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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blenko - Buy Made In USA


You write about buying gifts when you were a child from Blenko. My question is have you been to Blenko in the last decade?

Not one thing in this shop is affordable.

My kids have a $10 - 15 limit. What could they buy for their teacher or gmom?



Yes. I have been to Blenko in the last decade. I continue to find many items at Blenko in the $10 - 20 range. Often the Blenko waterbottles will be $20 or under. Frequently one can find items on the clearance table for under $20. The small frogs and whales are often under $10.

One item - I frequently purchase is the Blenko Glass disc - these are attached to a chain, a ribbon or a key chain and the cost is $8.00.

Katie Trippe and Company started with the Blenko Waterbottle image, they continue to add designs - The Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer and the image of our State (WV) are 2 of my most frequent purchases.

Return to Blenko. Talk with the shop ladies, they'll guide you and your children to affordable Blenko Glass. A few years ago in a conversation with Mr. Walter Blenko we discussed the need to have small touchable items ( not easily broken) that children could purchase. Blenko has continued this tradition of offering affordable glass.

You didn't mention taking your children to the observation area. Please take them each and every time they accompany you to Blenko Glass.

Randy Rider - Keith Morris and the others enjoy having children visit.

If we teach the children about the importance of buying local, buying Made In West Virginia, buying goods from our neighbors - well - perhaps we'll develop more manufacturing jobs and keep the ones we have.

BLENKO GLASS MADE IN WEST VIRGINIA! Buy only made in the USA this year!


Dr.BOB said...

Why did you stop the comments?
My comments fail and no other comments appear, can we work together to discover
a method to fix the problem?
Roxie, Mountain Rita, Jan, Paul, margie, phani, sweetdoc,
Dr ann, susan etc. I want to hear what these collectors say, comments should be allowed.

susan said...

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-Sadhguru Searching for Blenko allows one to use their mind, form other relationships, and have company for yoga.

Anonymous said...

Tell me the name of 10 things made in US
bet you can't.

Anonymous said...

1. Homer Loughlin Fiestaware
2. Marble-King Marbles
3. Everyready Batteries
4. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
5. Chevrolets
6. Fords
7. Paper and Paper products
8. About a 100 things made by 3M
9. Tupperware
10. and..Blenko Glass.

Need 10 more?

Anonymous said...

OREK Vacum Cleaners
Glass canning jars 9 cambridge WV small shop on 8th street
add these please for Sam.

Anonymous said...

Several of you write often and write about holy things.
I find myself searching for these comments, could you provide a link for interested readers?
Hilary is this OK?
If not I can give my email address.
Thank you
G. Knight