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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blenko Glass 2011

Many new items for 2011 are available for your viewing. The Blenko Glass http://www.blenkoglass.com/ web site is open 24/7 for shopping.

You'll want to print the $$ off coupon, this may be used in the Blenko Glass Shop at Milton, WV or for on line purchases.
Check out Blenko Glass for all your tableware, from a simple glass to art glass. www.blenkoglass.com
Learn more about Blenko Glass visit www.theblenkoproject.org Blenko Glass Project , created to preserve the history of Glass Workers in West Virginia.


Anonymous said...

What is the price of a simple glass at Blenko?

Anonymous said...

What is the price of a simple glass at Blenko? Do you know HJH?
Its almost $30.
Way too much.

susan said...


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Anonymous said...

Blenko Glass shop in Milton for $20
Ole Timey Shop in Milton for $12-18.

Anonymous said...

The choice is buy made in USA
and help the USA
or buy cheap Walmart and help China grow
or buy Target - Home Goods and
help the Mexican glass markets.
I prefer to pay more buy made in USA.
One more thing Appalachain Glass in Weston offers made in USA top of the line glass for less than the $30. Wineglasses, waterglasses, entire series and in crystal.

susan said...

I'm having issues with the Blenko website
my web crawler is sayings proceed only if you want a virus.

Anonymous said...


does buying blenko help america grow? how about the 100 thousands of employees walmart and target support. Most 'made in USA' stuff is in fact made in china or some how related to china.

To fully understand what you are saying, you need to know how the money flows? I have studies international politics and business for several years.

I can give several examples, however, I will give simple example of automobile sector. Chinese/japanese companies did not kill detroit.
UAW did. UAW became so powerful that they forced ford, GM and chrystler to increase their perks to so high levels that the companies could not even build cars without suffering any loss and they could not compete against foreign competition. Now, when you buy an american car, government i.e. tax payers like us pay part of the cost.

FYI: honda has its plants in OHIO and as honda does not fall under UAW, it is still doing good because it does not have to succumb to ridiculous demands of UAW. To truly help us, we need to get rid of such organizations that use beurocratic red tapes to suck money out of the economy. During recession, all of the GM's line workers in USA got fired, however, none of HONDA's workers in USA lost their jobs.

Another example of farmers. Farmers in our country get huge subsidies from government (i.e. we) to keep them competitive against the produces from mexico.

So in effect, buying the wrong 'made in usa' products can hurt the economy because the price of keeping such products competitive is paid by the entire economy. This in turn increases overall deficit. Which results in more money being borrowed from china and its greater influence on US policies, which is far more worse than buying made in china products.

I dont mind higher taxes. However, I want to see my taxes to be used to develop infrastructure (schools, universities and hospitals). Also, about made in USA products, I want the products. Not labels. I want to see money go to people making the products in the factories. Not to lobbyists, lawyers and wall street investors. The current economic crash was caused by these people. The same people have set up economy for crashes again, when medicare and SS bubble will burst.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

If management had its way, everyone in America would make minimum wage and have no benefits. How about management and their golden parachutes. Get Big payoffs to take companies into bankruptcy and even bigger payoffs to bring them out of bankruptcy.

Living wages for everyone. Just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears-- not too little, not too much. Let's keep it just right.

Blenko, blenko, blenko

DrAnnu said...

Tablewares from the 70s 80s
and 50s can be found online.
The quality is excellent.
The barware is near perfect.
Blenko barware and tableware is
heavy and doesn't break easily.
We use daily. The Fostoria we use on weekends and the Waterford and L'Allue we use only for special occassions.
The 2011 items appear to be
promising. Is it possible to publish additional photos?