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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Orange Bowl - Its a Great Day to be a Mountaineer!

I can't say with any statistical analysis the BLENKO GLASS www.blenkoglass.com LOGO items (Marshall and WVU )

correlate to the win.

However, Blenko Glass continues to sell Logo items for your favorite sports teams.

If you didn't add Blenko Glass to your pre game and post game party this year. Buy NOW!

WVU's first ORANGE BOWL win. Highest scoring team in Orange Bowl history.

The entire State of West Virginia is proud of this team and Coaches.



Anonymous said...

The game wasn't available here
but did see the interview with Coach Holgsten
and team.
Is the Neilan kid related to Coach Neilan?

Anonymous said...

BTW I think I saw a CLemson paw on orange glass at Blenko.
If I did your statement isn't true.

Anonymous said...

Wait til next year, MU can say it beat the team that won the Orange Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Had to check in to see what was being said about the game. I am proud of this team. They stepped up to show the world they could play football. Five touchdowns in ten minutes. It does get old when everyone puts you down all the time. The green glass for sale is beautiful. I am into the cobalt blue. Have seen the Top Hat in black. I have also of late been looking through wish books and found a light blue lamp just like my Moon. Is Blenko making these lamps for other company's? Happy New Year to all and My god Bless everyone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We are most proud of WVU.