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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Heart of Glass Blog. Blenko FISH!

Not in the Catalog - but frequently available in the Blenko Glass Milton Gift Shop 

971 Large Fish
This iconic fish is available in the catalog - and hasn't changed in decades.  


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Blenko Glass. YES, We Can Do That! Heart of Glass Blog. Etched Glass.

   For my wedding ( June 2019) I want to do something special for those participating in the wedding ( about 40 people total).  You wrote some time ago about a place in Hurricane that etched or made Blenko glass more special?
My initial idea was to purchase the water bottles ( about $40) and have them etched.  Can you give me the contact info for this person and also do you a color chart for Blenko water bottles you can send to me?
   Elizabeth Mitchell  - Logan

    The company we use is called A TOUCH OF GLASS in Hurricane.  However,  you might want to contact BLENKO GLASS www.blenkoglass.com with your ideas and your budget.
    Im going to post some photos of  etchings that Blenko Glass has been responsible for.
Depending on your budget and your color choice - you may need only make one call.  Blenko Glass excels in custom work.  Their new website is very user friendly and if this doesn't work - just phone 304 743 9081.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Heart of Glass. Blenko Glass Statement RE: 125th Anniversary

Celebrating our 125th Anniversary

The Iconic Blenko Glass Company will enhance it’s experience as a Travel Destination while continuing the tradition of creating functional art.
We are celebrating our 125th Anniversary beginning in July 2018 and running until the years end. As part of the celebration, they are enriching the experience of a visit to our factory as both a travel destination and an important stop for glass collectors and history lovers. We will not only have live on-site events but we will be utilizing our social media and website to help raise awareness for our goals.
Handcrafted glass is a pleasant reminder of a way of life that is all but gone. The techniques and skill sets at Blenko have stayed the same decade after decade. The same tools, practices, and skills are utilized today that were in use in 1893. Blenko bridges a space between industry and aesthetics by crafting functional handmade art.
In honor of 125 years of history, we want to celebrate by expanding and re-visioning the Blenko Glass Museum. The newly energized space will utilize modern technology to tell the history of the family, art, and craftsmen that shaped Blenko Glass into what it is today. We will create a new “factory floor” exhibit and teaching space for hot glass classes/workshops. The current viewing area for self-guided tours will be enhanced and greatly expanded. Part of this celebration requires the use of online crowdfunding to reward patrons of the anniversary with special hands-on experiences, gifts of limited edition glass, and other opportunities to enjoy the craft and the glass making experience.
Working with glass lovers, history students, and West Virginia enthusiasts Blenko will take our already highly rated tour and museum to a new and much more engaging level.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Heart of Glass Blog. New Collector Seeks the Variations Collection By Husted.

If you own this collection and wish to sell ,  please contact theblenkoproject@aol.com.

We have a new collectors from Naples Florida who wishes to purchase the entire set of Husted Variations.   She is also interested in any  early Husted items.

Please send photos of the glass and your asking price.

The Face Vase is my favorite of the Variation Series.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Blenko Glass. Heart of Glass Blog. WV Birthday Vases for Sale.

We have an elderly collector who is selling his partial collection of WV Birthday Vases.

He writes: "  I have the first 8 and I have the Moonshine Jug and the Bayliss first 3 vases. I will accept any reasonable offer.  The first 8 are I think more valuable.  "

If you have an interest in any of the above:  Please send your name and the vase you
are interested in to:  theblenkoproject@aol.com and we'll forward the info to 
Mr. Hill  of South Williamson Ky.  

We frequently assist collectors of WV Birthday Vases find the items they need to complete their collection and also to assist collector and their families find new homes for Blenko.

Friday, September 07, 2018

Heart of Glass. Milton Pumpkin Festival 2018

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I adore PUMPKIN spice and PUMPKINS  most especially Blenko Glass Pumpkins.
Each year the City of Milton West Virginia host a Pumpkin Festival.  

Many craftspeople offer their goods and each year BLENKO GLASS has a booth.  The Blenko Pumpkins made for the festival are often more unique than those offer in the catalog.  The craftsmen are allowed a bit of freedom and often do elaborate stems etc.   
The Pumpkin Festival offers an assortment of crafts, and delicious foods.  This year its Oct 4-7th.

WV Pumpkin Festival is a 4-day event being held from 4th October to 7th October 2018 at the WV Pumpkin Park in Milton, United States. This event provides the attendees with an opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds, food and shopping for unique crafts and gifts.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Blenko Glass. Blenko Blog. The Heart of Glass Blog. Collector Seeking Catalogs

To:  Hillary Homburg c/o TheBlenkoProject@aol.com
From:   A.ginsburgnp@gmail.com

RE:  Blenko Catalogs

I want to purchase ALL Blenko Catalogs.  Is there a source where I can purchase?  I've googled and found the Pina books,  what I want are the real catalogs ( copies are not  OK).

Is it possible for you to post my request on your blog?   Or if you know where I can purchase will
you please respond.
Thank You

The www.blenkoglass.com  offers all catalogs and you may download at no cost.
It is my assumption you want hard copy catalogs.  Therefore I'm posting your leter.

PURPLE PUMPKINS! Something a Pancreatic Cancer Family will cherish!

   As most of you know my Dad  ( 8/1/17) has  Pancreatic Cancer ( Stage IV) its a sad fact that  less than 15% of pancreatic cancer patients are eligible for surgery.
 My family immediately went to Cleveland,   we were able to have a WHIPPLE  Surgery at Cleveland Clinic 2/11/18 by an outstanding surgeon from Wales - Dr Gareth  Morris -Stiff. who performed a very long and complicated surgery that is allowing my Dad to enjoy a respite from Cancer.  He has done two series of chemo at Thomas Hospital Oncology Department with Dr Jogenpoly.
   My Dad is now able to again see his trainer and enjoy many of the things he did prior to our year of Pancreatic Cancer.   He is looking forward to attending WVU Football this year.  As a 45 year season ticket holder.  NOT attending WVU Football was one of his greatest fears.

    PURPLE the COLOR for Pancreatic Cancer - has become my family's new favorite color.
    The Color of HOPE for Pancreatic Cancer!

Blenko is providing a selection of 3 purple pumpkins.   The Blenko Glass on line catalog describes the pumpkins as: ** .blenkoglasswww.blenkoglass.com.   While I don't think BLENKO GLASS designed this pumpkin with Pancreatic Cancer in mind.  It is perfect!

     Instead of sending flowers and candy to the home or hospital of your friend with Pancreatic Cancer  consider a long lasting gift of PURPLE GLASS.  Or Better Yet buy one for yourself to remind you to donate to PanCan and support the   Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Or as a constant remind of your PC warrior.   Or perhaps like our surgeon Gareth Morris-Stiff,  Purple is just your favorite Color!
  Blenko has added several  the beautiful shade of purple for 2018.


6618T Tall Pumpkin **

*New Style For 2018
Carefully hand crafted and the perfect Autumn home accent. Approx. 4.5” wide and 8” tall. Available in Crystal, Paw Paw, Wheat and Purple.
*All pumpkins accented and finished with a Clover stem.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Glass Pumpkin Class - Make Your Own for the Fall Holidays - Blenko Glass. Heart of Glass Blog

Don't you LOVE having Glass Pumpkins?   No Mess, No hassle, Continued Beauty, long lasting! Need I say more?
As a graduate student I switched from FRESH PUMPKIN to Glass Pumpkins,  yearly I try to purchase a new GLASS PUMPKIN to add to my collection.   Most often they are BLENKO GLASS www.blenkoglass.com 
but Wayfair, Horschow and many other small glass vendors make Pumpkins.   I should warn you NONE are as lovely and unique as the PUMPKINS from Blenko.
Now you have the opportunity to create your very own PUMPKIN!
You'll want to sign on for the glass as soon as possible.  Bring a girl friend or two.  (304 743 9081).

Note:  these are pumpkins from the early 2000s  the new Pumpkin crop is much lovelier.  

This is the info from the Blenko www.blenkoglass.com  
Classes will be broken down in 2 separate shops with 15 participants in each shop at 8:30am and 1:00pm and 13 participants in each shop at 10:30am.

Friday September 28
2 classes of 15 participants in each at 8:30am
2 classes of 13 participants in each at 10:30am
2 classes of 15 participants in each at 1:00pm

Saturday September 29
2 classes of 15 participants in each at 8:30am
2 classes of 13 participants in each at 10:30am
2 classes of 15 participants in each at 1:00pm
RULES - Please Read Carefully
  • No Walk-in registrations at our office or factory
  • No Call-in registrations will be accepted.
  • Shipping must be purchased as add-on item during checkout on Eventbrite at time of ticket purchase.
  • Must be at least 14 years old to participate
  • You must wear safety glass (provided by us).
  • No open toed shoes allowed on the factory floor so dress accordingly.
  • Shop is not wheelchair accessible.
  • If you are part of a group that a different e-mail address was used to reserve your class, you need to send ONE e-mail to blenko@usa.net after reserving your classes; listing day, class, time & names of participates who wish to be together. Class participation order cannot be changed on day of class. Thank you for your help in making your class experience a success!