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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Greetings

Each year I with permission publish the Alonzo's Christmas Card on Heart of Glass Blog . The card every year uses Blenko Glass in a creative way - can you recognize the Blenko Glass? A GIANT Blenko Thank You to Tim and Karin Alonzo of Texas for the Post Card. Karin is the President of the Blenko Collectors Club. You'll want to join the club, and plan to attend the annual meeting held in Milton, WV in August.

Need a Hostess Gift for New Year's Party?

Are you looking for the PERFECT Hostess Gift? Don't bring yet another bottle of vine, or another bouquet of flowers. THINK BLENKO - C O L O R at Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ or Blenko Glass gift shop in Milton, W.Va. (304 743 9081) the collection of glass and glass winter items on clearance has never been larger.

Look like the prince you are - come bearing gifts of GLASS colorful hand made in West Virginia Glass. At Blenko we have items from $17 to $485. so something to fit all budgets. At the shop in Milton most every item is 50% less than the catalogue price.

You'll save money just by being there.

BLENKO GLASS in Milton, West Virginia for all your GIFT Giving occasions. Having trouble deciding? Ask Mindy or Diana to assist, these ladies know 'glass' and they know every item in their little show - if you don't see what you want - 'ask' when it might be made? hjh

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

California Photos cont.


I’m sending along photos of the 544 pitcher, 5510 cat decanter, signed 6143 bowl and 6310 decanter I mentioned in my responses to questions in the blog. If you think the blog audience would like to see them, feel free to post any you wish.
Diane Weber

TK To the Rescue!

Tammie K sent this scanned 79 catalogue page of animals to assist with answering the question about identification of small animals. Don't ya wish you had all the Blenko catalogues and that you knew the material inside? Some of the Blenko Collector like Tim and Krin and Tammy and Steve and Terri and Les etc. have this knowledge. . . .the rest of us....well, we are growing! hjh

Monday, December 29, 2008

Blenko Identification Problem - Can you Help?

Readers: Collectors: We received the following note and photo. Can we help this reader identify her collection?
I have a question for the blog…the attached are three crystal paperweights. Disregard the numbers I gave them in the file name for the photo. I have a pig, a swan or a duck and a ram. The ram I found in the 1976 catalog as a 76G. The pig I can only find in the 1980 catalog, but has a 76 number. There is a duck is in the 1982 catalog, with an 823 number, and a swan in the 1983 catalog with an 833 number, but it is in the same style as the older ones and has a silver label. The catalogs from 1976 to (I’m missing 1979) 1984 have different animals shown. Does anyone know ALL the animals that were made in this style, and between what years?


Sunday, December 28, 2008

WVU Men's Basketball Beats Ohio State University!

The Most Popular Men in West Virginia? Pat White, Coach Huggins, Coach Stewart.
This was a very good Sunday for The Mountaineer Athletic Club. For the first time in a very long time, my family didn't attend the bowl game. I'm prepping for boards, and my Dad decided he'd rather use the air fare and hotel dollars for a large screen high definition TV set. Sad news - Suddenlink couldn't add the 'hi definition' until Monday so he went to my Uncle Barry's to watch the games. I ended my studying in time for the 4th quarter and l/2 the basketball game. Both were great victories.
After when we went out everywhere other people were talking about the win, the character as well as the ability of the players, the White family, and what wonderful Coaches we have. IT WAS A GREAT WEEKEND FOR ALL OF WEST VIRGINIA!
Note To Don Lemley, Please be thinking of more etched College Sports Glass.
Note: Ichiban103 Capitol StreetCharleston, WV 25301(304) 720-7874 has Blenko Glass water bottles on almost every table.
SOHO's has a Blenko Glass Vase as a Tip Jar ( I always look for BLENKO when I dine).

West Virginia University & PAT WHITE


The online sports info is below . . . . . . . . but it was really all about a LEADER and a team that worked together toward a GOAL. . . .and KARMA.
Pat White one very spiritual, good man evil words never creep into his thoughts and certainly not out of his mouth. Even when pressed to speak of him self He speaks of his TEAM! WVU! Coach Stewart! The Team! We as a state should be Very PROUD!

Pat White had one more dazzling comeback in him before finishing his record-breaking college career. White threw for 332 yards, including a 20-yard touchdown pass to Alric Arnett midway through the fourth quarter that sent West Virginia to a 31-30 win over North Carolina on Saturday in the Meineke Bowl. The senior quarterback was voted MVP of a bowl for the third straight year and finished 4-0 in postseason games, helping West Virginia (9-4) overcome Hakeem Nicks' big day for North Carolina to end a disappointing season on a positive note. Note: Photo of Don Lemley Blenko Antique Stain Glass Artist and Director's Etched Image of PAT WHITE (304 743 9081).

Saturday, December 27, 2008

PINK ICE available until after VALENTINE's DAY!

Terri the Blenko Web Goddess and Christy from Blenko Office both have confirmed PINK ICE will remain in the Visitors Center and ON LINE until after Valentine's Day (note last time they ran out - so I would recommend buying it early). This is a re production limited reproduction of a color (pink) because YOU the consumer ask for the color. Its limited to what was made. At the Visitors Center they have 8 to 12 designs and angels and snowmen in PINK ICE (this was last week) but it changes daily.
Pink Ice if you haven't seen the color, is beautiful. While I am not a pink person, even I like this glass. Its the glass you will want to buy for your Mom, your girl friend, your co worker. Go now buy a vase, keep it until Valentine's Day then fill it with flowers from the Kroger's store or give it to her with just a note. The vase alone is the gift.
This one is a winner. Think ahead. You'll be so glad you did. Trust me on this one guys. Order on line now for Valentine's Day. More than 60% of our readers are from out of state, place the orders now to ensure you have the vase delivered to your sweetie on time.
Note: Before Mountain Rita writes to remind me a woman doesn't need a man to buy flowers for her, let me say ladies you are most welcome to purchase PINK ICE for yourself or for the man in your life. Its my belief that real men love PINK!
Photo: My favorite from the Blenko website: xmas 2008 www.blenkoglass.com

Correct Link to BLENKO STAMPS

Note: This is my bad - Diane sent this email the day after she sent the post about the acme stamps - I neglected to open email for 7 days. I apologize. This is the correct link. HJH Again Thanks to Diane for the info and the link.

This is the correct link for Acme; I had just googled them and followed the link, didn’t even think to look for the actual address.

Sorry in advance for the whining.

Moans and Groans

Moans and Groans . . . Do I complain a lot? It sometimes seems that I am always saying I have this to do and that to do and I have no time, I am for ever saying this....I may be becoming a moaner - groaner person. I hope NOT! After having made this declaration let me say: My national boards are Jan 12& 13th I'll be studying during this my break daily for boards - then I begin 'rural rotation for 6 six weeks. Which means from now until the end of February. My life will be extremely F U L L. I'd like to ask for your help. If you've been thinking you'd like to contribute to the BLOG, you have those photos, that idea for an article, that glass that needs to be captured digitally, your uncle Tom's Glass, A Magazine article from the 50s whatever now is the time to send these things. My own time will be very limited. Looking back, its obvious Heart of Glass has struggled during exam time and during National Boards - this doesn't have to happen - we're a community. Lets work together.

Please send your photos, your ideas, your stories, etc to theblenkoproject@aol.com while these are always welcome, they will be desperately needed from now until March 1st. Thank you. HJH
NOTE: If you send something and do not get a response from me it went to spam. resend with BLENKO in the title.

Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas Sales Start NOW - Blenko Glass

Daily Blenko Glass will be adding items to the clearance tables, so for the next 14 days you should make BLENKO GLASS part for your after Christmas Shopping. BUY the items you've been waiting for, or buy now for upcoming wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthdays - all BLENKO GLASS can be personalized by A Touch of Glass in Hurricane http://www.westvirginiaglass.com/ for a very reasonable fee.
This is a great time to be a West Virginia Glass collector, Blenko Glass has all the shelves filled to capacity waiting for you and your Christmas dollars.
If like me you ask for dollars instead of sweaters, . . . .the shopping has never been better.
Diane and Mindy have LAMPS, FISH ( I counted 2 dozen fish), mushrooms, all the beautiful Bayliss Team Design items, and many 'blast from the past' surprises. Check out Blenko Glass visitors center. You will be very pleased with your shopping experience. If you have time, send us a photo of your purchases.


Blenko Stamps!

Diane from California was kind enough to forward info re: Blenko Stamp

Acme Rubber Stamps (http://www.acmerubberstamps.com/) is run by two rabid Blenko collectors. For the first convention, they created these Blenko stamps. They are very nicely etched, stamp out beautifully, and are among my favorites. In addition to making cards, I have been known to stamp on dominoes, and make necklaces or magnets out of them. hjh

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to you and your family from Heart of Glass!

Ms B and I are with my Poppa and family this day we will eat, open gifts, go to local theater and then eat again. Tomorrow its back to studying for boards.

Take some time out to remember- what ever your faiths - the goal is to acquire wisdom - be kind to one another . . .

hjh Note: Blenko Glass shown is the 5929L Blenko Museum Logo photo taken by Damon Crain.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It Was The Eve of Christmas

In our family each December 24 after an evening of snacks and movies my Dad reads "It Was A Night Before Christmas" by Clement Mark Moore www.christmas-tree.com/stories/nightbeforechrist... - We started this reading when I was very small and it became a tradition. My Blenko Collector friend Tim and Karin Alonzo sent their favorite Christmas story I want to share it with you on this the eve of Christmas. Let me know what you think of the Alonzo's story, and what traditions you and your families have for the eve of Christmas. HJH

One of the best Christmas Stories I've ever heard/read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.-Tim
A Transcript of John Henry Faulk's Christmas Story
The day after Christmas a number of years ago, I was driving down a country road in Texas. And it was a bitter cold, cold morning. And walking ahead of me on the gravel road was a little bare-footed boy with non-descript ragged overalls and a makeshift sleeved sweater tied around his little ears. I stopped and picked him up. Looked like he was about 12 years old and his little feet were blue with the cold. He was carrying an orange.
And he got in and had the brightest blue eyes one ever saw. And he turned a bright smile on my face and says, "I'm-a going down the road about two miles to my cousins. I want to show him my orange old Santa Claus brought me." But I wasn't going to mention Christmas to him because I figured he came from a family -- the kind that don't have Christmas. But he brought it up himself. He said, "Did old Santa Claus come to see you, Mister?" And I said, "Yes. We had a real nice Christmas at our house and I hope you had the same."
He paused for a moment, looked at me. And then with all the sincerity in the world said, "Mister, we had the wonderfulest Christmas in the United States down to our place. Lordy, it was the first one we ever had had there. See, we never do have them out there much. Don't notice when Christmastime comes. We heared about it, but never did have one 'cause -- well, you know, it's just papa says that old Santa Claus -- papa hoorahs a lot and said old Santa Claus was scared to bring his reindeer down into our section of the county because folks down there so hard up that they liable to catch one of his reindeer and butcher him for meat. But just several days before Christmas, a lady come out from town and she told all the families through there, our family, too, that they was -- old Santa Claus was come in town to leave some things for us and if papa'd go in town, he could get some Christmastime for all of us. And papa hooked up the mule and wagon. He went in town. But he told us children, said, "Now don't ya'll get all worked up and excited because there might not be nothing to this yarn that lady told."
And--but, shucks, she hadn't got out of sight up the lane there till we was done a-watching for him to come back. We couldn't get our minds on nothing else, you know. And mama, she'd come to the door once in a while and say, "Now ya'll quit that looking up the lane because papa told you there might not be nothing." And -- but long about the middle of the afternoon, well, we heared the team a-jangling harness a-coming and we ran out in the front yard, and Ernie, my little brother, called out and said, "Yonder come papa." And here come them mules just in a big trot, you know, and papa standing upright in the bed of that wagon holding two big old chickens, all the feathers picked off. And he was just yelling, "Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas." And the team stopped right in front of the gate. And all us children just went a-swarming out there like a flock of chichis, you know, and just a-crawling over that wagon and a-looking in.
And, Mister, I wish you could have seen what was in that wagon. It's bags of stripety candy and apples and oranges and sacks of flour and some real coffee, you know, and just all tinselly and pretty and we couldn't say nothing. Just kind of held our breath and looked at it, you know. And papa standing there just waving them two chickens, a-yelling, "Merry Christmas to you. Merry Christmas to you," and a-laughing that big old grin on his face. And mama, she come a-hurrying out with the baby in her arms, you know. And when she looked in that wagon, she just stopped, and then papa, he dropped them two chickens and reached and caught the baby out of her arms, you know, and held him up and said, "Merry Christmas to you, Santa Claus." And baby, little old Alvie Lee, he just laughed like he knowed it was Christmas, too, you know. And mama, she started telling us the name of all of them nuts. They wasn't just peanuts. They was -- she had names for all of them. She -- mama knows a heap of things like that. She'd seen that stuff before, you know? And we was, all of us, just a-chattering and a-going on at the same time, us young'uns, a-looking in there.
And all of a sudden, we heared papa call out, "Merry Christmas to you, Sam Jackson." And we stopped and looked. And here comes Sam Jackson a-leading that old cripple-legged mule of his up the lane. And papa said, "Sam Jackson, did you get in town to get some Christmas this year?" Sam Jackson, you know, he sharecrops over there across the creek from our place. And he shook his head and said, "Well, no, sir, Mister. Well, I didn't go in town. I heared about that, but I didn't know it was for colored folks, too. I thought it was just for you white families." All of a sudden, none of us children were saying nothing. Papa, he looked down at mama and mama looked up at him and they didn't say nothing, like they don't a heap of times, but they know what the other one's a-thinking. They're like that, you know. And all of a sudden, papa, he broke out in a big grin again. He said, "Dad-blame-it, Sam Jackson, it's a sure a good thing you come by here. Lord have mercy, I liked to forgot. Old Santa Claus would have me in court if he heared about this. The last thing he asked me if I lived out here near you. Said he hadn't seen you around and said he wanted me to bring part of this out here to you and your family, your woman and your children."
Well, sir, Sam Jackson, he broke out in a big grin. Papa says, "I'll tell you what to do. You get your wife and children and you come down here tomorrow morning. It's going to be Christmastime all day long. Come early and stay late." Sam Jackson said, "You reckon?" And mama called out to him and said, "Yes, and you tell your wife to be sure and bring some pots and pans because we're going to have a heap of cookin' to do and I ain't sure I've got enough to take care of all of it." Well, sir, old Sam Jackson, he started off a-leading that mule up the lane in a full trot, you know, and he was a-heading home to get the word to his folks and his children, you know.
And next morning, it just -- you remember how it was yesterday morning, just rosy red and looked like Christmastime. It was cold, but you didn't notice the cold, you know, when the sun just come up, just all rosy red. And us young'uns were all out of bed before daylight seemed like, just running in the kitchen and smelling and looking. And it was all there sure enough. And here come Sam Jackson and his team and his wife and his five young'uns in there. And they's all lookin' over the edge. And we run out and yelled, "Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas." And papa said, "Christmas gift to you, Sam Jackson. Ya'll come on in." And they come in and mama and Sister Jackson, they got in the kitchen and they started a-cooking things up. And us young'uns started playing Christmastime. And it's a lot of fun, you know. We'd just play Christmas Gift with one another and run around and around the house and just roll in the dirt, you know, and then we started playing Go Up To The Kitchen Door And Smell. And we'd run up and smell inside that kitchen door where mama and Sister Jackson was a-cooking at, and then we'd just die laughing and roll in the dirt, you know, and go chasing around and playing Christmas Gift.
And we played Christmastime till we just wore ourselves out. And papa and Sam Jackson--they put a table up and put some sheets over it, some boards up over some sawhorses. And everybody had a place, even the baby. And mama and Sister Jackson said, "Well, now it's ready to come on in. We're going to have Christmas dinner." And I sit right next to Willy Jackson, you know, and he just rolled his eyes at me and I'd roll mine at him. And we'd just die laughing, you know, and there was an apple and an orange and some stripety candy at everybody's place. And that was just dessert, see. That wasn't the real Christmas dinner. Mama and them had done cooked that up. And they just had it spread up and down the table.
And so papa and Sam Jackson, they'd been sitting on the front porch and they come in. Papa, he sit at one end of the table, Sam Jackson sit at the other. And it was just a beautiful table like you never had seen. And I didn't know nothing could ever look like that and smell that good, you know. And Sam Jackson, you know, he's real black and he had on that white clean shirt of his and then them overalls. Everything had been washed and was real clean. Papa, he said, "Brother Jackson, I believe you're a deacon in the church. I ain't much of a church man myself, but I believe you're a deacon. Maybe you'd be willing to give grace." Well, Sam Jackson, he stood up there and his hands is real big and he kind of held onto the side of the table, you know. But he didn't bow his head like a heap of folks do when they're saying the blessing. He just looked up and smiled. And he said, "Lord, I hope you having as nice a Christmas up there with your angels as we're having down here because it sure is Christmastime down here. And I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you, Lord.
Like I say, Mister, I believe that was the wonderfulest Christmas in the United States of America."'


Start today planning for the After Christmas Dec 26 - Blenko Sale!
If you are like me and often get X-mas $$$. Then Blenko Glass is the place to go.
Online www.blenkoglass.com for coupons or to shop, or the visitors center in Milton, W.Va. Diane and Minday have assured me they will have new clearance items and other special things to tempt you.
SHOP BLENKO GLASS everyday. 304 743 9081.

Blenko Cross

Glass Cross Available At BLENKO GLASS in Milton, West Virginia and Serenity Glass in Texas.
Larry of Serenity Glass in Texas sent this photo - For me its a first, I've seen the crosses in the VC but never a completed cross. Who does the leather and metal work? Anyone know.
Does anyone know the history of the crosses? Are they made for a certain company or group? I bought a cobalt one with out the leather and metal for my Mom's housekeeper ( she's a 70 year old born again Church of God lady) Ms. Hall has been at our house since I was in grade school and she wears a cross daily, I have given her Womack Angels or Snowmen for a decade. While she likes the angels she will adore the cross. Now if I can find out where to get the leather and metal? www.blenkoglass.com If you know the answers or have questions of your own leave a comment.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

West Virginia Janis' Photo

Title: VIKING GLASS IN A BLENKO WORLDOK, I don't usually brag about finding glass cheap; however, this little egg candy dish is my pride and joy-- sixty nine cents at the Goodwill Store last week. Maybe I was being rewarded for donating so much this month!!!I have no idea who made the jar or when it was made. It is the same color as Morgantown's Stiegel green, is about 6" tall and the slippery lid doesn't stay on very well. As a matter of fact, in the thrift store, the pieces were on different shelves. Here, it is photographed, an egg shape perched between two Viking green long- tailed birds (# 1312 candy dish and #1311 bird-only). Don't you think it would look interesting filled with white jelly beans?Let me know if you have ever seen anything like this or if you know about the piece.West Virginia Janis

Monday, December 22, 2008

California Blenko Collection

Diane from California sent the following photos and note:
NOTE TO DIANE and other readers, All Blenko Collectors love photos, and nothing is more exciting than seeing someone else's' glass. Well maybe finding an item for cheap in great condition is more exciting, but not much else. hjh

Hillary: Here’s a good sample of my collection. I’ve got a number of lamps, but only a few in use at the moment. I don’t have time to go through and give item number, color and price paid (that I can’t always remember, and I should record it but I generally don’t), but it will give you an idea of the things I have. Fireplace decanters, L – R: 6103 amethyst/cobalt; 3103 in orchid, not a catalog color, sample stock; 1804 in kiwi; 6103 in topaz/emerald. Hope you enjoy the photos. If you think the bloggers would enjoy them, feel free to post them. Diane

PINK ICE Going Soon!

Pink Ice Is Currently Available On Line and In the Visitors Center - Pink Ice was reproduced this year in response to your request, they have about a hundred pieces left. IF you want PINK ICE may I suggest you place the ON LINE order soon! www.blenkoglass.com Check out the website for photos of pink ice. This special limited edition color, won't last long. Your chance to own items in a very special Blenko Glass color. 3 days of Blenko shopping left before Christmas. Blenko can't guarantee shipment before Christmas. 304 743 9081, Phone today to reserve your Pink Ice.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Ornaments Now Available At BLENKO Glass


We were at Blenko today and there are thousands of Ornaments at Blenko. Ornaments made by Blenko Glass, ornaments made by other WV Glass people, and ornaments made by other craftspeople. Thousands of Holiday ornaments at Blenko Glass.

We bought a dozen or more. Its never too late to buy Holiday Ornaments. We like to shop after Christmas for ornaments, when the lines are not so long.

Blenko has a great selection of Holiday Colored Glass, the shelves are filled with glass in every color.

We were amazed at the selection. The shop was very busy, but Diane and Mindy took time to help me select the perfect gifts for my friends wedding, we needed the color 'orchid' and of course they found a frosted vase that fit my need and my pocketbook.
Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/.
Please when you post comments on the blog, make certain your comments are accurate to the best of your knowledge, please do not use your full name, and do not give your full address, or your phone number. Protect your self and your privacy. Positive comments only please, should you need to make a negative comment or have a question not for publication email theblenkoproject@aol.com thank you hjh

Christmas is Near - Shop Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ welcomes you to shop on line, or at the Milton, WV Gift Shop.

Blenko gift shop (visitors center) is completely filled with gift items. The Collegiate line is increasing as we speak - if you don't see your school - ask -.

At Blenko Glass they try hard, to make you happy! All purchases can be personalized, again ask - also if you need plaques, small disc etc. BLenko can make these for any occasion. The cost is surprisingly low, for these one of a kind Blenko Glass items.

As always if you have BLENKO photos or stories to share please email theblenkoproject@aol.com . Thank you hjh Photo of collegiate items from BLENKO GLASS http://www.blenkoglass.com/

Vintage Cars?

Hillary, I have noticed that you also like to go to car shows so i thought i would show you last years restoration project. My friends found this old race car in a barn and the three of restored it with modern racing equipment to a harry 170mph ride. Larry T.

Note: Larry Thompson is the son of BLENKO Glassman Harry Thompson, we share a love of Vintage Cars.

Thought you all might like to see this one. hjh

Friday, December 19, 2008

Trophy Hair and Antiques & Estate Sales For Vintage Blenko Glass

Trophy Hair at 418 Virginia Street West in Charleston, West Virginia will be feature story in the Charleston Newspaper tomorrow - they have a in house artist - you won't want to miss this story - the lady paints - BLENKO - she paints - everything!
Tammy the owner of TROPHY HAIR has been a hairdresser in the same location since she was 20 years old, she now sells the estates of her ladies, each estate is for her a personal tribute to the owner. Tammy often sells the home and its contents. She knows the contents. Tammy knows more about American and European glass than more anyone in West Virginia. She has a large collection of Victorian furniture, wicker, the list is endless.
She also has primitive furniture collections at her Leon location. If you want something and don't find it elsewhere - ask Tammy - she probably knows someone who owns the item. Check out Tammys website or phone her at Trophy Hair.
www.trophyantiques.com Trophy Hair on Virginia Street is listed in the yellow pages and they are open 9 -4 daily.

Trophy Antiques has fabulous antiques, memorabilia, collectibles, and more for sale ... Let's Go Antiquing! 418 Virginia St W, Charleston WV. Leon, WV. ...

Palin for President & Blenko?

Blog Reader Terri photo shopped ed Tammy's BLENKO OBAMA AND MANCHIN tree in an attempt to be Fair and Balanced we are publishing the Palin for President tree. HJH
Please send photos or your BLENKO GLASS and if you have a Blenko story we'd love to share your story with our readers. Remember all photos and stories become property of the Blog and we may reprint them w/o contacting you. hjh


"Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled.'' Jean Paul Richter

The day before THANKSGIVING I received this email. After some discussion Monte agreed to allow me to share with readers. He also promised to write as time allows what he remembers from his time at Blenko. He also promised to look for photos of the workers , I'll add these as they arrive. This oral history - recording the craftsman is a major part of The Blenko Project. hjh
Good to hear from you and know someone cares about history and the craftsmen that made the glassware that is appreciated today. I started at Blenko right out of high school in 1950. My starting pay was .95 an hour and it was hot, hard work. I started as a carry-in boy on the antique or stained glass shops on the evening shift with Pearl (Pat) Lemley and Haskel (Has) Chaney as the blowers and "Pooch" Spurlock and Sy McCallister as the gatharers. Perhaps you have heard of some of these guys or maybe all of them. An onrey bunch who delighted in teaching a kid bad habits.
After a few months I moved up to day shift and carryed-in for Leroy (Grandma) Jenkins blower, and Alva Keefer finisher. Pooch Spurlock was gatharer, Lonnie Morriss was bit gatharer, Bill Cooper was stick up boy and I carryed in. Grandma was wounded in WW2 and missed work often with his wounds. Alva was very religious and sang at the top of his voice and sounded quite good. The other blowers there at that time was: Hubert Blake jr or "Junnie', Harry Thompson, Hardy Vicker, Bill and his brother Carl Bailey, and Clayton Lunsford. Finishers were Arnold "Muck" Henderson, Bud Dillon, "P-nut" Holly, Blackburn "Blackie" White, and Forrest Bledsoe. Charles "Rabbit" Windsor made stoppers and Frank Hunt was foreman.
That was pretty much the way it was untill 1952 when I joined the Navy. I served in the far east, Korea, South China Sea, and French-Indo China, (Viet Nam) untill 1956 when I returned to West Virginia and Blenko again.
Will pick up there next time...............monte

Thursday, December 18, 2008

PINK ICE - Available NOW Blenko Visitor Center

Pink Ice is back. Because YOU ask, and Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ LISTENS!
The photo shown is from their website, visit website for enlarged individual photos of available pink ICE. The # 3700-PK has my attention, however all 7 pieces would make the beginning of one dynamic collection.
Affordable and available NOW. 304 743 908a

If Only This Tree Had Access to Made In WV Ornaments.

I think this bare tree was sent as a joke -
Please send your Blenko photos and if you have WV Glass Holiday Decor please share with Heart of Glass readers.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blenko & Obama & Manchin

We ask for photos of your 'Holiday Decorations'. This home houses one of the major BLENKO GLASS collections. Their tree also has 'election buttons' for Manchin (who could possibly loves WV more than Joe and Gayle Manchin),& Obama , for this collector he's (Obama) a hometown guy, who is about to become PRESIDENT OF THE USA. This is my kind of tree - nostalgic ornaments, many one of kind blenko ornaments and the tree is personalized to represent this time in the families life. A time of HOPE . hjh

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spoiled Pets - A differnt kind of Blenko Fish

Hillary; You think Mrs. B. is spoiled. How about Blueberry my grand daughters Beta?Blueberry feels right at home in this BLENKO Top Hat w/red and crystal marbles.My dogs Wags and Spats are known to drink out of vintage Fostoria here at the shop. Only if they greet most of our guests. Larry from TXAlso Emma the glass animal collector and owner of Blueberry in the BLENKO top hat Larry of Serenity Glass TEXAS

Harry Thompson's FISH

So many of you commented or wrote about Harry Thompsons' FISH , his son Larry provided a better photo of the FISH and some additonal info.

Hillary, Here is a better photo of the fish. Harry Thompson made this fish and 12 more like it for friends and family, There are still 4 of them i can account fore. Thanks Larry T.

Blenko - Gifts for Your Pets

At Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ they pride themselves in having gifts for everyone.
If you have fluffs in your life - get off the couch, drive down to Milton or phone 304 743 9081 to purchase a couple of Blenko bowls for water and food. The fluff in your life will feel very special.
After buying these wonderful glass bowls, drive over to A TOUCH OF GLASS in Hurricane, ask Donna or Martha to personalize the bowls. Ms. B will getting BLENKO bowls as a Holiday Gift. A Touch of Glass 101 Winners Circle Hurricane, WV 25526 (304) 562-5435. Corporate Awards · Custom Etched Glassware · Screen Printed Glassware ...
www.westvirginiaglass.com . Martha and Donna may perform a Christmas Miracle and have the bowls ready before 12/25.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Blog and Blog Questions

From now until 1/9 I'm in Charleston visiting with my family and daily from 9-5 doing a 'study session' at the WVU- CAMC library to prepare for national board exam.
The blog is on automatic, post are automatically uploaded, I check every 3 or 4 days. If your comments contains the word Blenko, glass or blenkoglass it will automatically be accepted, if it contains any of the four letters words it will not be accepted. I check spam every 3 or 4 days.
If you have photos or stories send them to theblenkoproject@aol.com .
If you have suggestions send them to theblenkoproject@aol.com
Thanks for reading and please send your photos and stories for sharing.

Your Christmas Tree - Send Photos

This tree was made of MOUNTAIN DEW cans and sent in by Frat Boy (?).

Send photos of your Christmas Tree and or your decorations - doesn't have to be BLENKO but of course we prefer BLENKO and WV Glass.

There is much discussion about what YOUR TREE says about you, Blog reader

sent the following information about what your Xmas tree reveals.

Note: This doesn't address trees like my own which are made up of ornaments from friends, ornaments that have personal meaning, and family ornaments. Am I the only person who has a hodge podge tree?

If you have one of those neat little 1/2 trees it means:

You are determined to make your childhood Christmas memories come to life again, whether you actually have the space to do so or not. You are a creative problem-solver and also someone who satisfies their desires no matter what, your main tools being thoughtfulness and elbow grease. You are probably the innovative type if you're seeking out a half tree, as many families aren't even aware of this type of tree.


You're always full of surprises and your unexpected ways often lend to mixed messages being sent out about your personality. Chances are you're actually pretty traditional at heart but you love turning the expectations of others onto their heads (no pun intended). You might be the gluttonous sort- many families choose upside down trees because they can fit more presents underneath

Non Traditional Tree:

If you choose to display a decorated palm tree or topiary instead of the traditionally triangular Christmas tree, you're certain to be the jovial, humorous type who is perhaps a bit impish and prone to practical jokes. Because you know that everyone who visits will have comments (both critical and complimentary) you might be attention oriented year-round as well.


This Blenko Lamp photo is from webmaster Steve:

He describes it as Vintage and Blenko Blue.

University of Texas

Those Texans love BLENKO and Blenko LOVES TEXAS!
This info from WebMaster S. Rowe: Found on the Internet:
The University of Texas at Austin (often referred to as the University of Texas, UT Austin, UT, or Texas) is a public research university located in Austin, Texas and is the flagship institution of The University of Texas System.[7][8][9][10] The main campus is located less than a mile from the Texas State Capitol. UT Austin was named one of the original eight Public Ivy institutions Founded in 1883, the university has had the fifth largest single-campus enrollment in the nation as of fall 2007 (and had the largest enrollment in the country from 1997–2003), with over 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students and 16,500 faculty and staff. It currently holds the largest enrollment of all colleges in the state of Texas.
The university operates various auxiliary facilities aside from the main campus, most notably the
J. J. Pickle Research Campus. UT Austin is a major center for academic research, annually exceeding $400 million in funding. In addition, the university's athletic programs were recognized by Sports Illustrated as "America's Best Sports College" in 2002.

Topaz steerhead frosted (university of TX) color only 10 made BLENKO GLASS http://www.theblenkoproject.org/ .

Blenko Glass has a long history with Texas, the people of Texas 'love' Blenko!

If you are from Texas, went to the University of Texas, or just enjoy owning limited edition BLENKO GLASS items. This Steer one of only 10 made is available for purchase from Serenity Glass in Texas.

Serenity Glsss is located at: 1013 S Broadway
Historic Downtown Carrollton TX. 75006
(214) 724 5081 - mailto:larry@serenityantiques.com blenko glass collector society president Karin Alonzo resides in Texas. If you have not joined the Blenko Collectors Society you can now join by emailing the Blenko Collectors Society. The annual meeting will be in summer 2009. More info about this event in early 2009.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Serenity Glass in Texas Photos

Larry of Serenity Glass in Texas was kind to send the following photos and descriptions- many are one of a kind Blenko. If you have Blenko Glass please send photos and your stories to theblenkoproject@aol.com . BIG THANK YOU TO Larry from Serenity Glass for his photos and sharing so freely of his BLENKO knowledge. hjh
Hillary; You requested some one of a kind items, fish, and lamps hope this helps;
Index1. is a Wm Blenko typ; vase in Desert Green
2.is a 22" tall X12" Chalice five colors with Blue Crackle bowl
3. 14" Tri Cornerd vase (2008 designer sample) Ocean Blue and Crystal
4. 2008 Designer sample (WV B-day) in mixed blue, green, copper, crysta
l5. 2008 Designer Sample pitcher Electric blue w/crystal handle
6. lamp 27" glass Electric blue and Green cylender for antique sheet glass
7. Topaz steerhead frosted (university of TX) color only 10 made8. 200
8 Designer sample (WV B-day) in Orange w/Blue ribbon9. 200
8 ruby water bottle w/4 spouts
10. 2008 Designer sample (WV B-day) in Green w/Blue ribbon
11. Penguin Cobalt Blue
12. 2008 gift shop style fish Ruby, pink,and crysta
l13. Fish candy jar spring green crackle
14. Fish candy jar spring green crackleIf you want more pictures just ask. Larry from TX

If you like this glass check out Serenity Glass website. Larry is from the Dallas - Grapevine Texas area. The website is filled with BLENKO and American Glass. Don't see what you want, give Larry a call, I'll bet he could find 'your dream item'. hjh