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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Winter Sports in WVa. - Ski Snowshoe

In Response to the Questions about Ski activities in WV - and is Snow Shoe open!
The following response is from friend in the know. hjh Hope this helps with your plans to
visit WVa.

Hey, There are a few places to ski in WV but the best is by far snowshoe. It has tons of trails, different activities (snowmobiles, snoeshoeing, tubing, snowboard park, ect.) and lots of restaurants and clubs. The village on top of the mountain is similar in style to vail, CO and has everything you need including a huge arcade/adventure building for kids. Snow has just begun to fall and it should have 6" by the end of the day. Opening day for ski season is Nov.26. You can contact snowshoe at their website, www.snowshoemtn.com or call them at 877-441-4FUN. Its a great area in the fall and summer also if you like to fly fish, mountain bike, or golf. Winterplace is a good place to go if you want to catch a good day or two of skiing and is closer to Charleston, but it isn't a true resort like snowshoe is.Hope this helps, Gordon Lane


Phani said...

I never did skating or roller-blades, but I think it will be fun skiing. I love mountain biking up in KY. It was really fun.

Anonymous said...

My husband bought into Snowshoe when it first opened, my little one bedroom has great appreciated over the years. My grandchildren use it in the winter and my girlfriends and I go in the spring and summer for 3-5 days. Birdwatchers paradise.
Margie Hale

westvirginiajanis said...

Ahhh, Snowshoe.....

The eastern part of West Virginia is magical-- in spite of the HAIRPIN turns. Pocahontas County is home to not only Snowshoe but also the Hammons family, known for their acoustic, mountain string-band music. Pearl S. Buck was born in Pocahontas Co. Nearby Pendleton Co. (Hellhole) is a hibernaculum for two federally protected bat species.I could go on forever about this pristine part of the state.

It would be nice to have a hand-blown glass convention in that part of the state-- even though, unlike the western part of WV, it was not a hotbed of glass blowing !!!!

WV Janis

Dr.BOB said...

We go yearly often for Christmas with whole family.
Bridgett you must be blonde.

Yoman said...

I have lovely ski shoes which got from Sports Authority...

Phani said...