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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Reader Writes

We took the grandchildren to Blenko three times this summer and have yet to see the glass being made. Is there a schedule they stick to?
Lynn M.
Blenko does have a schedule, and it is followed. However, phone 304 743 9081 before you travel and ask " will glass demos be available today, if so what time." Blenko is a small (50 employees including management and visitors center) manufacturer.
Your grandchildren will never forget the experience, even now, I can think of no better way to spend an afternoon.
Note: BLENKO does not conduct glass making demos on weekends!
Often no demos are available on holidays - so check before you drive, the Visitors Center is open 7 days a week, the beautiful museum (upstairs) and the magnificent glass garden and pond are available for viewing 7 days a week. Bring your lunch, eat at one of the tables. Experience BLENKO GLASS. Questions about Blenko, comments, photos send these to theblenkoproject@aol.com.
This message is from the Blenko Glass Website:
Blenko Glass, an American family tradition.

Announcement: There will be no demonstrations on Friday, July 3. The Visitor Center will be open on July 3 and July 4 for the holiday.


Phani said...

Is there a problem with the Blenko Blog? I dont see any comments for the last 5 days properly.

bridgett said...

Thank you for standing in line!
You are an excellent example of great husband.

Anonymous said...

When is Les Woomach is returning to Blenko? On this day take your grandchildren. The older men allowed my friend's child to blow in a pipe last year. To this day he is still talking about the experience.
Fun fun fun to watch.
PS #1 Bridgett welcome back to the blog, its been a while hasn't it?
PS #2 Did Margie Hale make it for the June 20th?
PS #3 Will collectors group meet this summer? If you have information please pass along.

Phani said...


You are welcome. I would do it every year if I had her company!!