designs available nowhere else, and some of it available only to glasshouse members.

Keep an eye out for future announcements; you will be pleasantly surprised!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Back Problems? Neck Problems? Looking for a Pain Free Body?

Getting off the topic of GLASS is never easy for me . . . . however, many glass collectors complain of Neck and Back Pain or bodies that don't work the way they use to.

Craig Wilger LMT has developed some very successful techniques to help these issues.

He'll be doing special workshops (Saturdays June 21 and June 28th, Sunday June 29th call for the complete schedule) in Charleston WV at the Foldedleaf Yoga Studio.

The Folded Leaf invites you to join us in discovering the secrets of living well. Come in and explore the gift of yoga as you cultivate inner stillness and increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Indulge in the healing touch of a skilled massage therapist, and alleviate stress from the body and spirit. Enjoy a more fluid agility in your daily life, experience a greater sense of ease, and expand your physical and mental horizons.
The Folded Leaf. Surrender to the good life.
The leaflet wouldn't upload to Blogger - check out the website for additional info.

Subject: Assistance Requested Spreading the Word: Body Flexible Workshop Series in June @ the Folded Leaf Yoga Studio

Attached is a flyer advertising my next series of Body Flexible workshops in the Charleston area at the Folded Leaf Yoga Studio on Bridge Road. Thanks very much for circulating these to the mailing list of people who are interested in a simple way of keeping their body pain free and flexible for a lifetime. This is a very sustainable idea whose time has come, just like yoga!

Best Regards & Many thanks,

Glass Workshops - One Day GlassBlowing Class

For years now folks have been asking me about glass blowing workshops. Other than going out of state for a college course I had no response.
Today I received information about one day classes. This sounds great, IF you go - or know someone who has - email the blog at theblenkoproject@aol.com so we can add addtional information and also keep this on file for those who might ask again. HJH

It's not too hot! June really isn't too hot to do a glass workshop. > > Glasslight Studio is holding one-day glassblowing workshops for $160.> They run 9-5. The shop has two benches and lots of annealing space! > > We have openings in the following workshops. > > Sunday June 7 > Sunday June 14 > Sat. June 20 > > Please contact the registrar, Pat Ackerman> packerman@healthpart.com> 215-991-4036>

Thursday, June 04, 2009

U Tube

The Googleworks info below was received as a single graphic image(which explains the difficult to read font).Hopefully it will be viewable by you.I did not receive a Googleworks URL for more information,but there is a very interesting pastorale/Venetian/roll-up video on Youtube entitled"Claire Kelly Anthony Schafermeyer Pilchuck Glass School"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKNvH0K5ztc- Tony Patti

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Old Master Appoves of New Birthday Piece

Today, Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ presented me with the 2009 Birthday Vase - it's a vase Blenko is donating to West Virginia University ( the University has a complete set - and yearly Blenko donates a vase). My dear friend Blenko Glassmaster Mr. Everette 'Shorty' Finley requested I stop by and allow him to see the 2009 vase. Shorty immediately described the processes one would use to get the proper cuts and spoke about how 'nice' the stopper fit, also the shape of the vase (the design) received many positive comments from Shorty. The color is a perfect fit for this decanter! This one is a must have - IF you don't collect Birthday - you may still want to get down to Blenko Glass before 9am on June 20th to purchase this decanter. Bayliss Design, Blenko craftsmanship and color - a totally awesome combination!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Word is Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ may be selling Charlie H mobiles on WV Day.

If you don't own a Blenko mobile - this is your chance to do so.
I ask Tammy Kosla to send photos of her mobiles - she has the best collection to my knowledge.
Tammy also send a brief history of Blenko Mobile.

Subject: Re: Blenko mobiles
The Blenko mobile came about when I saw what the Higgins Glass mobiles were selling for. I contacted Jane at Blenko and asked if Blenko could make one... She talked to Charlie and he said sure I just had to give him an idea of what I wanted... The first ever Blenko mobile made at Blenko is right here in my house and the second one belongs to Cathy Gallina. I am attaching a couple pictures of mine.
Tammy K.
Thanks to Tammy for the info and photos - IF Blenko has photos of the ones to be sold on June 20th I'll post them for you. hjh
Do you own a Blenko mobile? If so, consider sharing a photo with blog readers sent to theblenkoproject@aol.com

Monday, June 01, 2009

Mobile Glass Making Class at Blenko - June 20th (preregister now)


#1 We will be offering a mobile class that day. $40.00 for the class. limited to 12 in the class. time will be 9:30am. Deadline to sign up is June 18. Call the office to sign up. For ages 12-up.
Blenko Glass
Readers the opportunity to make your own mobile is a once in a year opportunity - and for $40 it is an incredible steal - the GLASS would cost more than $40.
If I can arrange to be in West Virginia this day - I'll definitely be a member of this class.
Note: Limited Class size - phone 304 743 9081 give them your charge card number and become a part of this class.
More about mobiles and photos of mobiles will be coming. hjh

Harry Thompson

Readers: If you have Blenko stories and photos to share email theblenkoproject@aol.com many readers live out of state, sharing your photos allows them to learn more about BLENKO and West Virginia. hjh
Currently we are also seeking 'after hours items' items not in the catalogue and made by workers during lunch or end of the day.

Harry Thompson was such a quiet man that i had to learn about this peace from two of his fellow workers and fishing budys, one of them on a fishing trip ask him how he learned to blow glass, he said that he learned a lot from the swed Carl Erickson. We were working with ruby one day and Carl and i had some free time so he asked me to blow up a ball and he would show me how to put on a foot and handles.I put the handles on like some of the items we made then starting at the top. the first time on the foot was not as hard as it looked . The finished peace looked like a fat man with his hands on his hips. I was not sure that this was the peace that they were talking about until i talked to another Blenko man that confirmed that this is the peace of glass that Harry and Carl made .
Thanks Larry T.