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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blenko Decanters

Hi Hillary,

I was pleased to see the comments on the last photo you posted to the blog so I thought it was only fitting to shoot this one in response to the comment referencing the "lemon" piece.

A nice pair of Blenko 6530S's in Chestnut and Lemon.

The Chestnut was a Ebay mislist from a couple years back and the Lemon was on the bottom shelf of a flea market stall that I periodically check and found last week for $10.00.
The optics in the decanters as well as the stoppers really are spectacular.
Bruce Specht


susan said...

Bruce Debbie Texas
You All have exceptional glass luck, or it knowledge meets opportunity?
I now have most of the catalogues and have started to become familar with Blenko, next week a part of our group plans to start the Weston Study Group with Dean Six, for us its a 6 hour drive each way. Gaining knowledge can be expensive.
More photos from Texas, PLZ

buckndi said...

Part of it is luck, and partly your knowledge coupled with the lack of knowledge on the part of the seller. Most of my really good scores have been because of that - found a cat decanter on eBay, and two massive Nickerson decanters in local (high desert California) shops.

When you go on day trips, or on vacation, make sure the antique stores of the town are on your list. I find I do much better at the fifty booth antiqu malls - mostly junk, but since nobody can be an expert on everything, that works to my advantage.

Happy Hunting!

Diane Weber

bridgett said...

Texas and California
please send your photos to the blog, I remember you both as the best source of photos thus far.

chitrakahn said...

Add me again to the list of people who admire your collection and your 'eye' for a beautiful bargain.
Thank you for sharing, I might never in person see these beautiful vintage Blenko items.

chitrakahn said...

How did so much blenko get to california?

buckndi said...

I have seen it in homes since I was a kid, so my guess is that it was bought as home decor at the time of issue. It wasn't until I'd seen Heart of Glass on PBS that I knew it was Blenko. There are a few serious collectors here, but not as concentrated as in Dallas, so if there is a piece to find, I generally find it. I have shopped antique malls along the coast from San Lis Obispo to San Diego, as well as up in the Sacramento area. I just google antiques before I go visit an area, and make sure I can find someplace to go hunting.

I will have to take new photos - my old computer died, and took all my photos with it. I will try to inlcude location and purchase price when I do.

chitrakahn said...

Excellent suggestion. I travel 4 or 5 days a month with work. This will become a part of my agenda.
Thank you.

andreerods said...

I always enjoy your photos and post.
Most everyone under the age of 40 learned of Blenko via PBS.
PBS was a fountain of wealth and renewal for Blenko Glass however its my understanding they (blenko)'dislike' PBS and discontinued PBS.
Blenko Collectors are also a source of growth and renewal for Blenko Glass, is there support for this group from Blenko Glass?
this blog is also a source of growth and daily renewed interest for Blenko Glass.
On the Blenko website you'll find links to many glass sites and even a blog or two, (see attached) there is no link to this blog.
There is no link to the PBS library for the Blenko films.
Having long term goals, gathering your supporters and encouraging them and growing support for your product is important.
Sharing your product with the world is important. No one will purchase what they can't see, and hype is essential to a sale.
My 2 cents worth of steam for this semester.

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My West Virginia Vacation



sweetdoc said...

Add my name to the admirers of Texas Bruce and Debbie.
Thank you for this and the many other photos and bits of information.
My group and I are new collectors (less than 24 months) we don't know many of the basics. We appreciate the generous sharing of information and photos from Texas and California.
Now Andreerdos. I should acknowledge until today I hadn't looked at the links on the Blenko website nor do I regularly visit this site.
PBS provided an introduction or reintroduction to Blenko for many of us, now the Blenko in my office waiting rooms stimulate and provoke frequent conversation about glass and long gone glass plants from the tri state.
Knowing what to value and taking care of the people who support you is an important business principle.
Perhaps, Hilary didn't want to be included in the link page?
Or perhaps you are correct and someone at Blenko either didn't attend business management classes, or loss some marbles?

bone said...

Sweetdoc Andreerdos
Thnx for bringing this to our attention.
I would say Blenko is STUPID but Hillary would think I meant:
Smooth Muscle Tumour of Uncertain Malignant Potential
So to avoid confusion let me say I agree with Andre decision or lack of inclusion was definite sign of ignorance.

Hillary J Homburg said...

Larry T sent this comment to theblenkoproject@aol.com:
Hillary, I noted that some one asked how Nitro got it name, In 1917 the Government brought in over 5000 workers and built the town and a factory to make Nitrocellulose. [Smokless gunpowder] for cannons. they built the town and factory in one year, just in time to get two train loads of Nitrocellulose shiped before the war ended. The town was abandend. In the1920s it was taken over by private investers. The man that runs the antique mall, [three story building] has a book on the subject. Thanks Larry T.