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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Barney Dickinsheets - Blenko Chemist

DR. Hillary, They have been talking alot about charactors on TV lately ,They have not been to Milton. Even the man the town was named after was a charactor and there have been more charactors in Milton than any other town that I have lived in. Blenko was full of them, one that was for sure taken for grantid was the chemist that made all the beautiful colors that I think Blenko would not have been so popular without. His name was "Barney" Dickinsheets. He retired in the mid 60s but those colors will be remembered for ever. Thanks Larry T.

Anyone know the Barney Dickinsheets story? Is he living? Is he in Milton? If he is, or has family I would like to interview for The Blenko Project. hjh


Anonymous said...

talkin about characters i hear the new 25 year old vp makes 75K the same amount the 70 year old MBA made if this is true Blenko is full of characters.
and I want to learn more about all of them.
Can you list all the workers by name and what they do?
Louise West

Anonymous said...

What people earn is none of your business at Blenko or any place else in these United States is
not an appropriate subject
and my guess is Hilary didn't montior that message.
Ted E

susan said...

The chief glassmaker and designer should be the highest paid workers.
As long as they are paid equal to this or more I have no issue with this salary.

wayne said...

I remember Barney Dickensheets very well. He was great to work with.
When I insisted that the Charcoal
I wanted had to be more inklike blue
than the easier brownish Charcoals
(see Ericksen et al) He stuck with it
through many iterations. He must have been at least ten to fifteen years older than my 26 yrs old so he would have to be in his ninties. I hope he is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

Wayne did blenko make white glass
we are fighting about this?
Sue M

bridgett said...

Mr. Husted
When I see the Wayne
I feel excited to know the creator of my favorite items is a living breathing still creating individual what is your 2010 creation?
Did you return to your classical roots or continue to do experimental pieces?
Just curious

Dr.BOB said...

Tell us more about Barney.

Anonymous said...

I remember when I first started working in the lab at Blenko I was being trained by Don Walker the chemist at that time. I would read Mr. Dickinsheets notes from past antique batches and colors he had made. I was trying to learn all I could about mixing the various components that make glass. His batch would say 1 shovel of this and 2 shovels of that half a bucket of this 1 bucket of that. Not knowing what bucket or what shovel he used I ask Mr. B what to do he would just laugh and say you will figure it out. He was right I did. I came to the conclusion Barney was a Wizard when it came to making glass, I wish I could have worked with him. I truly enjoyed the the years I worked in the batching dept. It was exciting mixing this stuff up then waiting to see how it turned out I loved it.

Don Lemley