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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Jim McKelvey

This info from our good friend Tony Patti -
Don't you just love it when a good glassblower is recognized?

If you watched Sunday night's Super Bowl football game, hopefully you saw the Best Buy TV advertisement on "Mobile Innovators".

Because the commercial featured glassblower Jim McKelvey for his Square Mobile Pay.

You can watch the Best Buy TV advertisement online here: http://www.youtube.com/bestbuy

Jim McKelvey - created Square Mobile Pay

Jim McKelvey is co-founder of Square, a mobile payment platform. A renowned glass blower, he was trying to sell one of his pieces over the phone to a woman in Panama, and lost his sale because he could not accept American Express. He founded Square in 2009 as a way to prevent small business from not being able to accept certain payment cards.

Square was the first mobile payment system for smartphones.
The miniature, square shaped, thumb-sized slot plugs into any Android or iPhone/iPad device and allows users to securely swipe credit cards and process instant payment. Instead of charging up to 5 percent of the gross sale like most machines, Square charges a fixed 2.75 percent. McKelvey built the prototype card-readers as Dorsey worked
on the software. By the end of 2009, Square had over 100,000 customers, today it has over a million.


KyDocCollectorofAmericanGlass said...

I do love it when a glassblower is recognized.

Blenko should consider recognizing the glassblowers at Blenko by allowing them to create items and sign those items.

alex said...

Blenko now on occassion allows shops to create and sign glass.
Upcoming Festival of Glass is when this happens.