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Friday, June 05, 2009

Back Problems? Neck Problems? Looking for a Pain Free Body?

Getting off the topic of GLASS is never easy for me . . . . however, many glass collectors complain of Neck and Back Pain or bodies that don't work the way they use to.

Craig Wilger LMT has developed some very successful techniques to help these issues.

He'll be doing special workshops (Saturdays June 21 and June 28th, Sunday June 29th call for the complete schedule) in Charleston WV at the Foldedleaf Yoga Studio.

The Folded Leaf invites you to join us in discovering the secrets of living well. Come in and explore the gift of yoga as you cultivate inner stillness and increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Indulge in the healing touch of a skilled massage therapist, and alleviate stress from the body and spirit. Enjoy a more fluid agility in your daily life, experience a greater sense of ease, and expand your physical and mental horizons.
The Folded Leaf. Surrender to the good life.
The leaflet wouldn't upload to Blogger - check out the website for additional info.

Subject: Assistance Requested Spreading the Word: Body Flexible Workshop Series in June @ the Folded Leaf Yoga Studio

Attached is a flyer advertising my next series of Body Flexible workshops in the Charleston area at the Folded Leaf Yoga Studio on Bridge Road. Thanks very much for circulating these to the mailing list of people who are interested in a simple way of keeping their body pain free and flexible for a lifetime. This is a very sustainable idea whose time has come, just like yoga!

Best Regards & Many thanks,


Anonymous said...

Magnificient to learn WVa is getting into alternative methods of healing and health. Yoga has been a part of my life since age 60.
Margie Hale

Anonymous said...

Hilary - Blenko collecting may be an addiction. People look for happiness and cures in many places. This LMT seems like a good alternative med choice - May I also recommend that people seek guidance from within - we all possess all the answers within us to pain and suffering.
Tonight is a full moon - prayers are exceptional during this time.
Guru Puja is a personal way of remembering, honoring and thinking of ones' Guru. It is an avenue through which we can concentrate and focus our thoughts on Him, thus imbibing Him in a joyful manner. It is an opportunity to express gratitude towards Him for everything He so compassionately bestows upon us. By consistently recalling and thinking of the Guru, we move forward in our spiritual journey. Though the steadfast practice of Guru puja, one developes a deep and intimate relationship with the Guru.

Please watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLeVLc07Bpc&feature=channel_page
for details

sweetdoc said...

Good yoga classes are lacking in our area
I drive to Pittsburg with my group monthly.

Hillary J Homburg said...

WOW a n d
My only desire was to promote a workshops my friend Craig is giving!

Anonymous said...

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