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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Glass blowing - " It's what makes me tick as a person"

Our Blog friend Tony Patti sent the article below ( Tony Patti gaffer@glassblower.info).

There is a two-page spread on pages 36 & 37 of the December 2010 / January 2011 issue of Inc. Magazine.

Superimposed on the two-page photograph is this sentence:

"Glass blowing is beyond a hobby for me. It's what makes me tick as a person."



Anonymous said...

This mans website is amazing with a captal A.

Anonymous said...

Now I have yet another website to visit daily.
Tony is indeed amazing I agree with Chitrakhan.

Anonymous said...

Will you take a side in this debate?
I host our glass group weekly for brunch before we shop.
I prefer people take their shoes off before entering my home.
White carpet and cork floors but also its just the right thing to do. Everyone reads your blog at least once each week. Tell'em Hillary to take off the shoes.
Below is research you might use.
Anyone else keep their shoes on in the house? I think not.
Your shoes: Do you keep your shoes on in your house? Yes, this is a controversial issue -- those who like to keep their shoes on, thankyouverymuch, may take offense to rhetoric about removing shoes at the door. But, there has been a mounting amount of research in the past years indicating that what we track in on the bottom of our souls could be making us sick -- from chemicals lingering on sidewalks and roads to the microbes you picked up in the public restroom. In fact, some health experts consider taking shoes off in your home as a way that anyone can improve their health. Even the super-doc Dr. Mehmet Oz suggested this year that it was on his top-5 list of things he'd recommend people do. So take those shoes off, darlings!
Mitzi B.

Anonymous said...

"Touch a Bichon, and you have touched a bit of heaven,
Hold a Bichon, and you have held the world,
Love a Bichon, and you will love life forever."
~Author Unknown

Glassdoc we know you rescue Bichons, thought you'd enjoy this poem.