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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tangerine Blenko ID

Readers  can we help this blog friend  with her identifcation?  hjh

thank you for being kind enough to help out with the Blenko bottle. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, I have had some problems with my email (I totally crashed it somehow) but hope I have it lined out now. I am attaching images of the Bottle and will send in two messages in case the files are too big.

It looks like a tangerine #6315 Husted flat body decanter and I was quite happy to have found it. Though I am uncertain if it is indeed Blenko as it shows visible mold lines, some wrinkles in the glass as well as some darker striations within the glass that do not seem in keeping with Blenko.  I am new to Blenko and am a bit unsure about it but I did read that sometimes later in production different finishers might have made different grades of product and there  could be variations.  I would appreciate any help in identifying the bottle and informational sites or links that may help me with learning about Blenko in general as I have a few more pieces I would like to research if possible.  I am very excited about the Blenko and hope to learn all about it I can!
thanks again!


Lorin said...

I am still learning about Blenko , too. My opinion is that this is not Blenko. It appears as though the stopper is not ground and my understanding is that ALL Blenko stoppers are ground. Also, this stopper has a ring around it where it meets the neck and the 6315 does not. As far a mold lines go, most Blenko Items start out with mold lines but the hot glass is rotated in the mold to erase the lines. This can only be done if the item is round. Oblong , square or oddly shaped items cannot be rotated in the mold without destroying them so they will have mold lines. (Water bottles all have mold lines!) Some other more knowledgeable collector will surely weigh in and tell us what this is but I think it is not Blenko.

Anonymous said...

You wanna sell I wanna buy

Anonymous said...

I am the one who submitted the inquiry and wish to thank you for posting my inquiry and thank Lorin for the reply. Despite my hopes after much research I agree it must not be Blenko as the stopper was definitely wrong (tho I was not certain that was the original stopper and not a replacement one so did wonder about it). Thank you to George for the offer but I did sell it locally as a copy- if it was Blenko with a mismatched stopper- someone got a great deal! I have though found another tangerine piece for my collection which now is up to 5 pieces (two blue, amber, mixed color, and now a tangerine)!