Heart of Glass - Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where to Shop - You Respond

This is a list of Wanda Souder's favorite local shopping places, she reports finding Blenko, WV Glass, teddy bears, and lots of other things. She states these shops are clean and the owners very knowledgeable. hjh
Chesapeake Flea Market(Flea Market)1/4 mi. east of downtown on Old Rt. 52, Chesapeake740-867-6355

Central City Cafe(Eatery)529 - 14th Street West304-522-6142

Bus Barn Antiques Mall(Antiques, Collectibles Sports Memorabilia, WV Glass)402 18th Street West, Huntington304-429-3485

Central City Market(Farmers Market, Amish Market)555 14th St. West, Huntington304-525-1500http://www.centralcitymarket.com/

Adam's Avenue Antique Mall(Antique Mall)1460 Adams Ave.304-523-7231

Memories of the Heart Antiques(Antiques, Vintage, Jewelry, Folk Art by Vonnie)617 14th St. West304-697-5301

Old Central Auction(Auctions, Antiques)1404 Adams Ave., Huntington304-544-4880

Antique Center, Inc.Brass Masters Metal Polishing(Antiques, Quality Restoration)610 14th St. West304-523-7887 lditty@blackcatantiques.comhttp://www.blackcatantiques.com/

Grandmother’s Attic(Antiques)444 W. 14th St., Huntington304-525-4880, Open Daily

Laredo Steaks & Seafood(Restaurant)2134 5th St.304-697-4810

Hattie & Nan’s(Antiques)521 W. 14th St., Huntington304-523-8844, Open Daily

Blenko Glass Visitor Center, Factory & MuseumFairground Rd., Milton304-743-9081 /

Monday, January 29, 2007

Valentine's Day is Fast Apporaching!

If you have seen any wonderful 'made in WVa' gifts, please send photo and address of the shop.
Beginning Feb 1 we will post daily ' made in WVa gifts' for V-Day!
Someone told me Jeff Fetty made a glass bear w/heart in honor of Valentines' Day that will go on sell at the Fenton Gift Shop this week. I'll try to get a photo and post.
The BLENKO GLASS gift shop has a big selection of red glass. Angie and Diane have decorated the gift shop with hearts, Ruby Glass is my favorite - its more expensive for Blenko to produce ruby glass. . .but Blenko's red glass is unique and the most vivid you will find. Again I'll ask for photos to post. hjh

Friday, January 26, 2007

First Piece of BLENKO - You Respond

Good morning

Wow! What a project! I will be glad to contribute a little if you want..... My mother got me started in collecting Blenko, and most of my pieces are "seconds". However, back in the 50's she got a picture of herself and her classroom in the "old" high school published in the Journal of the National Education Association, and she was very proud to display some pieces of Blenko in the classroom that her former students had made and given her. She loved Blenko, and also, another small glass maker from Culloden called "Bischoff", which I have a couple of pieces. I don't have most of her old collection of Blenko, that passing on to my brother and his wife Kay. But my wife Beverly has enough on hand to have to "rotate" the pieces on display in the house, because we don't have a house full of display cases.....

Let me know if this could help.


Monday, January 22, 2007

And the answer is. . . .

January 17th blog photos : all own one or more pieces of BLENKO.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

.You Respond - Photos of BLENKO

This is another photo from SKIP COPLEY a REALTOR in the Mrytle Beach, NC and Charleston, South Carolina area.
Skip reports that he and his daughter Julia collect and display vintage Blenko along with new pieces that they buy from the Visitors Center.
Skip describes the 'Wayne Husted' designed BLENKO items pictured as his daughter Julia's favorite pieces of BLENKO/ West Virginia Glass . hjh
Note: We welcome your BLENKO stories and photos.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Collectiable BLENKO GLASS

BLENKO GLASS COMPANY located in Milton, W. Va. phone 304 743 9081.
Blenko Glass Visitors Center gift shop is open daily - BLENKO GLASS at reduced prices!
Think Valentine's Day Gift,

Birthday Gift, I'M Sorry Gift,
I am a PRINCE NOT A FROG gift, Blenko is always the appropriate gift. When you purchase Blenko you are buying a piece of our heritage, a piece of West Virginia. hjh

Note: These items and many other wonderful BLENKO and WVa Glass are a part of the HUNTINGTON MUSEUM OF ART 's collection. The Huntington Museum of Art is another of West Virginia's treasurers.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Collectiable BLENKO 1985 WV Birthday Piece

This is a much improved photo of the 1984 Birthday Piece. 1985 - West Virginia Birthday Piece made by BLENKO GLASS COMPANY, Milton, W.Va.
This item was limited in number to less than one hundred fifty and each piece is signed by WH Blenko and Don Shepperd. hjh

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who Collects BLENKO ?

Can you find the BLENKO COLLECTORS in these photos?

Readers write to ask 'who' collects W.Va and Blenko Glass?

Blenko and West Virginia Glass collectors and people who are interested in West Virginia Glass come in all sizes and all ages, sex isn't an issue, both women and men collect West Virginia and Blenko Glass.
The men who collect to be very knowledgeable about origin, value and history, while women who collect often collect a particular color or style/designer (most of the female collectors I know are also informed about all aspects of glass, but often focus their collections to their favorite era etc).

NOTE: These observations were made by a non -psychology major - - I should have consulted my friends Kate and Lindsey (both Psych Majors) before making behavioral comments.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1984 WV Birthday - BLENKO

This bowl or basket w/ handle was designed by Don Shepperd. It is the 1984 West Virginia Birthday Piece - this is one of the more difficult ones to find. Perhaps the handle makes it more fragile, or perhaps because it is so lovely - it just isn't often on the market. This piece like all Birthday Pieces is signed by BLENKO and also the designer, it is numbered.
The basket (some call this a ladies bonnet) is crystal with a blue ribbon. At our home we use this basket to float fresh cut flowers - placed in the center of our table for special occasions. hjh
Take the photos with you when you are flea market or antique shopping. Remember to check out the BLENKO GLASS COMPANY Visitors Center for many one of a kind items. 304 743 9081.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

West Virginia Birthday - 1983 BLENKO

This is another of the West Virginia Birthday Pieces - Blenko since 1980 each year makes a limited number of BIRTHDAY PIECES in honor of - June 20th West Virginia's Birthday. These pieces are sold one day only and usually are sold out within 2 hours.
These very collectible items can somtimes be found at estate sales, occasionally private collectors will offer a piece for sale, and some 'lucky' people find them in flea markets, garage sales etc. Become familiar with these pieces and if you see one, consider buying it. There are four known complete collections 1980-2006.
Blenko Glass Company Museum (upstairs of the Visitors Center) has a display of about a dozen. The 1983 Birthday Piece pictured here was designed by Don Shepperd and sold at the Diamond Department Store. . hjh

Saturday, January 13, 2007

From the Inbox

We oftens receive mail from readers, who have wonderful stories about Blenko. Letters about how Blenko has been a part of their lives. Dale Harding was kind enough to allow me to share his letter about growing up in Milton w/ Blenko.
"Growing up in the shawdow of the Blenko Glass Plant/A feeling of Family

I have such a deep love and respect for our Blenko heritage here in Milton, West Virginia. My family moved to Milton, in 1957 from Sissonville, and we moved into a house on Dry Creek, about five hundred feet from the Blenko Visitor Center. Our neighbor, Clyde Scott worked at Blenko Glass, and during those days family members were allowed to fish in the Blenko Pond. Soon I found myself fishing on the Pier at Blenko, with the Scott family. At that time I met Mrs. Marion Blenko, and she took me under her wing, and would call me "her boy". So as a twelve year old boy, in new surroundings, not knowing anyone in this area, the Blenko crew became my first friends in Milton. Many days I would go over and just stand and watch the glass craftsmen at work and the whole process amazed me. After returning to Milton after my four year stay in the United States Air Force, and a year in Vietnam, I had a horrific automobile accident and was in a hospital bed in my living room for over a year, Mrs. Marion Blenko heard of my accident and sent me a Blenko Glass, "to drink my milk from", that will help heal your broken bones, she said.

I have a large family of cousins, we all grew up like brothers and sisters, and they are scattered all over the United States, we all promote Blenko Glass and most of us are collectors, my house looks like a Blenko Gift shop, and I promote Blenko at every chance I get, as I feel that we are so lucky to have Blenko in our backyard and this is an art form, that just cant ever be lost.

In 2004 our Milton High School Class, had our 40th Reunion at Pumpkin Park, across the road from Blenko Glass. Bill Blenko was our classmate for several years before he enrolled and attended Military School. I wrote Richard Blenko and told him about our upcoming reunion, and ask if he could provide a few pieces of Blenko Glass, for awards to be given to our faculty members, and he was so gracious and supplied not only awards for the faculty members but several pieces to be given as door prizes.

During my years in the Military service, I have traveled all over the world, and every where I go, I see Blenko Glass. On my way to Vietnam, we landed in Japan for refueling, and while in the airport, I walked into the gift shop and there was a shelf devoted to Blenko glass, for an instant I felt like I was near home. From where I stand, the Blenko family has been truly Ladies and Gentlemen.
Dale Harding being presented Blenko Glass from Richard Blenko for the MHS Class of 1964, 40th Reunion that was held at Pumpkin Park in Milton.

Thank you Dale for the photos and letter. hjh

The Fortune Cookie said " You will be Surrounded by Beauty"...

Huntington Museum of Art - probably the only place within a 100 mile radius with a Chihuly glass sculpture. This wonderful piece of art was commission by the Polan family as a gift to the Museum.
Other than driving to Columbus or another larger city - you might never be this close to something so very beautiful again.
PBS (Blenko Glass also received great number of admirers from PBS) did a documentary about Chihuly several years ago. I immediately began to read and admire this work. My family does the German Village House and Garden Show in June of each year , and always some family has a small Chihuly piece or a chandalier prominently displayed. An art gallery we frequent in Columbus also has some Chihuly pieces.
In my limited experience these pale in comparison to the object of art created by Chihuly for the Huntington Museum of Art. Teachers, Parents, Friends, it is never to early to expose your children, or your significant others, to great Glass Art.
The Museum of Art Gift Shop has small affordable Chihuly pieces and books.

On this icky, rainy day - load the kids or the significant other in the car and drive up / down to the Huntington Museum of Art. You will not be disappointed.

PS: There are also excellent displays of West Virginia, American, and French Glass - and for the Blenko folks there are a number of 'older' , and many one of a kind pieces.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Wedding Anniversary Birthday Valentine's Gift

FIRE AND ICE ! Blenko Design from 2006 You must see this in person - to appreciate the color combination, texture and form. Fire and Ice was the name Revlon gave to a lipstick - very popular - in the 60s.. The lip color was a reddish orange. BLENKO's FIRE AND ICE is a bright - sun like YELLOW and a Dark but bright Blue represents the ICE! One of my favorite sets in the 2007 catalogue. The Fire and Ice is an in house design - most likely meaning Richard Blenko and the craftsmen Randy Rider, Osburn, Wade & a hand full of dedicated employees worked to perfect the design. hjh 304 743 9081

Your Comments Welcome - Annonymous is OK!

Thank you for the emails - Blogging is new for me, and I certainly understand your reluctance to register w/ blogger.com in order to comment. While I enjoy the email - IT IS OK TO COMMENT on the Blog as anonymous. The Blog does not track your email address - and you won't get unsolicited mail.
Believe me - I understand your fear, until last Christmas I refused to use my credit card on line.
With the blog site - you can comment / without registering . . .it just shows up as anonymous - and its OK.
Emails are welcome and I will continue to try to address the concerns/ questions in the blog or a return email.
Take a chance - Comment on the blog instead of sending the email!
Note: click on photo to increase size.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

1958 Blenko Catalogue On Line

Tim and Karin Alonzo members of the TEXAS BLENKO Collectors report at the Blenko 4 website, they have posted a reprint of the 1958 catalog. This catalog has some of the rarest and unusual designs Blenko ever created. If you were to purchase the catalog you might spend hundreds of dollars, but the kind folks at Blenko 4 have posted the catalog for free! Check it out: http://www.blenkocollectors.com/ Kudos to them

Huntington Museum of Art - Huntington, W.Va.

Can you identify these pieces of art? Are they BLENKO? If so, what year and who designed. The Huntington Museum of Art located right off the Inter-state has over 600 pieces of BLENKO. The Museum has a very large American Glass Art Collection. A drive to the Huntington Museum should be on your schedule, take the children or grandchildren, or borrow a child for one of the 'kid friendly' activities. . .expose the 'youth' in your life to museums and art of all forms - early - its never too early. The Huntington Museum displays change frequently. Visit and write to tell us about your favorite display or collection. You'll find the staff very helpful, very non intrusive. hjh

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blenko . . . Blenko.. . .For the Love of BLENKO!

The Blenko Family has owned and operated Blenko Glass for nearly 100 years. Richard Blenko is the 4th generation Blenko to head BLENKO GLASS.
Richard Blenko has spent his entire life working at and for BLENKO GLASS COMPANY, Milton, W.Va.
In honor of Mr. Blenko's birthday - which is Saturday - I am posting photos of some lovely BLENKO glass, these photos were taken by a Huntington collector..
Richard has a history of designing glass, he promotes BLENKO daily as he travels across the country - signing glass, giving speeches about WV and American Made Glass.

Mr. Blenko's hobbies focus on Marshall University, the State of WV, the community, the arts, and his love of cars and film. BLenko is a film maker, he is also responsible for a number of films on BLENKO GLASS. See the www.blenkoproject.org website for a list of films. Many are available for purchase at the Blenko Visitors Center in Milton. Happy Birthday Mr. Blenko! Note: Blenko Glass fans have a club - its called the BLENKO COLLECTORS SOCIETY - joining for $50 intitles you to a quarterly newsletter, the group holds anual meets in Milton.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Collectible BLENKO - 1982 WV BIRTHDAY

Maggie McMillian reports finding this 1982 BLENKO GLASS - West Virginia Birthday Piece at an estate sale in Huntington - near Ritter Park. She paid $800. Her piece is # 57 and signed by Don Shepperd and WH Blenko.
Maggie knew it was BLENKO, and that it was beautiful - thought because of the # it was a limited edition - she did not know it was one of the very ' special' WV Birthday Pieces.
Maggie reports she is now on a mission to find the other 26. With time and patience, she may very well. The first six seem to be the most difficult to find, so she has a great start with her #3. To learn more about the WV Birthday Pieces and other BLENKO collectibles check out http://www.blenkoproject.org/ or any of the other BLenko inspired websites. hjh

Monday, January 08, 2007

After Christmas Mark Downs at BLENKO VISITORS CENTER

"pcfs debit card
Blenko Glass Company in Milton, W.Va. phone 304 743 9081. The Visitors Center has four or five tables marked clearance. Prices marked down up to 60%. A wide variety of colors, a limited number of Holiday Items -
Diane and Angie have several tables of RED GLass and Red Lamps ready for the Feb. 14th Holiday! Blenko Glass will graciously accept your check, charge or pcfs debit card. hjh

Valentine's Day - Pre Planning 101

Valentine's Day! I know it's much too early to be thinking about cupid.
Everyone in my family made a new year resolution to avoid sugar - this is a yearly occurrence and the abstinence usually last until 1/10/07.
We (my friends and family) love Chocolate. . .most especially GODIVIA Chocolates. . or home made desserts. and I love getting flowers. . . .BUT another favorite Valentine's Day Gift is RED GLASS or GLASS shaped Hearts! Fenton Glass, Blenko GLass and sometimes Fiesta all do special things in honor of St. Valentine's Day. There are no calories in GLASS.
If you need to give the sweets - give them on a Made In WV GLASS bowl or container, or insist the Florist put your ROSES or FLowers in a BLENKO VASE - the cost is just a bit more.
With more than 36 days until V -DAY you have lots of time to think about the way in which you will use BLENKO or Made In West Virginia products in your Valentine's Gift.

Suggestions / links/ photos welcome. hjh
Note: Photo of Red VelvetCake baked by John Homburg

John Nickerson Blenko Designer 1970-74

John Nickerson was a Blenko Glass Company Designer from 1970-74. The above piece was made during his time at BLENKO. It is thought to be a 'one of a kind' It is signed, the story goes (remember, with most unique Blenko items there is always a 'story') this item was made for Mr. Nickerson's landlord - it was a gift. This item is currently part of a unique grouping Tammy Fowler of Trophy Hair - Virginia St. Charleston, WV has available for purchase. We have written to John Nickerson to ask him about this piece. Its beautiful, this photograph does not allow the true beauty of this piece to come forth.
The designers for BLENKO GLASS are a very talented group, most after leaving Blenko, became very successful industrial designers, &/or opened their own studios.
Many 'collectors of Blenko' will collect a particular designer - I personally love John Nickerson's designs. Check out his current work at Nickerson GLassworks a link is on the BLENKO PROJECT website http://www.blenkoproject.org/ . Nickerson's work is still affordable, although rapidly increasing in value.
Occasionally when we find a 'studio piece', Nickerson did while at Blenko - it gives cause for pause.....and a a a ah's. His work has a quiet beauty. John is a perfectionist. His strength is the ability to combine color, form, texture.
If you own a nice Nickerson piece - new or old - send a photo and we'll share. HJH

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ronnie Robinson, 32 years - Blenko The People

Ronnie Robinson's title is Maintenace Supervisor. He began working at Blenko while in his early 20s. His good friend Boyd Meadows knew he (Ronnie) has a natural ability to 'fix' things and thought Blenko could use someone with his talents. He came for an interview, liked the work, they liked him and like many other long term BLENKO Glass folk, he became part of the Blenko Family.
Ronnie is a very modest, unassuming man, he says " I learned most everything I know working here at Blenko, if something needed to be done, I have always tried to do it. . . .reading manuals, learning by trail and error I have learned to tear and down and rebuild most every piece of equipment we have. My job is to keep everything 'up and running' to make certain the buildings and the equipment are in good order."
Blenko Glass relys on Ronnie's expertise in many areas, he is a catalyst, he sees a problem and immediately begins to look for solutions, all the while thinking about cost containment and both the goal of keeping the plant up and running, and making certain everything is safe.
Ronnie reports that he does NOT collect Blenko, he does have some special pieces that friends have made especially for him over the years (as he said this - - in my mind I knew what pieces he owns would be very nice). While he has no favoirte designer or design - he does admire the designs Winslow Anderson made, he likes the fact that they are still in the line. One gets the feeling Ronnie's technical/ mechanical thought process would attract him to things made well and lthings that 'Last".
Ronnie is married to one of the attractive blondes (Carol) in shippping. Their children have attachments to both MARSHALL and WVU so Ronnie and Carol attend and cheer for both Universities. They enjoy traveling to DC and other parts to visit with adult children.
Ronnie likes to spends what free time he has outside -hunting and fishing. He loves the outdoors, he appreciates nature and all things of beauty. When ask what one thing he wanted to say about Blenko. Ronnie said: " I have two things to say, I am very grateful for the experiences Blenko Glass has provided me with, I have learned so very much over the years, I appreciate the Company and have enjoyed my time here. Coming to work is not something I dread, but something I look forward to almost every day. The other thing is BLENKO GLASS is an artform, many local people don't seem to realize, this is 'art glass' the men who work here are factory workers but they are also artist. . . . .Glass is a beautiful living thing. " "Blenko Glass imakes some of the most beautiful glass in the country. " HJH

FIRE AND ICE - New Color Combination

Blenko Glass Company located in Milton WV (phone 304 743 9081) has a new color combination for the FIRE AND ICE. Billy of Dixie's (phone 817.649.1112 or visit www.theblenkostore.com) was kind enough to send these photos to the Blog site.
FIRE AND ICE can be purchased at the Blenko Glass Visitors Center - gift shop, the Blenko Glass on line shop, and of course at DIXIE's. Somehow those Texas folk seem to know about and acquire samples of all 'new' and some very nice vintage Blenko.
This color combination is terrfic, however, I must confess I hold dear most blue/gold combinations.That the color combination can represen
t WVU, WVSU and our State (and hen
ce make great gifts!) hjh.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Trophy Hair Design - Where to Buy BLENKO!

Tamy Fowler is a beautician, an artist, a very successful businesswoman, an appraiser, a collector of Victorian furniture, wicker, and GLASS. She is very knowledgeable and willing to share her passion and knowledge. Tammy conducts four or more estate sales each month. Looking for the unusual, the specific, a very unique GIFT, then TROPHY HAIR on VIRGINIA STREET in Charleston, W. Va. is the place to go. Tammy is available by phone, I often call to tell her what I'm looking for and she'll help me acquire the item. On a recent trip to TROPHY HAIR the following Blenko items were on display. PHONE 346 3907

Friday, January 05, 2007


This lamp was made last week by Everette "Shorty" Finley a retired blower. Shorty often returns to BLENKO for a few hours to 'visit the boys, and try his hand at blowing' last week he made this lamp and shade - as a possible proto type. SHORTY TURNS 80+ TODAY - - IF you see SHORTY or have his phone number..give him a Happy Birthday greeting! Note: Photo taken on 12/27/06 Blenko GLass Co. HJH


This photo is of a 1981 West Virginia Birthday Piece. Number two (2) in the highly sought after collection. This piece was designed by Don Shepperd in crystal with the West Virginia mountains in the bottom. It is a lovely bowl. This bowl recently sold for $1,800. So keep the photo and when you are at antique, flea markets, little glass shops - be looking - several people report 'finding' their 1981 bowl for less than $500 in a 'junk shop.' This bowl like all WV Birthday Pieces is signed and numbered. NOTE: Photo taken 12/6/06 by Hillary Homburg.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where to Buy Blenko - ADAMS Gift Stores

In a post I ask you to let me know your favorite places to buy BLENKO. Several people responded ADAMS GIFT SHOP.
My parents have a little cabin in Nitro, so I have been many times to the Nitro Hallmark for cards. If you haven't been to an Adams Gift or Card Shop - check them out! Mr. Paul Adams described the selection: " We carry the Marshall and WVU Bottles at all of our locations and on-line. We carry the general Blenko line at Adams Hallmark in the Charleston Town Center and we only carry new product. The only other glass line we carry is Fenton (both Adams Fine Gifts stores, Adams Hallmark in Dudley Farms and Adams Hallmark in Nitro Marketplace). "

Wedding Gifts - Think BLENKO !

For the last year "Weddings" seem to happen in my circle almost as frequently as birthdays . Finding the right gift for each Wedding has been for me much more difficult than shopping for birthdays. Giving something that I can 'afford' yet. . . tasteful, and meaningful to the bride and groom. . . . the process can be laborious. My gift is most often WV Glass, and 99% of the time its BLENKO GLASS. Blenko offers a great variety of style and color. Many of my friends are using the Blenko vase/ water bottles (in their wedding colors) as little gifts for some of the extended wedding party. The Mothers are asking their florist to use Blenko in the table flower arrangements. Adding a bit of WV and our heritage. BLENKO adds so much to most any occasion. One of my Mother's best friend Clara West is getting married Feb 3rd (she 's a young 70), to say that both the bride and groom already have everything they need is an understatement. Gift buying for this Bride will be difficult. My plan is to spend most of Friday searching for the perfect gift at the Blenko Visitors Center. I'll let you know what I find. Thank you for the photos of your Christmas class - later this month or early next month I'll publish some of the photos. Note: The photo is of a WV BIRTHDAY PIECE # !, many people have write to ask about this collection - the photos of all 27 WV BIRTHDAY BLENKO are available at www.blenkoproject.org and also on the Blenko Collectors site. Blenko Collectors Society. HJH

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

NEW YEAR - Old Post

On this the beginning of a new year - I am repeating the 1st post from this blog. I get emails frequently asking if I sell Blenko, if I work for Blenko Glass Co., and if I do appraisals. I did a disclaimer in the initial post. I am NOT a Blenko employee, I am not an expert in any field. I have a great appreciation for handcrafted and made in WVa. most especially made by BLENKO GLASS Co. items. 9/2006 BLOG- This blog will focus on the Blenko Glass Company located in Milton, West Virginia. Twice weekly I'll post on Blenko and WV Glass topics, once a month the post will feature an employee or designer from the present or past. Biweekly I'll post photos of individual Blenko made items, and items that are currently available from Blenko. We will offer some background information on the piece and perhaps the steps/ process used to make the item. I am NOT a fine arts major, a glass expert or an English/Journalism major. I don't have all the glass answers. I am inquisitive, don't mind asking people for answers - I believe in lifelong learning. This blog will I hope be a place where we can learn together.If you have been to the Blenko Factory, or are a retired or former glass worker or just have photos of unusual Blenko and / or Blenko stories to share - this is the place - I'd love to see/hear them. For the last 2 years I have spent all my free time traveling to meet former Blenko and other glass workers and designers. I want to learn more about Blenko and W. VA. made glass. . . and I want YOU to THINK before buy glass...who made the glass. The number of glass factories in the US has declined by almost 72% in the last 15 years.Together we can stop this trend. Be an advocate for MADE IN WV.Blenko Glass Factory is located in Milton, W.Va., less than 20 minutes from Huntington, W. Va.
posted Hillary J Homburg NOTE: Photo taken Huntington Museum of Art 12/27/06

Blenko Lamps

Skip Copley (see post) - Real Estate Broker of Mt Pleasant, SC and Myrtle Beach area ask us to help identify his lamps - the one I recognized as a Wayne Husted base - - is the other a Winslow Anderson design? Help!

Blenko Glass - Huntington Museum of Art

Blenko Glass - Thought to be a Pre - Designer piece. Currently on display at the Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, W. Va.

Monday, January 01, 2007




Today at 1 o'clock Ms B and I, along with friends, family from all over WV will be 'watching' the Gator Bowl. The game is nearly SOLD OUT! ' West Virginians' are known to travel and support their teams - Marshall and WVU have incredible supporters. The Game is telecast live from All Tel Stadium in Jacksonville, FL. at 1 PM. We will of course start by listening to "Hoppy" for hours before game. Most of my family watches TV w/ radio earphones. We may be called 'addicts'. This year BLENKO GLASS Co. of Milton, West Virginia has produced a new line of West Virginia University inspired 'tableware'. Homer Laughlin's FIESTA . also has WVU inspired tableware. BLUE & GOLD made in West Virginia tail gate parties . . . . it should be a great day in Jacksonville and in all of West Virginia. Coach Rod has taken his WVU team to five (5) BOWL GAMES! ALL WEST VIRGINIANS AND WVU ALUMNI SHOULD BE PROUD. Note: Photo of BLENKO GLASS Co WVU Items and Tableware taken 12/2/06 by H. Homburg


Thank you for your interest in BLENKO, your emails and comments. After this week I return to being a full time dental student - so the post will again be no more than three per week. Your photos, emails, and comments make writing the BLOG a pure pleasure! HJH
MISS B and I wish you all a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR!