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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NERB SCORES ARE IN - I'm a high 90s !

Tonight I want to say Thank you for your support of BLENKO and for your interest in my well being.
I'm not certain if - receiving 25 emails & a l/2 dozen blog comments asking - 'if I PASSED' made me feel cared for - or - anxious...but you all certainly deserve to know...the NERB Exams scores are in and mine was good. This is my final year of the DDS program. I hope to be accepted into a GPR or AEGD program - we'll see. My next exam is in December - its a written exam see NBDE Part II below..
Dental Education/Training in the U.S.
Dental school is four academic years in duration and is similar in format to medical school--consisting of two years of basic medical and dental sciences, followed by two years of clinical training (with continued didactic coursework). Before graduating, every dental student must successfully complete the National Board Dental Examination Part I and II (commonly referred to as NBDE I & II). The NBDE Part I is usually taken at the end of the second year after the majority of the didactic courses have been completed. The NBDE Part I covers anatomic sciences, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, pathology, and dental anatomy and occlusion. The NBDE Part II is usually taken during winter of the last year of dental school and consists of operative dentistry, pharmacology, endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, pain control, prosthodontics, orthodontics, pedodontics, oral pathology, and radiology. NBDE Part I scores are of importance when considering residency training after graduating from dental school.
After graduating, the vast majority of new dentists go directly into practice while a small percentage of dentists apply to a residency program. Some residency programs train dentists in advanced general dentistry such as General Practice Residencies and Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residencies, commonly referred to as GPR and AEGD. Most GPR and AEGD programs are one year in duration but several are two years long or provide an optional second year. GPR programs are usually affiliated with a hospital and thus require the doctor to treat a wide variety of patients including trauma, critically ill, and medically compromised patients. Additionally, GPR programs require residents to rotate through various departments within the hospital, such as anesthesia, internal medicine, and emergency medicine, to name a few. AEGD programs are usually in a dental school setting where the focus is treating complex cases in a comprehensive manner.


Ram said...

Congratulation Hillary
Margie you are so nice & caring I am doing good.

Phani said...


mismgr said...

Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work. We knew you could do it. Larry from TX

westvirginiajanis said...

Congratulations Hillary on passing NERB round 1 !!!!! You are wonder woman. By the way, weren't you wonder woman for Halloween last year? Well, dust off the old costume! Oh, and ditch those other action heroes in tight leotards!

Perhaps this year you can go as a giant tooth. One WVU year, my roomates and I went as a village. Each person decorated an appliance box. We walked around Sunnyside (back in the day) and when someone shouted "assemble" we lined up and formed a skyline. I was a skyscraper. Great memories. All that to say that I hope you are finding time to have fun in Morgantown, in addition to blogging and studying for dental exams!

Thank you for finding time to work on the BLOG and keeping us updated on BLENKO!

WV Janis

Anonymous said...


Someone asked me to look at your blog today.

The glass rod that is shown was used to make the Jupiter line that was made in 2004.


The other lines "Stained Glass, Opaque, Kiwi, and Confetti" from 2004/2005 used other rods.

Anonymous said...

High 90s a 75 is required to pass this is Kick Ass high!
Way to go.

annu said...

Oh long ago I did these exams
Oral/ Facial Surgery now
In my program they recommend those with scores in the 90s consider
Ortho or Oral.
80 Endo
70s General Dent - laugh.
Any GPS program would be very fortunate to have you apply now, you are running late, phone for interviews. Speak with your faculty. Be proactive.
Excellent scores. I worked very hard and my score was a few points less.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous job. Also with your glass work, what is new with Blenko? Did the changes go through? Rick is terminated? The 23 year old is Vice President?
This should be a great human interest magazine story, Youthful take over - two young women passionate about Blenko, one a dental student, the other heading the company! How does that place capture the hearts of women?

andreerods said...

I do troll your blog.
Great news, I expected no less than perfection from the glass lady.
Rememeber to be nice to yourself.
Keep reaching for those stars!
New York is nice this time of year- if you need a resting place.

Anonymous said...


mismgr said...

Thanks. I stand corrected on the use for the BLENKO Rod. I am not familiar with the technique to create a vase from a rod but I'm not an expert on all aspects of glass making. Thanks for the info. Larry from TX

Dr.BOB said...

Very high score!

How do you account for this?

Dr.BOB said...

Very high score!

How do you account for this?

Anonymous said...

Seeing your sweet name makes me feel good. Come back, we miss you
and your comments.
Tell us about life and did you return from home?
Margie Hale

Hillary J Homburg said...

My friends and and I are going this year as the "fathers of our country" I'm going as Ben Franklin
a 'updated female Ben Franklin'
but we are honoring these gentlmen as the Real Supermen! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love dressing up and often to multiple costumes for different nights. But my GFs and I always do a 'theme' costume.
We hope to have life time friendships and memories.

bridgett said...

Many physicians in my group regret not doing Dent program. You guys have less Govt involvement allowing for greater incomes.
Good field you are entering.
Scores sound very impressive.
What is GP program? Do you plan to teach, is it for this?