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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Candid Photos of the WV Birthday Celebration at Blenko 2009

If you have photos from West Virginia Day that you would like to share, please send to theblenkoproject@aol.com !


chitrakahn said...

As always we love the personal interest stories
and photos.
2 of my friends came but I dunno if they got vases, I'll hear on Monday.
Thank you for the update.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos.

westvirginiajanis said...


At the last minute, it worked out for me to be able to make the five hour trip to wait in line for the Birthday Piece.I sent three pictures from the event to your aol account. Hopefully, you will receive them. Feel free to post. It was great talking to your mom in line waiting for the doors to open this morning. She is very outgoing, knowledgeable, and, of course, proud of you.

Spending the night was pleasant since the rain held out. The fireflies, the clanking of the passing train, the persistent croaking of the bullfrogs, and the gentle conversations with the other overnighters made the evening delightful. It made me want to belt out John Denver's "Almost Heaven, West Virginia," and Hazel Dickens', "West Virginia, Oh, my Home." Then there is the childhood classic, "Oh those West Virginia Hills."

In the end, I purchased piece #32 and was back on the road by 9am with wonderful memories, a few photos, and a BIG decanter! Here's to having the opportunity to purchase a BLENKO Birthday piece in 2010!

Anonymous said...

This comment goes back to the comments about the line, at the back of the line we heard 'some' people had access to showers inside Blenko, some were allowed to sit in side all day instead of in the sun, and in the am 'some' were served biscuits.
I didn't see this, but the rumors were hot and heavy in the above 50 spots.
We didn't arrive until after dark, I do believe if one person has access to blenko showers and AC all should.
If Blenko is serving breakfast to some then, they should either do it discretely or to everyone. The biscuits my companion saw this so I know this to be true.
We started our collection in the mid 90s at elderbeerman downtown charleston.
Elderbeerman neither offered us showers, biscuits, or ac. They didn't speak to us or have rules until 10 am when store doors opened. We complained but we didn't feel any segregation.
Perhaps next year Blenko might want to avoid any appearance of nepotism.

westvirginiajanis said...

I was so thankful to be in my home state and to be below #146, that I must have been on cloud nine talking to all around me. No special favors were offered for me and I am none the worse for the wear. It was so nice having the porta-John tucked behind the building for all to use.

If special things were done for the TOP 10 or so, perhaps it is because they had been there so long, during the day. They were awfully nice people, especially Leslie and Christian who helped me get glass signed, find what I was looking for, and get back on the road by 9am.

Becky (#31-- a new friend) and I decided that a hot dog stand in the evening and a coffee and biscuit wagon about 5:30 am would have been a hit. This could be a fundraiser for a local church.

Having the ornaments as an add on sale was a great idea. More creative days like the birthday piece day would go a long way to boost sales and excitement around BLENKO.

Good Luck at OSU Hillary! P.S. Take time to smell the roses and to get to know your neighbors!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent suggestion, I recall for 2 years ago. The need for a porta potty also.

sweetdoc said...

Porta Potty was a side of building, open your eyes before you file the negative comments.

sweetdoc said...

We also spoke with Hilary's Mom. We were suprised and happy to see she was well enough to attend. The yard looked beautiful.
All the people were pleasant even after 5-10 hours of being in a line.
All in my group had their photos taken with Mr. Walter Blenko.
WV Birthday Celebration was a success, the girls in the office (Mrs Homburg told me this) wrap the vases, make sure everything is color coordinated, and plan the cake etc. I want to say job well done. The cakes were works of art.
Hilary will you do a post on the lady who makes these cakes and include her contact info?