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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Blenko: The Spirit of American Stained Glass

On March 8th, Mr. Walter Blenko appeared on the Iowa Public Television station to promote Blenko Glass during the airing of Blenko: The Spirit of American Stained Glass. The program will be the first IPTV presentation to feature Walter Blenko and will focus heavily on the influence and importance that Blenko Glass has had on the design and artistry of American Stained Glass. Iowa Public Television is extremely proud to produce a program featuring Mr. Walter Blenko and to be the exclusive public television network presenting Blenko Glass thank-you gifts this March.

Viewers in Iowa and all over the world are aware of the value and uniqueness of Blenko's hand crafted glass. Therefore, to equally ensure everyone the opportunity to view this special presentation, Iowa Public Television is also offering online streaming of the broadcast of Blenko: The Spirit of American Stained Glass. As was mentioned earlier, during the presentation Mr. Walter Blenko will be IPTV's live in-studio guest, and he will be presenting unique and beautiful pieces from the Blenko collection as thank-you gifts for supporters of Iowa Public Television. With calls or online pledges of support, viewers enjoying the program online can also receive these elegant Blenko thank-you gifts, including an exclusive piece. All of the Blenko thank-you gifts, including the exclusive pledge piece, can be viewed by visiting the IPTV website at the link shown here, www.iptv.org

*NOTE: This program will be shown throughout the month, with the next showing scheduled for tomorrow, March 13th, at 11:30a. The full episode can also be viewed online at http://www.iptv.org/video/detail.cfm/6866/bsa_20100308_blenko_live at any time.*


Anonymous said...

Blenko man _ impeccable dressed man. Excellent representation of a fine English family and product.

Dr.BOB said...

So good to learn Blenko now values PBS.
PBS could be a consistent source of PR for Blenko.
3 cheers to Mr. Walter Blenko.

Anonymous said...

Artworks in Oldtown
Wheeling, (304)233-7540
Artist cooperative in Wheeling's North Main Street area, housed in a Victorian former grocery store.

Brooke Glass Company
Wellsburg, (304)737-3461, (304)737-0619 (tours)
A glass manufacturing plant has operated here along the Ohio River since 1879. Specialties include lamp and lighting fixture parts, candle accessories and colored glass.

Carriage House Glass
Wheeling, at Oglebay, (304)243-4000
Featuring glass made in more than a dozen West Virginia plants. Lower floor features museum collection and glass blowing.

Centre Market
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One of the oldest market houses in the country, with dining and specialty shops.

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The Gift Shop & Factory Glass Outlet
Wheeling, (304)233-0660
Features West Virginia glass and a wide range of collectibles. Specialties include Fenton, Blenko and Pilgrim glass.

Homer Laughlin China Company
Newell, (304)387-1300
Creators of the brightly colored, collectible Fiesta Ware, the company reintroduced the popular line in 1986. Tours and factory outlet on premises.

Wheeling Artisan Center
Wheeling, (304)232-1810
Beautifully restored historic industrial building featuring the Nail City Brewing Company and Restaurant. Second floor houses the Wymers General Store/Museum and Industrial Heritage exhibits. Also offers retail crafts and collectibles with demonstration areas for working artisans.

Anonymous said...

I plan this week to ask my BF to list your blog with all the search engines. He's a genius, in no time your blog will be easily accessed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

G - 0 Blenko!
Cheers to Blenko for this bold action.

Anonymous said...

Note for Hilary:
Your photo and bio no longer show on my page with the blog.

DrAnnu said...

If you haven't watch this.
Great job.

sweetdoc said...

Beautiful man, to give of his time for this cause.

Anonymous said...

same man that wont pay the gas bill they owe!says a lot for his charecter doesnt it?

susan said...

I printed this for the bulletin board at our clinics.
Cheers to all invovled.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I can't say much for a man who would turn his back on lifetime employees who devoted their life to Blenko glass and let some kid come in and fire them just because she doesn't like them.