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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to you and your family from Heart of Glass!

Ms B and I are with my Poppa and family this day we will eat, open gifts, go to local theater and then eat again. Tomorrow its back to studying for boards.

Take some time out to remember- what ever your faiths - the goal is to acquire wisdom - be kind to one another . . .

hjh Note: Blenko Glass shown is the 5929L Blenko Museum Logo photo taken by Damon Crain.


Anonymous said...

Saw Blenko in Southern Living again!

Dr.BOB said...

When do you start your GP residency in Pittsburgh?
My son Saul is in Allentown doing a 5th year Surgery.
He can drive down, we have talked, I will come also we the family will take you to dinner and a museum to introduce you to Pa.
2 of my children did post doc work in Pa.
This is not a 'fix up' its just an intro OK.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Dr Bob
Lucky for you, My Mom doesn't read the blog - or she'd be arranging the diner. smile
I'm again going to decline. If you make it to the Blenko Glass Collectors Convention in August perhaps we can all meet then.

Regina said...

Just found your blog. I am loving that orange blenko! I have a passion for orange glass, but with a 3 year old at home, no new glass has been bought recently. Here is a pic of some of my orange-ware:


I'm off to check out more of your blog.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Williamsburg Virginia for 3 years, right after Huntington, WVa. beautiful area, how did you start with orange glass.
Sue M.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at the thought of your Mom arranging dinner at a diner Hilly

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with MOUNTAIN RITA

Hillary J Homburg said...

I'm studying for boards - Jan 12 & 13 and don't have time for this- but I have 10 emails now asking why I promote Damon Crain.
OK- I'll defend Damon Crain. Damon is the person who write MOST ALL the articles about BLENKO that are published in national magazines and newspapers most often they are positive - either way they are publicity.
Damon obviously liked Blenko since he and Blenko Bill started The Blenko Museum.
Its my belief that Damon Crain and many of the other people who are greatly disliked - have done a great deal for BLENKO. Someday perhaps even now I will be among the disliked. Its my belief that I always speak truthfully about Blenko. I value Blenko, and I want Blenko to survive. Its my belief that Damon Crain also values Blenko and that he would like nothing more than to see Blenko return to a functioning quality glass making factory. I'll have to ask him about this. But I do know he values the product. The Glass Art Society was formed by a group of men who met, valued one another, valued the factory workers, wanted to teach glass design, they were inspired by one another, JPM, Henry H , Marin L, Friz etc. these men all woked in and around Blenko and WV Glass. It was a Wonderful time for WV Glass. This time was long, long, ago . . . . this is the period of Blenko Glass Damon most values as he (Damon) is a student of Art History and the Arts.
We're all different. You can like any WV GLASS you want to, you can collect any Blenko, or WV Glass
I'll bet Damon would even help you find the item you're looking for. Its his profession.
He is paid to give his professional opinion. Its valuable to some. Doesn't mean we all value his opinion. If you choose not to, that's OK.
The "PEOPLE" will dislike or like you or be fickle about you frequently, I honestly don't care if I am popular or not popular. My desire is to promote Blenko Glass to be best of my ability.
Being popular isn't important to me, and I know it isn't important to Damon Crain.
Damon Crain has for over 5 years now, answered many request for photos, information, answers to questions about Blenko Company, or glass for The Blenko Project or Heart of Glass. He freely share of his time and knowledge without any expectations. Damon is one a very small group of people who have 90% of the Blenko Glass knowledge available. If you truly want to learn about Blenko Glass. Google Damon Crain read his early magazine and newspaper articles, then read all the WV Glass Museum Articles on Blenko, then do the Pina Books, then go to the Blenko Museum Website, then Blenko Glass Collectors Four, then Blenko Project (of course), this will get you started.
The Blenko Glass Collectors will meet in 2009 August - Plan to attend, you'll learn more about Blenko from just talking to others, in the out of group sessions, and you will make friends who share your love of Blenko. You'll also learn NOT to be petty.
Damon Crain isn't going to hurt Blenko Glass. Only BLENKO GLASS can hurt Blenko Glass, and of course YOU if YOU aren't BUYING you are hurting Blenko Glass. BUY . . . instead of a new pair of heels that you don't need, or a box of chocolates, buy a Blenko vase! Great for the waist line and the eyes!
This is long, its early, I'm on my way to CAMC for board review. PEACE BE WITH YOU! HJH

susan said...

Hillary, Proud to see your comments about D. we buy from him, he sells only items of quality.
He is brillant, and would not be bothered by Mountain womans comments.
It seems this Blenko groups wants everyone to do time in the barrell.