Heart of Glass - Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

FIESTA Tent Sale!

One of West Virginia's finest manufacturers is again having a Tent Sale. Complete your own set, start a set for
a relative, or just stock up on Christmas Gifts.
The prices are extremely low for items in the tents.
Bring a towel or cloth to clean the items and check for stratches, and also a wagon or someone strong to carry
your purchases.
Mark your calendar: Oct 14, 15, and 16th Tent Sale at the Festisa Factory Outlet.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fiesta College Logo Items



Few years ago I found a water pitcher in one of my favorite shops, the owner said it was hand made in WV . I'm thinking it may be made by Blenko. I' m attachn a photo of a Blenko pitcher with WVU logo. Can you tell me when this was made? Also what is the value? Lorrie Edes

Lorrie, Your water pitcher is a Fiesta Logo water pitcher. Fiesta began doing college logo items about 3 years ago.

I'm posting photos of Fiesta college logo items. Note photo #2 a water pitcher similar to the one you own.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PUMPKINS! Blenko Glass Pumpkins are available now.

Photo of Fiesta pumpkin plate and mug. FIESTA AND FENTON glass also offer Halloween inspired tablewares.

BLENKO Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ is currently making Pumpkins for the Milton Pumpkin Festival and for your table! The selection is at an all time high.
You'll want to phone to reserve several. If you live in the area, visit the Milton Gift Shop - Blenko Glass on Bill Blenko Drive in Milton, WV
to select your glass pumpkins.
If you have Blenko or other glass pumpkins - we' welcome your photos of pumpkins and fall colored glass the month of Oct.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Blenko Glass


I did the google search for Blenko and blenko collectors. Three or four pages pop up

the obvious is blenko glass company and the blenko glass collectors after this I was totally confused, facebook, twitter, people selling glass, museums w/o walls, and more people interconnected and selling glass. Do I believe and read fromthe sellers pages or do I look for referencesw?

Even Wiki seems polluted with info from sellers. Very little factual, most a PR piece for

a seller.

Does Blenko own the name Blenko? Is anyone responsbile for their image on line?

Who do I trust? Where do I go?

I am now buying from Ebay and Etsy and only items listed in the catalogs I own.

It would help if you gave us more direction.

Connie Faulknier


Check out the West Virginia Museum of American Glass, http://www.magwv.com/ . If you live close enough for a trip to Weston I would recommend visiting the museum.

Many sellers of Blenko are also collectors and their knowledge varies, members of the Blenko Collectors Society also have a good base of knowledge and many sold and still sell Blenko.

As with any hobby, people often start selling in an effort to improve their collection, or as their knowledge becomes more refined.

I'm a dentist, I have no expertise in glass making, or identification of glass. As a public service to blog readers, we do attempt to assist with identification as a group. Value of Blenko is subjective often the Pina book is used as a guide.

Continue to be cautious, read everything, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true. There are a good number of Blenko myths and Blenko experts, long ago

Steve Bair a Charleston collector told me to buy only what I loved, then I would never be disappointed. Buy glass that you like and want to live with. Then if the value increases you'll be delighted, if it doesn't you won't mind.

I don't have an answer for your question about Blenko's name and who protects the name or image but I am forwarding the question to Mr. Walter Blenko the President of Blenko.

Thank you for writing and continue to buy Blenko Glass. If you live near enough to visit the

Blenko Gift Shop, buy new glass. When you purchase new glass from the factory you make a direct contribution to the well being of Blenko Glass. Another plus is the gift shop has a wide

variety of glass and often you'll find older items that may have been lost in storage for a few


Shop Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ Milton, WV.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

West Virginia Birthday Vase


While catching up on reading at the beach, I read about the WVBD collection you donated to WVU. Then I started researching glass and blenko on the net, I've read a couple dozen sites from start to finish searching for info about the WVBD Vase, also I drove to Morgantown to see in person the WVBD vases you donated to WVU.

There I told they (WVBD vases) were in the Presidents Home and not available at this time for public view. After this I made another weekend trip to Blenko Glass where I discovered only a dozen or so are on display. Someone should tell them they need the entire collection on display.
Now I want my own. Suggestions for where I can find the older ones and
suggestions for how to become a member of the WVBD club.
Sue Vickers

I'll pass your suggestion to Blenko.
Thank you for writing. Blenko continues to make each year on or about June 20th a special vase to celebrate West Virginia's Birthday. http://www.blenkoproject.org/ .
Phone Blenko at 304 743 9081 with questions, http://www.blenkoglass.com/ .

The exact date is listed on Blenko 's website and also in this blog we promote the event a month or two prior. You need only show up at least 12 hours prior to the announced time the gift shop will open. You'll pay under $160 and you'll receive a signed and number WVBD vase.

Often WVBD vases (older) are offered for sale via this blog, and on e-bay. A few weeks ago a reader offered the 'fish bowl' WVBD vase which was created and signed by Don Shepperd.

In our wonderful State www.wv.gov - Fenton, Festia, Blenko and now OSBURN MODERN GLASS all make a special item for the WVBD event. This was the first year OSBURN GLASS participated.
First Editon are usually - well the first 1-5 years are the most difficult to find, and the first year is often the only one many collect. OSBURN's WVBD vase sold for less than $90 it was made of glass that looked very much like granite - with cranberry, creme, and beige. Very
unique. You ask how to acquire. I'd phone Dave Osburn and ask if he has one or two remaining and then make a quick purchase. All WVBD pieces are signed and numbered.
Osburn Glass is Fax 304 743 9281 Phone 304 743 9280 - the address is 1000 Amos St. Milton, Blog reader Phani took the above photo of Dave's WVBD Vase. Everyone agreed this vase will beautiful in Phani's photo , is even more lovely when seen with the naked eye.
Happy Collecting! Buy made in West Virginia Glass when possible.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vintage Blenko

Vintage Blenko. Les Womack, Shorty Finley, no two people have been more involved with creating fine vintage Blenko. Consider yourself 'lucky' if you find an item signed by either Shorty Finley or Les Womack.

Everette " Shorty" Finley retired Blenko glass blower recently suffered yet another small heart attack. He was released from St Mary's Hospital www.st-marys.org on Saturday evening.
On Tuesday
he was feeding animals at his farm and visiting friends at Blenko Glass.

Les Womack has been blessed with excellent health since his initial retirement and he returned recently to Blenko Glass to begin making ANGELS and Snowmen for the Holiday Season. May I suggest you stop by Blenko soon for the largest selection of Angels.
Angels are a special holiday item, however, my family often uses the Blenko Angel in place of a floral arrangement when visiting a sick friend, or as a gift for someone undergoing surgery or chemo. The ANGELS are a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Purple Moon Estate Sale

September 24-25-26, 2010 - Teays Valley - Hurricane, WV

Closeout! 50% Off - Everything Must Go!
Friday & Saturday, September 24th and 25th - 10am to 4pm!
Sunday, September 26th - Noon to 5pm

This sale features exceptional quality home furnishings, bedrooms with vintage furniture and Two Craftmatic Adjustable Beds. Tables, chairs, Technics Stereo system, and much more!

Original and fine art prints, exceptional glassware from Fenton, and Tiffin. Fine dinnerware including Franconia China in the Millefleurs pattern and Fostoria American Glassware!

Hundreds of records including 78s, LPs and Boxed sets all in top-rate condition. Lots of collectibles, books, vintage treasures and kitchen items.

Three televisions, knick knacks, etc.

You will not want to miss this! Watch preview video on the Purple Moon blog for a glimpse of the items in this great sale which began last weekend!

Friday and Saturday September, 24th/25th from 10am - 4pm and Sunday, September 26th from Noon - 5pm.

Birds of a Feather


Here we see some glass birds, all made in West Virginia. The red and green pieces are Fenton: the green one is a two-piece candle holder; the red eagle is a stamped commemorative, bicentennial piece (1976-1776). The blue bookends are BLENKO. I've owned these for years but have seen several pairs for sale lately, especially in amber and clear. Finally, the owl roosting in the back is a Viking ashtray. I don't actively collect glass birds but, over the years, these have flown onto my shelves and I really enjoy them. I have a couple of the Viking glass birds with the long tails; however, they seemed too delicate to hang out with these heavyweights. Notice the birds have been reading a lot lately. They've just finished reading the Appalachians and are moving on to PEANUTS. However, on their "to do list" is to finish reading Senator Byrd's autobiography, "Child of the Appalachian Coalfields."

I'd love to see other readers share their glass bird photos. At the very least, I'm hoping the comments section of your blog will work so that we can get a reaction or two from this one!

WV Janis

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

West Virginia Football * Other Team Logos available

If you havent been to BLENKO GLASS http://www.blenkoglass.com/ for your
WVU and Marshall logo plates, decanters, bowls etc. plan a trip before your next football game.
The very best pre and post game parties will include Blue and /or Green
Blenko Glass.
Learn more about Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoproject.org/.

Note: Not all items in this photo are currently available. The available selections at the Blenko Glass gift shop change daily.

Bichoff Glass


I have 2 boxes of glass my Mom marked as Bischoff Glass.

Is this a branch of Blenko Glass?

Where can I find values? The glass is from the 40s I believe.

Lindsey G.


Bischoff was located in Culloden, WVa. My suggestion is you
contact the West Virginia Museum of American Glass in Weston, WV www.wvmag.com.
Another resource is the Blenko Collectors Four , you might also google Bischoff and follow the various links.
If this doesn't answer your question, email theblenkoproject@aol.com send the photos and I'll try to find answers for you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Photo # 1 is of Blenko Glass taken during the WVBD celebration.
OSBURN MODERN GLASS DESIGN in a swirl of color combinations, more beautiful when seen with the naked eye.

#3 Blenko Glass photo taken during the Festival of Glass by Phani.

These photos were taken by Phani our Texas blog friend. These are samples of Osburn Modern Glass. Dave Osburn worked for more than 2 decades at Blenko Glass
when he left to open his own studio he was the foreman at Blenko Glass. Osburn designed and signed many items of glass while at Blenko. He worked with Richard Blenko
to design a couple of the WV Birthday Pieces.
When time permits stop by Osburn Glass. Dave is still small enough to allow for special request - he recently made wine glasses for my Mother, and a challis for
a local church. If you don't see what you want - or have something 'special' in mind. Ask Dave if he can make the item.
The prices at Osburn Glass are much lower than we as Blenko Collectors are accustom to making.
Osburn Glass and Hinkle Dying Art Glass are two of the most well known art glass studio in West Virginia.
Osburn Glass is up the road from Blenko glass - about 1/2 mile. Watch for signs.
Note: Corrections to identification of photos made on 9/23/

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beyond Variations - Oval Gemstone Carafe

A brief history of The Variations designs
by Wayne Husted.

When Deb Novak and Richard Blenko were in San Francisco in 2002 for one of Blenko’s Public Television Promotions, Deb Novak advised me that if Blenko had a new design for Blenko’s iconic 384 Water Bottle it would be great for their TV promotions.

So I decided to create an up-dated version of the Iconic Blenko 384 Water Pitcher/Vase.

I named it “ PT Cruiser” because it was historically parallel to the Chrysler’s update of a 1936 car design.
For my newly modified version of the design from Osburn Modern Glass it is reborn as a Gemstone Carafe.

The Variations Group from which the new Oval Gemstone Carafe was developed totaled 12 designs, a design for each month of the year, for example: a Sun design for August, a Red and Green pitcher/vase for December, a Ruby heart for February and a rainbow shape for January.
After Dave Osburn left Blenko to open up his own studio glass shop up the road in Milton, I moved the molds from the Blenko factory to Osburn Modern Glass where some of the molds have been modified and the June bottle is now offered in four jewel like colors. Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald / Amethyst and Crystal.
David and I will be adding more Gemstone pieces and jewel colors. I have several new designs in mind, and plan to sketch them and put them on my new FaceBook page so that collectors of American Art glass can cast their vote for the next Husted/Osburn creation in the Gemstone colors.
The Gemstone offering can be accessed at gemstonecarafes.com or by Googling waynehusted25@gmail.com
People who love and collect hand blown glass know that while imported glass is much cheaper because of low labor costs, very cheap imports offer the unique beauty and creativity of American Styled handblown glass.

You can read more about the Gemstone Carafe venture at the Gemstone website: gemstonecarafes.com.
Or requste their mailer at: Husted Designs, POBox 515, Mill Valley, CA 94941.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

VINTAGE BLENKO - Local Dealers

Hi Hillary,
Here is a nice grouping of yellow Blenko. I collect Blenko and also sell some pieces online at www.muddycreekantiques.com as well as at The Old Timey Shop in Milton, WV. This group includes vase #607 in jonquil, #595 in jonquil and #64D in lemon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blenko Glass 1982 WV Birthday

K.B. - Thank you for writing, the photo is beautiful. This is one of my favorite early WV Birthday Pieces. hjh
I own this 1982 Birthday Piece its in excellent condition and I'd like to sell it as I'm downsizing.
Can you let others know.
Thank You.
K. B.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Glass Classes

Heart of Glass gets letters every week requesting information about local glassmaking classes.
On special occassions Blenko Glass offers a few workshops - Tony Patti from Glassblower sent
along this information about a glass.
For most of you its a 2 hour drive - The price is right and the instructors are excellent!
www.glasslightstudio.com is the website.

Glasslight Studio is proud to announce it's 2010 Fall workshop schedule!

Workshops run 9am-5pm and cost $160 per person. It's a fun time had by all! Come out and join your fellow glass junkies and make some really cool glass!

Register with Pat Ackerman via email - packerman@healthpart.com
or phone 215-991-4036, (H) 610-692-6378.

Check out the studio's website for info and directions: www.glassslightstudio.com

Some of you are interested in ornaments. We have not designated a specific date as of yet. Usually it happens in Nov. If you are interested please let me know and we'll develop a roster.

Fall workshops





Sunday, September 12, 2010

L ete c'est fini

Thank you . HJH

Hillaryy the French say L'ete' c'est fini - - - and the calender is a reminder end the summer on a high note.
If you haven't take 15 minutes to write down all the things you wanted to do over the summer but never got around to. Put your list in an envelope. When you get next year's calendar, paperclip the list to the first day of June and then open it. Don't forget to mark
the calendar with the Blenko Glass Festival, The WV Birthday /Blenko sale in June and Ganesh Chateurthi ( for Chitra's calendar. Mark local glass festivals - in Conn. its the 2nd week of July, In West Virginia Appalachian Glass does a Glass blower reunion / Festival of Glass in March. One way to include everything is to check out your state and neighboring states website.
Observe this year the autumnal festival of Michaelmas on Sept 29, which is the feast day of St Michael the Archangel. This ancient English harvest festival dates back to the sixth century. Its a tradition in our house to have blackberry or raspberry treats - pies, tarts or blackberry jam on scones with tea.
As a reader of the blog, I am aware of the infrequent post. I'm in agreement with Bridget we should all be contributing with possible articles and photos. Next week after our
glass trip I promise to send photos. We're a thousands miles from WV but Blenko is Blenko
and as Blenko Collectors we enjoy seeing photos.
Bridget suggested you ask readers for contributions of articles / post / what ever it is you call writings for a blog. Do this, you have nothing to loose. Also ask local vendors to send you photos of WV Glass they are offering. We visit each year the Purple Moon and Mason Blues in Mason County, start with these shops.
If you ask, people will contribute and the people who write the long and caustic post might focus their energy on a well composed
post for an upcoming blog.
Just wanted to sound off.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Have All The Blenko Collectors Gone?

photo of Blenko Special Edition Bunny - signed and number and available at the Blenko Visitors Center in Milton, WV.

I'm publishing your email. Readers suggestions for how we might help Bridgett?


Dear Glasslady,

Thank you. I continue to find the blog filled with educational information and bits of

Blenko News.

My roles in life are complicated - I'm on deployment with Public Health as a Doctor who changed career goals for a JAG assignment I like order, and consistency. Of late I find neither with the Blenko Blog or the Blenko Collectors.

WHERE HAVE ALL THE COLLECTORS GONE? My checks for dues are not cashed, I get no newsletters or emails.
In the last four years, I've recruited my future husband and a dozen or more public health officers to Blenko Collecting. All are happy with the color, the price they paid and would enjoy fellowship with Blenko Collectors . What's Up with Blenko?

The online prices of Blenko other than the Blenko being sold at the factory are very low. My guess is I've lost more on Blenko than in my 401K the last 24 months.

Before you response "its the economy" let me say that the sales of many glass artist show increases the resale value is stagnant but not declining.

Glasslady What is happening with Blenko Collectors? What is happening to increase the sales of vintage glass also to keep the prices up?

May I suggest you start allowing sellers of vintage or special Blenko to announce or send photos of these items and the asking price? It would allow readers to purchase from

local sellers and perhaps increase interest. (2) You speak with Blenko about more advertisement, and perhaps you could also weekly publish photos of available glass and prices (3) Blenko might offer sale items and you could publish photos.

(4) Ask others to write special articles for the Blog, this suggestions was received with warmth a year or so ago, however - no visible action.

I belong to 3 other glass groups, all complain of lower prices - as a buyer, I'm enjoying paying the lower prices. Quality is the issue. I'm not seeing quality vintage Blenko on line.

Would you either publish this or address the issue with a blog post?


Blenko Glass Collecting. The Hat

Hillary Homburg
Last week we saw a cowboy hat with a Blenko label - the block label it was priced $390.

I was attracted but felt the price was too high. Can you tell me what this item was intended to do, what I should pay and when it was made.


Most Blenko was made to be used. In the home decor, or for tableware. The hat you saw is still being made by Blenko Glass and last I checked the cost was $132 The hat was made in several sizes.

This hat can be used as an ice bucket or to hold and chill wine. My Mom frequently puts soil and violets or grass in this hat and uses for display in an entry hall. ( note: collectors are concerned with stains, both water and soils can cause stains to the glass).

You didn't mention the color - The most common color and thus the least expensive is crystal, the most rare is Ebony and thus the seller will ask more for Ebony.
This hat has always been a big seller in the TEXAS area. The 'hat' was available in a rainbow of colors over the years. Special orders produced an even wider selection of colors.

In the last year - the hat has been offered for a low as $125 and up to $375. Always check the conditon of an item prior to purchase, and its always a good idea to know the value prior to buying.

Note: Ebony was produced for a short time is is the most valuable color
and elusive color for the hat. The crystal hat is from the Blenko website.
Blenko also made a ladies bonnet and a top hat.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friends of Coal Bowl

Blog Reader Sol sent this photo of The Friends of Coal Bowl.
For most West Virginians its the biggest football game of the year.
Even though each year both Marshall and WVU play bowl
games - win their conference - this game is important. Not for national ratings - but for State Bragging Rights.
The trophy was made in West Virginia by FENTON GLASS , Dave Fetty came out of retirement to manage the making of the glass football. The design and implementation of this trophy is superior.
Don't like football? Well, you probably couldn't find a ticket - even if you wanted to attend. You can watch the game on TV hoping to see the trophy or google 'the coal bowl trophy" to find photos.
If you plan to attend the game. Stop by BLENKO GLASS, there are a dozen sale tables. Its a great weekend for football and Blenko / WV Glass.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blenko Glass & Blenko Collectors

This is the time of year when most all Blenko Collectors start to inventory the items they've purchased and make a list of the items they want to search for in the upcoming year.

This is also the time of year when EBAY and other online websites have vintage glass at prices much lower than you'll find them in the established vintage web sale pages.

Also this is the time for end of year YARD SALES , if you are lucky enough to live in the tri state , almost every yard sale will have some piece of Dunbar Glass, Viking, Fenton or Blenko. In the Wheeling area one can find Fostoria and Cambridge glass at every other yard sale.

My Uncle Barry spends one weekend each month doing yard sales or estate sales. He enjoys the travel, meets interesting people and is amassing a great collection of WV and American Glass. He spends very little money, other than for gas and food. In the 5 years since his retirement from Coke - he's created a collection of over 200 BLENKO items mostly from the 60-70s and has an entire collection of WV Birthday Pieces ( minus one). This has become a passion for him. A retirement hobby , collecting Blenko has replaced his golf addiction. The uncles still get together to fish and travel - however, now when they stop for an evening they scout out yard sales and flea markets to search for WV and American Glass.

Blenko Collectors - We have doctors, lawyers, accountants, housewives, engineers ( a great number of engineers), clerks in local department stores, computer analyst - a fireman, a couple police officers, who write frequently to the blog - Blenko Collectors can be found in most every city. When you begin to collect BLENKO and American Glass you become immediately a part of something much larger.

If you haven't started a BLENKO or American Glass collection. Why not visit the WV Cultural Center this month - purchase one of the limited edition RON HINKLE flowers - and then drive down to BLENKO GLASS in Milton, then go over to OSBURN GLASS and with these 3 purchases you have become a collector.

Go on line and read and research. I like the BLENKO PROJECT http://www.blenkoprogject.org/ , Blenko Collectors Four and The Blenko Society website.

The more you know about the items you want to collect - the better your chances are for making good purchases.

Bought anything new this week? If so email the blenkoproject@aol.com and let us share your find with others.

photo from D. Weber Collection.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Labor Day Shopping?

Labor Day - The website says BLENKO GLASS is OPEN!
It seems all the clothing and furniture stores are offering LABOR DAY Specials!

At Blenko Glass we have daily specials, and on line coupons for $$$ off.

At Blenko Glass a clearance table is located in the rear of the gift shop. This table daily has new items and the prices are reduced up to 70% off.

Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ located in Milton, WV has been making very unique and special glass items for over 100 years.
Each year at least one new color or color combination is offered.
If you don't collect BLENKO GLASS now is a great time to start.

Learn more about Blenko Glass and Blenko Glass collecting by reading from the online web sites devoted to BLENKO GLASS.

When you buy Blenko Glass for your home, your office or for gift giving you are supporting a West Virginia Factory, WV workers and their families.

BUY MADE IN THE USA and when possible buy from local vendors.
Note: Photos is a BAYLISS TEAM design and is currently available from Blenko Glass www.blenkoglass.com

Saturday, September 04, 2010

FOOTBALL Season www.msnsportsnet.com

This weekend is the first game of the season for WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY . http://www.msnsportsnet.com/ , http://www.wvu.edu/.

Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ yearly produces a number of special items with the team logos.

These items are made for use - the WVU water bottle and the WVU flower vases and wine decanters are often seen in the Blue Lot ( parking for WVU).

When you use GLASS ie BLENKO GLASS you are (1) promoting WV Glass, (2) using a recycled material (3) avoiding plastic (4) showing your support of your TEAM and (5) the many glass workers/ artist in West Virginia.

Note: Not all the items in above photo are currently in stock.
With team logo items, buy everything you can afford - as many items are produced for one season only.

If your team/ university isn't listed on the Blenko Glass website - give Katie a call, (304 743 9081) she'll work with any interested group to provide Team Logo glassware.
Blenko Glass has been making glass and also supporting West Virginia Colleges and Universities for nearly 100 years.

This season - wear your school colors for every game - and set the mood of your pre and post game celebrations with BLENKO!

Vintage Blenko - Estate Sale

TROPHY HAIR is conducting an estate sale in Charleston, WV 418 Virginia Street W, Charleston, WV 25302 Phone 304 346 3907

This estate contains a dozen or so very old, (50 - 60s and a couple pieces from 70s) signed by the artist & or designer.

No Blenko is priced for more than $400.

Tammy Fowler the owner of Trophy Hair and Antiques / Estate Sales doesn't allow for
online buying. However you may phone Trophy Hair and she'll email you photos and prices. For a small fee she will arrange shipment.

These prices are extremely low - as the family wants everything cleared out during the sale.

Trophy Hair will open again on Tuesday - If, like me you get anxious to see good quality, low priced vintage Blenko - - you may phone and leave a message during the weekend.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dentistry - Blenko


I have a riddle for ya?

How does selecting a toothbrush compare to purchasing Blenko Glass?

Give up?

The largest number of people purchase blue toothbrushes

and blue is also the most popular color sold at Blenko Glass.

I dare you to publish this.

Alex F.