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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Randall Reid-Smith

Photo of Randall Reid- Smith ( WV Culture and History).

Who is Randal Smith - you said he was the best thing to happen to WV Glass and artist
Who - What - When - Where?
When I google I find nothing about WV and Randall Smith.
Thank you.
Carolee P.
Virginia Beach, Va.

Dear Carolee,
Randall Reid-Smith was appointed Commissioner of Culture and History by
then Governor Manchin in 2006.
He and Jacqueline Proctor are responsible for the program that features WV Artist. WV 's Best. Thus far, BLENKO GLASS, Fenton, Hinkle Glass and the Marble Factory have been honored at the Cultural Center with a month exhibit.
Google Randall Reid-Smith, or visit the State of West Virginia website - all the State Parks, the State Fairs etc are listed.

Thanks for reading and for your support of West Virginia Glass.


Anonymous said...

Last call from VM Glasshouse..


Great pieces at discount....


candy said...

Randall Reid-Smith is also a professional singer - a well known out of WV professional singer.
To learn he is a commissioner and collects glass - well very interesting.
We are attempting to join the group of people who value and collect American Glass. Do you know about Indiana Glass? I can send photos if you want.

Anonymous said...

You forgot one thing.
These exhibits travel the state.
We saw the Blenko exhibit here in the Northern Pandhandle.
We drove to Charleston for Fenton.
I don't believe Hinkle schedule has been listed? Do you know Glasslady?

Anonymous said...

VM Glass house is the New York dealer of glass.
He buys for cheap on ebay and in
rural areas, then gives it to you for 700% more.
Because its from a BS of Art curator.
FYI for PB.

Anonymous said...

Reasons why WV admires Randall.

Google Randall Reid-Smith, but also please do scroll down the page a bit. Don't forget to put in the hyphen.
Read what the people of West Virginia say about our Commissioner of the Division of Culture and History. It is truly amazing.
Cutting edge (no glass pun intended) leadership at its best.
Discover why he is the fave of the employees under his helm.


chitrakahn said...

FYI: Date # 4 of my comments not showing.

susan said...

Anyone else having problems with blogger comments?
My comments fail to upload.

Anonymous said...

Well Hilly it will be interesting to see if the new Gov keeps your friend Randall - Reid - Smith
Mr. Smith has angered many people in a brief tenture.

Anonymous said...

The WV Culture center's new exhibits focus on WV Glass. One thing missing, one big thing in my opinion is
Fenton and Blenko's yearly production of West Virginia Birthday Items. Someone should acquire both sets for the Culutral Centers Glass museum.

Anonymous said...

I did read all the google entries for Randal hypen
Some superlatiaves and many negatives.
Artist are tempermental, and known to be divas my wife is such an artist. They are also focused and work hard and demand other do.
Could RRS fire anyone w/o the consent and aproval of the Executive branch? I doubt.
Glassdoc stay out of politics.
No good person can win a battle of throwing mud.

candy said...

Jackie Protor who you mention in this post is now the Press Secretary for your new Govenor.
The cream does sometimes rise to the top!

Dr.BOB said...

This position is a will and pleasure job, therefore it could change at any time.
Last commissioner was there for many many years.
Finding artist and those interested in arts also interested in goverment is not an easy task.