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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Have All The Blenko Collectors Gone?

photo of Blenko Special Edition Bunny - signed and number and available at the Blenko Visitors Center in Milton, WV.

I'm publishing your email. Readers suggestions for how we might help Bridgett?


Dear Glasslady,

Thank you. I continue to find the blog filled with educational information and bits of

Blenko News.

My roles in life are complicated - I'm on deployment with Public Health as a Doctor who changed career goals for a JAG assignment I like order, and consistency. Of late I find neither with the Blenko Blog or the Blenko Collectors.

WHERE HAVE ALL THE COLLECTORS GONE? My checks for dues are not cashed, I get no newsletters or emails.
In the last four years, I've recruited my future husband and a dozen or more public health officers to Blenko Collecting. All are happy with the color, the price they paid and would enjoy fellowship with Blenko Collectors . What's Up with Blenko?

The online prices of Blenko other than the Blenko being sold at the factory are very low. My guess is I've lost more on Blenko than in my 401K the last 24 months.

Before you response "its the economy" let me say that the sales of many glass artist show increases the resale value is stagnant but not declining.

Glasslady What is happening with Blenko Collectors? What is happening to increase the sales of vintage glass also to keep the prices up?

May I suggest you start allowing sellers of vintage or special Blenko to announce or send photos of these items and the asking price? It would allow readers to purchase from

local sellers and perhaps increase interest. (2) You speak with Blenko about more advertisement, and perhaps you could also weekly publish photos of available glass and prices (3) Blenko might offer sale items and you could publish photos.

(4) Ask others to write special articles for the Blog, this suggestions was received with warmth a year or so ago, however - no visible action.

I belong to 3 other glass groups, all complain of lower prices - as a buyer, I'm enjoying paying the lower prices. Quality is the issue. I'm not seeing quality vintage Blenko on line.

Would you either publish this or address the issue with a blog post?



Anonymous said...

Many of us daily continue to visit this blog, also check facebook and twitter
and ebay has a blenko forum.
Blenko Collectors are not decreasing in numbers. Your comments about the economy are right on.
People who enjoy handcrafted items, will continue to buy.
One thing you might remember unlike bread and milk Blenko is not an essential item.
Blenko is made for pleasure not use.

Anonymous said...

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Try yoga daily for 10-20 minutes and then write to describe the difference after 10 days.

Anonymous said...

bring back the old Blenko bunny, not this junk

Anonymous said...

To A who typed the comment about Jnana Yoga...coming to New York? Hope you're doing well?


Anonymous said...

Blenko never had many collectors
I heard no more than 50 people ever paid dues.
Is this true?
If so why do you all lie about the group?
My friend heard from the President that the group was never more than 50.

Anonymous said...

For Alice,
When the Blenko Collectors formally became a "group", in early 2003, I became a member. We all got a membership number, mine was 103 or 113. I attended conventions in 2004, '06, '07,'08.
The last was the first "Festival of Glass", and we voted at that time to continue, with a new President. I also ran into dues check not being cashed. In 2009, I had no answers from any contacts listed, so sent no dues. So, there were many more than 50 paid members in the beginning, but I'm sure that dropped over the years.
There was great support from the Company in the early years, but after the management change, by 2008 there was much less. Judging by what little information they will give Hillary (who is not a Blenko employee, there is very little interest from the company in a Collectors Group.
Hope this clears up some on-going questions.
Car Girl