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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Blenko Glass Blog. Heart of Glass. Water Bottle Week.

Our inaugural Water Bottle Week is 23- 29 January, 2017. Nothing has become more icon for Blenko glass, and perhaps for West Virginia glass, than our classic #384 water bottle made since 1938! We have set aside one entire week to celebrate and play with this form.
Blenko will offer Make Your Own water bottle classes, follow us on social media to learn the registration date, etc.There will be a photo contest open to the public for images of water bottle collections, water bottles in use, etc. Two winning photos will be awarded a cash prize and those images will then be used by Blenko to produce postcards for sale in the company store. We will have photo opportunities with our very own living, talking human Water Bottle. Did we mention this is a FUN event? Special editions of color, new colors, and playful adaptation of the form will all be offered for sale in the company store. The event is a must for those who enjoy or love our #384 water bottles.
Almost immediately on the heels of the Water Bottle Week Blenko celebrates an entire month of The Animal Kingdom. We are making offhand and dump mouded animals calling upon our past to fill our ark of diverse critters. We will open our on-site and on-line efforts to populate a glass zoo at your home Wednesday February 1. Handmade penguins, large cast walrus, small whales, and on the list goes.
Follow us on social media to catch sightings of the animals we are making in anticipation of the event. Plan to visit us in Milton or go on your own safari on line to bag some Blenko members of the animal kingdom!
Exciting days are in store for you from the hot furnaces of Blenko Glass and our skilled artisans. Be sure to join us this winter.
contact us at dsix@blenkoglass.com with comments or questions
 Photos of Blenko Water Bottles from our Blog -  The Water bottle is said to be the most versatile item in the Blenko Glass line.  It is the longest running item in the Blenko Glass Company's line.

Big and Little - we use both or liquids and for holding flowers from our gardens.

This one was created for the MARSHALL UNIVERSITY FANS

The WVU - Water bottles can now be seen frequently at WVU Football pre and post game parking lot events.

This is another simple variation - frosted Water Bottle

Etched and Painted 


sweetdoc said...

Doc Hilery
Two comments.
#1) We were at the Clay Gala with our WVa friends on Saturday.
99% certain we saw you. Tried to say hello, but you weren't around when we left the photographer.
We all agreed you looked stunning!
#2) If you need help with the blenko project, we can volunteer our IT person.
Thank you for this blog. We all read weekly.

sweetdoc said...

Great Blog! Great Product!

sweetdoc said...

Not certain comment is showing.
We think we saw you on Saturday at Clay Gala, we drove up and went with the CAMC group who bought couple of tables.
You looked stunning.
Susan B.