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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blenko Glass

Hi Hillary,
Last of the Ruby shots is this trio. From left to right you have a Pre-designer Blenko #519, next is the Myers designed Blenko Gump's decanter, and last is the Pre-designer Blenko #368 (7"). Blenko's Ruby is so rich and deep that it just is a wonderful color to have in anyone's collection. Hope you have enjoyed,
Bruce S

Note: In the BLENKO MUSEUM located upstairs of Blenko Glass Gift Shop there are a number of vintage Blenko - Ruby items by Winslow. A number of pre designer items are located in the side shelf. The Blenko Glass Museum at Blenko is open each day - - you may use these displays to properly identify your Blenko Glass by year and designer, there is no charge for the self guide tours of Blenko Museum or for entrance to the observation gallery - - where you can observe the Blenko Glass workers creating the new 2012 Blenko Glass line.
Blenko Glass. Blenko. Blenko Museum. Blenko Gift Shop. Blenko. Blenko. Blenko.


WV Janis said...

I am always amazed at how clean the Bruce's Blenko glass looks. It appears to be in mint condition. When I buy decanters, they seem to get "sick" from trapped moisture.

Bruce I hope your photos are being used in a book or catalog. They are fabulous. Perhaps the visitors center could sell posters or postcards of these photos.

WV Janis said...

I love the clarity of Bruce's Blenko glass. It looks so clean. I have decanters that look "sick." Somehow moisture gets trapped inside and the decanters get ruined. Texas and Bruce must agree with Blenko.

WV Janis

Anonymous said...

jangit singh had a brain hemm
orage and is critically ill
Maxnificent signer
last year I gave him
a ruby blenko vase

penny said...

I too admire your glass photos and your knowledge of glass.
Thank you. Your photos add joy to my week.

penny said...

I use my decanters and vases for flowers
and they also sometimes get stains
which I clean with a solution of alkaseltzer

penny said...

I'm not certain my comments are published or my
visited are recorded
do I need to sign in someplace?

Anonymous said...

Suggestions or how to clean can be found on Blenko Collectors Four

jen said...

i started collecting vintage blenko in 2004 & would often lose a fabulous piece to "blenko bruce" on ebay....is it true, have i found him????

if so, i'm happy i was forced to surrender to such an avid collector.

kudos to an amazing collection!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jen but you have yet to find "Blenko Bruce" He is a collector from California who for several years kept outbidding everyone including me. We bid under and still bid as Debbie's monitor of Debdodahday. Several of the other bigger bidders have also eased off during these economic times.
Bruce Specht

Jen said...

Oh darn, I thought I was on to something!!!! I'm from California as well, perhaps one day I'll be lucky enough to meet him on the street!! ( kidding of course! )

Additionally, kudos to YOU for an amazing collection!!! Inspiring, nonetheless.....as my kids exclaim every time a "special" package arrives, "Blenko loves Blenko!!!"...economic down times aside, the collection lives on!!!

Enjoy every piece...they are magical.

KyDocCollectorofAmericanGlass said...

Wonderful photo..
Thank you to Bruce.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog
please feel OK about sharing photos of your collection.
many of us are new
have few pieces other than what is currently available on line from Blenko.
Susan Miller