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Monday, December 15, 2008

Your Christmas Tree - Send Photos

This tree was made of MOUNTAIN DEW cans and sent in by Frat Boy (?).

Send photos of your Christmas Tree and or your decorations - doesn't have to be BLENKO but of course we prefer BLENKO and WV Glass.

There is much discussion about what YOUR TREE says about you, Blog reader

sent the following information about what your Xmas tree reveals.

Note: This doesn't address trees like my own which are made up of ornaments from friends, ornaments that have personal meaning, and family ornaments. Am I the only person who has a hodge podge tree?

If you have one of those neat little 1/2 trees it means:

You are determined to make your childhood Christmas memories come to life again, whether you actually have the space to do so or not. You are a creative problem-solver and also someone who satisfies their desires no matter what, your main tools being thoughtfulness and elbow grease. You are probably the innovative type if you're seeking out a half tree, as many families aren't even aware of this type of tree.


You're always full of surprises and your unexpected ways often lend to mixed messages being sent out about your personality. Chances are you're actually pretty traditional at heart but you love turning the expectations of others onto their heads (no pun intended). You might be the gluttonous sort- many families choose upside down trees because they can fit more presents underneath

Non Traditional Tree:

If you choose to display a decorated palm tree or topiary instead of the traditionally triangular Christmas tree, you're certain to be the jovial, humorous type who is perhaps a bit impish and prone to practical jokes. Because you know that everyone who visits will have comments (both critical and complimentary) you might be attention oriented year-round as well.


susan said...

One ugly tree.

Anonymous said...

The local greens person does my office decors and last year she gave us upside down trees for each location. My patient population did not like the upside downtree.
My own tree is filled with OSU ornaments sports figures and topped with an OSU tree topper.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me the purpose of the tree?

bridgett said...

The factoids were interesting the photo, well it looks like a frat boys tree.

Dr.BOB said...

We also have what you called a hodge podge tree, we call it a memories tree.