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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Osma Bin Laden Dead?


The recent news of Osma's death makes me want to have something for the gkids to remember 9/11.

I seem to recall a Blenko series being designed in honor of 9/11.

If this is factual can you tell me how to find the series?

David Y.


Wayne Husted was at Blenko on 9/11 and designed a series called "Patriot"

I do not own this series. Steve Bair of Charleston owns this series. We were unable

to contact him for photos.

The Blenko Collectors Four website does have photos of the Patriot grouping.

I'm attaching a photo from this website. Check out Blenko Collector Four to see photos of

most all the speciality lines from Blenko.


Anonymous said...

What is the cost?
Can Blenko reissue this?

Anonymous said...

The Creativity - Sacred Feminine part is an extraordinary energy.In Vedic tradition we call this as 'Maathru Roopena Samsthitha' . There is a beautiful Sloka in Chandi :

"Yaadevi Sarva Bhudeshu Maathru Roopena Samsthitha

Namas thasyai Namas thasyai Namas thasyai Namo Namaha"

"O Devi,who is residing in all beings, and in whatever exists, in the form of Ultimate Creativity,

I bow down, I bow down, I bow down, I surrender"

Happy Mother's Day to all the doggie Moms and
the Grandmoms
and the Mother of children
who read and collect Blenko.
Glassdoc would say Buy blenko for Mom's Day! In my world we would suggest growing a tomato or veggie plant for your Mom and your self.

Anonymous said...

Blenko does not re issue
they are fearful to do this?
WHY who the hell knowns
but even if they do re issue
they will alter the design
which is so stupid!
Fenton, Waterford and many Italian glass companies do re issue
and mark the item as reissued.
Blenko is Blenko.

Anonymous said...

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Hilary you never mention Mexico other than to say don't buy glass made in China, Mexico or India.
Wake up! Many of your readers are from Mexico we also collect.
A few of the commenters sound Indian and I'll bet you have an Asisan / China man or woman who readers also.
Embrace all holidays - the globe became smaller before your birth.

Anonymous said...

not trying to be mean, the reason we don't reissue now is nobody here can make this kind of stuff now.

Anonymous said...

Comment to A who typed out the Chandi Sloka:

Are you a Sri Vidya practitioner?
Are you good at chanting?

Blenko Blenko

Anonymous said...

I often chant Blenko Blenko
but nothing good happens.Carolee

chitrakahn said...

Thank you wonderful chant.

chitrakahn said...

Blenko does re issue
I own several frogs from Don Shepperds days at Blenko
purchased 2 -3 years ago.
I am now buying the decanters Husted made in the 60
Blenko needs encouragement to re issue.
Send letters making these request to Blenko Glass.