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Monday, April 29, 2013

"Glass India" video

This from our blogger friend T.Patti

Remarkable, fascinating, 28 minute video, recorded during 1991 in Firozabad India, by Norman Faulkner (of Canada)

Video documentation of glass manufacturing in India, with unique footage of glass factories in Firozobad. Factories visited include OM Glass Factory, Ceeraj Glassworks Ltd., and Prince Glass Ltd. Workers (including young boys) are seen making bangles, vases, headlights (lamps) for automobiles, and other tableware items. Of special note are the workers who toss the blowpipes to each other, the use of a mandrel for making bangles, and the use of a side lever press for making tableware and headlights.

Filmed in the glass factories of Firozabad, India.
Narrator, Norman Faulkner.
Production assistant, Marie DeRoy.
Title from title frame.

This same title is available on VHS , produced in 1991, which is 40 minutes in length. Per Norman Faulkner, they are the same, except that the 2004 release [which is what is on YouTube] has been edited.



alex said...

get a life

alex said...

You tell us to avoid foreign glass
then you post
a glass india???
What gives

Anonymous said...

Delightful video
thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

@alex: if you want to boycott all indian, then you should not come here either. V is from india, and so are many readers.

Anonymous said...

I am also from India Alex.
I lived in WV from 82 to 87
worked at what was CAMC
now we live in SD but return yearly.
Alex, I didn't find any red necks like you during my five years.
What hole did you crawl out of?

Anonymous said...

Also there are many Chinese and Poles and Italians
we are a mixed group.