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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blenko Factory Update

Readers: You've asked for Factory Info - Christy from the Blenko Glass Company front office will be updating us every few weeks.
She sent the below message: Which means (1) You may do on line ordering from the 2011 catalog but probably won't find these items in the Visitors Center (2) Best to phone order during 10-4 time and ask for the shipping or office (3). Waterbottles in the new styles may be available at the VC. Thanks to Christy & Blenko


Update From Blenko Glass Factory: Christy

We have only just brought 1 shop back to work and will continue with 1 shop until the Visitor Center picks back up later in the Spring. The new products haven't really been produced much at all, really just samples for shows, etc so the Visitor Center doesn't have anything yet and probably won't for a while until we start making pieces and that start receiving the seconds. I would simply suggest if they want the piece to order online, although of course they would be purchasing the first quality at the retail price. If they want to wait for the seconds they will just have to keep checking at the Visitor Center or put in a request for one of the employees to call when the piece they are looking for becomes available. We are pretty much only producing glass that will get orders out the door and the majority of that is waterbottles. The VC will probably get optic water bottles more often.

That's really all of the info that I have right now. The VC has a copy of the new catalog so they can look up the new pieces.


Anonymous said...

We love coming to Blenko - so she's saying don't come order on line?
They won't offer 1st quality of the 2011 line at the gift shop?
Why not?
I would think from just this blog they would sell one or more per week.
Appreciate the knowledge, I for one am grateful to know what the current status is.
Thank you to Christy.
Thank you too Glassdoc.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the only things they sell at the VC are seconds. If so, I feel sorry for those who have purchased there, thinking that they were getting first quality glass. Also, if this is true, those who have advocated buying at the VC need to make full disclosure of this, to not mislead buyers.

Anonymous said...

May I make a suggestion?
We drove to Milton after your post with the big bottle, we were told my the shop keepers " we know nothing about reproductions"...." what you see if what we have"
Perhaps a sample bottle in the VC with the price and a sign saying pre order! I like to see what I'm buying. My past history with Blenko is often things don't sit w/o wobble and I want to inspect each item.
Also providing the shop keepers with an update of what is available by catalog, thereby they can provide intelligent answers to
consumer questions.

susan said...

Do not try to put your thoughts and emotions, your rights and wrongs into your children. Your ideas belong to the past, but a child belongs to the future.

sweetdoc said...

I have questions.
Do you know what the 2011 Bday piece will look like?
What will you be selling during Festival of Glass?
How long is the weight for the 59...? big bottles w/ stopper?
Can we have colors not listed?
Is it true no lst in the gift shop?
I always buy from a table where things are pre signed.
I buy gifts for professional friends and would be embarssed to be giving 2nds.
How will I know in the future?
Also can we shop 1st all ways and how do we do this?
I don't like on line ordering, I like to see and touch before I purchase.
Thank you Christy.

sweetdoc said...

Read the statement, Christy says they are understaffed.

Anonymous said...

To the person who ask about
Lemley and Osburn.
The two are not connected.
Lemley was last I heard in the hospital for some surgery.
Osburn continues to sell his
very colorful glass to Tamarack and collectors of WV Glass.
Both were tremendous loss
when they departed Blenko.
I must say most of the talent is gone. When Rider leaves there will
be nothing left. Except office workers.
George H.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone from Blenko read the comments?
If so and they get display model
please make the knowledge public.

Anonymous said...

Not great news, but very good to hear what is happening.
Will lower my expectations for the VC and guide me toward on line shopping at www.blenkoglass.com.

Anonymous said...

George H
Tryin to catch up on the blog after a late night.
Have you worked at Blenko? I think not.
You have no insider knowledge
about talent.
If you do then tell us who you
are and what your role is.