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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

BLENKO GLASS Paperweight

6402P Turtle Paperweight

It's almost time for the "gift giving season"   we recommend the Blenko Paperweights
as stocking stuffers, gifts for the teachers in your child's life.
Or to start the children or grandkids collecting BLENKO!

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Blenko Glass Water Bottle Collectors - this one is for YOU!

Experimental 384 Water Bottle - Pumpkin Opalescent

It's NOT often that a unique Water Bottle is offer -  Blenko is currently offering 3 - www.blenkoglass.com   This Pumpkin is the newest offering.
    I'm not a water bottle collector - but I hear from water bottle collectors weekly, and My Mom is a devoted collector of the various colors.

We continue to experiment with new colors here at Blenko! This fiery bright orange was an experimental color developed while making pumpkins this year. Therefore, we refer to this Water Bottle as the “Pumpkin Opalescent Water Bottle”. 8” tall, holds 36 fluid ounces.

These fun and festive water bottles are great additions to any collection and make great gifts this Fall Season.

Quantities are limited! Order while supplies last!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Blenko Glass Handcrafted Table Lamps ( medium size).

3718 Medium Block Table Lamp and Finial


The companion to the Large Block Table Lamp, this Medium lamp appears to stack two cubes, illuminating smaller tables and spaces.
Matched with a mini cube finial and a locally sourced cherry wood base, the fixture stands approximately 29” tall. Assembled with an 8” harp, choose brass or nickel finish, fits a lampshade with a spider fitter.
Lampshade sold separately 14”x13”x10” (Bottom Diameter, Top Diameter, Height) brass spider fitter, in Natural Burlap or Warm White Linen.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Blenko Glass. Gift for Xmas - newly wed - or for yourself! Blenko Table Lamp

3618 Large Block Table Lamp and Finial

This AWESOME lamp is available in an assortment of colors,  I'm loving the new
pawpaw color!   

Stack ‘em high!  This towering table lamp is likely to turn heads.
Matched with a mini cube finial and a locally sourced cherry wood base, the fixture stands approximately 36” tall. Assembled with an 8” harp, choose brass or nickel finish, fits a lampshade with a spider fitter. 
Lampshade sold separately 18”x17”x10” (Bottom Diameter, Top Diameter, Height) brass spider fitter, in Natural Burlap or Warm White Linen.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Blenko Glass - Water Bottle - WVU

A most wonderful Xmas gift for your WVU grad or current student.

384 West Virginia University Water Bottle - Cobalt.
Available with your choice of etching: WVU "WV" logo or WVU Mountaineer mascot.
8" Tall, 36 oz.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

BLENKO GLASS experimental 384 . A must have for the Water Bottle collector.

As Blenko further experiments with color inclusions in our iconic 384 water bottle we create a few of these and a little run of those.

This is just such a water bottle- made in only 10 first quality pieces.

In a dark Cobalt base and swirled, random picked up pieces of other color: Red, White and perhaps more, depending on the object. EACH WILL BE DISTINCTLY different.

Impossible to repeat this exact color combination so get one while we have a scarce few on hand.
Many fans of the Water Bottle will love this one. 
Please get your water bottle engraved with Walter Blenko's signature.  

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgving Day!

The Heart of Glass Blog wishes you and your family, a peaceful day with lots of foods and football and safe travels.

Blenko Glass is closed today but will open on Friday (www.blenkoglass.com ) with many special items

Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving is a great time to be thankful and appreciate who you have and what you have. It is a time for families to meet, socialize and enjoy each other's company, sometimes the only opportunity in a year. Some prefer it to Christmas because of less emphasis on consumerism. Thanksgiving, for most, is also a start of a four day weekend which is great, too.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Experimental PURPLE 385 water bottle.

Experimental Purple - 384 Water Bottle

                                               For the first time in a long time - Blenko is making glass in the color PURPLE.   Experimental designs / colors are not a part of the line and made not be made again.
I make purchasing these items a priority.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Blenko Lamps. Need great shades!

3618 Large Lampshade

Natural Burlap

Most everyone who collects BLENKO lighting needs SHADES.

In the past we've purchased shades from a wonderful shop in South Charleston
called Lamps n Shade Studio 4836 McCorkle Ave. So Charleston, W.Va.
The quality is exceptional, but the price is about 40% more than the new
shade offering at Blenko Glass.  Blenko also offers a medium shade in the same
two colors.  

3718 Medium Lampshade


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

BLENKO GLASS. Fire and ICE an iconic Blenko design

The Blenko Glass - Fire and Ice has been in the  Blenko line for a good number of years.  It remains very popular.  The slope shoulder vase is one of the best Blenko designs.  The whole grouping is spectacular.  You'll want to owe this set.  The prices are very reasonable between $178- $275.
May I suggest you ask for the signature of Walter Blenko to be added to each piece you purchase, its an additional $10 - but a priceless addition.   

Monday, November 12, 2018

Blenko Glass - Pendant lights .

The new Blenko Glass designers have created several lighting items.
I'm very fond of the new Pendant lights.
If you are a fan of mid century or you just love the idea of handcrafted pendant lights.  BLENKO is the place to visit.  www.blenkoglass.com

Elevate color in your everyday with our pendant lamps. 6.5" wide x 8.5" tall. Includes a 5' black canopy kit. Available in Crystal, Cobalt, Tangerine, Clover, Turquoise and Paw Paw.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

PURPLE! Create an AWARENESS of Pancreatic Cancer. November is the PC Awareness month.

Awareness Month · Pancreatic Cancer Action

November marks Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, a time when people across the world come together to fight back against, and raise the profile of, pancreatic cancer! It is a time of the year when we have the most voices speaking out the disease, raising funds for early diagnosis research and raising awareness in their local communities.
BLENKO GLASS COMPANY - is using PURPLE this year for the first time
in a long time.
While Blenko has not yet signed on to MAKE A VASE  or item for Pancreatic CANCER awareness.
We're hoping this happens in the near future.
BUT FOR NOW we suggest you purchase a purple pumpkin, purple water bottle, or one of the other PURPLE items from BLENKO GLASS for your PC WARRIOR   

Sunday, November 04, 2018

BLENKO PUMPKINS - I know Halloween as come and GONE BUT PUMPKINS are a part of my decor until after Thanksgiving.

BLENKO GLASS has the very best PUMPKINS!

Special Edition Square Pumpkin with Curly Stem


A special edition " square pumpkin"  from Blenko Glass

Friday, November 02, 2018

Blenko - New For Christmas - This one will be your favorite Stocking Stuffer

1116 Snowman Paperweight

$23.00   He's 5 inches tall.  

VETERANS DAY! A special waterbottle at a special price!

Our iconic Water Bottle with a patriotic twist. Each Patriot Star Water Bottle is accented with 2 Cobalt star stamps.

ONLY $39 plus Shipping & Handling

These are great additions to any collection and make great gifts for Veteran’s Day which is just around the corner on Sunday, November 11

Quantities are limited! Order while supplies last!
Our iconic Water Bottle with a patriotic twist. Each Patriot Star Water Bottle is accented with 2 Cobalt star stamps. 
These items are what we refer to as 'Preferred Seconds'
Seconds are items that have a few imperfections such as; bubbles, striations, off-ness, a mark of our human error according to our high level of scrutiny.
8” tall, holds 36 fluid ounces.
Available in crystal 
www.blenkoglass.com to order and see what's available.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awarenss Month.

Check out the activities in West Virginia on the Pancreatic Cancer website Pancan.org

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

BLENKO GLASS - Holiday Items - NEW

Create a wild and wonderful forest with brilliant Mountain Pines. Optically swirled Clover, Turquoise and Crystal trees reaching heights of a towering 18".
Available in crystal, a dark green and this lovely blue.  

Under $120 plus shipping.   

The website shows a grouping of three.  A beautiful 'forever' Xmas d├ęcor.  

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Blenko Glass Company - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

 If you haven't purchased these items for yourself or your friend.  Please do so.  Limited Availability

Blenko Glass Co. has  created 2 Special Edition items to help bring awareness to the causes of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as well as a local breast cancer center in our area. Items are available online now and will be available through the end of 2018. Items are available at blenko.com/shop and will be available in our Visitor's Center Gift Shop in Milton, WV starting Friday, September 28. (item availability may vary from day to day in the Visitor's Center gift shop depending upon customer demand that day). $5 from the sale of each item will go to their respected charity/research foundation.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Heart of Glass Blog. Blenko FISH!

Not in the Catalog - but frequently available in the Blenko Glass Milton Gift Shop 

971 Large Fish
This iconic fish is available in the catalog - and hasn't changed in decades.  


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Blenko Glass. YES, We Can Do That! Heart of Glass Blog. Etched Glass.

   For my wedding ( June 2019) I want to do something special for those participating in the wedding ( about 40 people total).  You wrote some time ago about a place in Hurricane that etched or made Blenko glass more special?
My initial idea was to purchase the water bottles ( about $40) and have them etched.  Can you give me the contact info for this person and also do you a color chart for Blenko water bottles you can send to me?
   Elizabeth Mitchell  - Logan

    The company we use is called A TOUCH OF GLASS in Hurricane.  However,  you might want to contact BLENKO GLASS www.blenkoglass.com with your ideas and your budget.
    Im going to post some photos of  etchings that Blenko Glass has been responsible for.
Depending on your budget and your color choice - you may need only make one call.  Blenko Glass excels in custom work.  Their new website is very user friendly and if this doesn't work - just phone 304 743 9081.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Heart of Glass. Blenko Glass Statement RE: 125th Anniversary

Celebrating our 125th Anniversary

The Iconic Blenko Glass Company will enhance it’s experience as a Travel Destination while continuing the tradition of creating functional art.
We are celebrating our 125th Anniversary beginning in July 2018 and running until the years end. As part of the celebration, they are enriching the experience of a visit to our factory as both a travel destination and an important stop for glass collectors and history lovers. We will not only have live on-site events but we will be utilizing our social media and website to help raise awareness for our goals.
Handcrafted glass is a pleasant reminder of a way of life that is all but gone. The techniques and skill sets at Blenko have stayed the same decade after decade. The same tools, practices, and skills are utilized today that were in use in 1893. Blenko bridges a space between industry and aesthetics by crafting functional handmade art.
In honor of 125 years of history, we want to celebrate by expanding and re-visioning the Blenko Glass Museum. The newly energized space will utilize modern technology to tell the history of the family, art, and craftsmen that shaped Blenko Glass into what it is today. We will create a new “factory floor” exhibit and teaching space for hot glass classes/workshops. The current viewing area for self-guided tours will be enhanced and greatly expanded. Part of this celebration requires the use of online crowdfunding to reward patrons of the anniversary with special hands-on experiences, gifts of limited edition glass, and other opportunities to enjoy the craft and the glass making experience.
Working with glass lovers, history students, and West Virginia enthusiasts Blenko will take our already highly rated tour and museum to a new and much more engaging level.