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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Blenko Glass Blog - - Where Has All The Blenko Gone? 2012 Summer Road Trip

This note from our blog friend Bruce ( Texas). Daily I get emails complaining about the lack of good Blenko and the quality. This note from Bruce S will serve as a reminder - - the glass is available, one must (a) read catalogs and know Blenko (b) be willing to wipe away some dust (c) search for Blenko while traveling.

Happy Blenko Hunting! Blenko Glass is available in your community - you don't have to trust or buy from out of towners.


Note: Bruce S has good glass karma - one can not expect to duplicate his experience.

Hi Hillary,

Just got in Saturday from a whirlwind trip to the west coast with the girls and my fiance' Shelley. Did just a little Antiquing along the way but wanted to share a quick photo of our haul. Almost all these came from just one shop with incredible prices. Lots of good glass along the way that we left for someone else to discover if we already had the piece in our collection. Granted I will buy duplicates if the price is ridiculously low. Most of the pieces here were under twenty. Only the Myers crackle vase with the Blenko sticker was more. The Cobalt optic footed vase in the center is my favorite from this trip. I happened to stop at a store that was not opened and was just looking in the window when I spotted several pieces and made the decision to find out when they might open. A short trip down the street yielded the Myers piece and that shop owner called the other owner who had made it to work and was now open. Quickly retracing our steps we had a field day finding not only the Blenko #353 optic footed vase but the six Green sherbert glasses, Lilac rose bowl, and Amethyst goblet as well. The two cruets came from the top shelf of a store in California and the surprise find of a Rialto vase for only $14.00 nestled amongst some other real cheap glass made another stop rewarding. Not my best photo but I will be shooting some of these pieces later for your use. Just wanted to share a little for now.



Anonymous said...

Nice finds. Sounds like a road trip my husband and I do.

Anonymous said...

This comment is about the Blenko Lamps Im seeing advertised on line
a Rejunination or something.
Who will make the lamps? Will they be made in USA?
I know they won't be made in Milton as a stopper or finial that fit hasn't come out of Milton since Dave Osburn left.
It would be nice to know they are made In USA do you have info?
Also the Blenko Williamsburg someone bought last month. I called Williamsburg and got no info.
Are they or are they not making these things?
Anita Custer

Anonymous said...

I've been following this for some time and I've sent Glassdoc emails since early last year - thus far she has not published anything so I'm leary about if they will be made in milton?
I read everything pertaining to WVa Glass - saw this last month...
August 9, 2012 at 11:56 am
Brian, if the lamps are actually made in WV will be a HUGE deal for Blenko and the community. I am just wary of Rejuvenation’s vague press release. They make a big deal about mentioning “hand made, labor intensive, proprietory formulas, ect but don’t actually say they will be made in the Blenko factory in WV. They do however, mention being wired and assembled in Portland, OR. I’m just worried that this so called partnership is just licensing rights to produce them in China. I haven’t seen a peep on the Blenko website or the Herald-Dispatch which one would expect especially during the Festival of Glass. If this is just an oversight I will applaud Rejuvenation for a true manufacturing partnership, otherwise I will remain skeptical. Blenko glass is amazing, let’s hope for the best!

My fear is they will be made in China and blenko is selling the name Blenko. Hope thisisn't right.
Glass doc if you read these comments, please respond. Or if Blenko reads please respond.
Anita- I also called Williamsburg and got no response. Last week I sent a snail mail letter. I also bought the Willamsburg look a like during the festival. Quality was not superior.
Anita FYI dave osburn could not make stoppers that fit. Your comment was to my knowledge not accurate.
Tom L.
Lexington, Ky

CPK.collectoroffineart said...

I'm loving these comments - its been so long since anything negative was allowed to publish.
My only negative is the limited editons. They keep reproducing them. You buy one of 50 and then boom another editon is allowed.
How can one collect something when you have no clue how many will be made.
Blenko is loosing favor in my collection.
Next : the Blenko Lamps. If they are not made in USA its sad sad news. If they are made in Milton, its still not good news for collectors.
We bought what we were lead to believe was a piece of art from 70s. Now it will be reproduced.
Is there a collector on the Blenko Board? Who makes decisons at Blenko?
Its time they hired a person with a Business degree or even a fine arts degree. What's Damon Crain doing? He would add a lot to that place. They need some culture and a fine sense of business.
Fingers crossed they glass will be made in Milton. If not then I hope the owners of the Blenko bankrupcty notes are following this.

CPK.collectoroffineart said...

not certain my comments are appearing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have contact info for Ed Maier or that Coal Company?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Bruce & family.
Love love love your photos and stories.

Anonymous said...

OMG CPKCollector you know nothing.
Blenko did a search, DC also applied, Katie was choosen and she has by herself turned Blenko around. Shops are producing more, with less people. Quality has never been better. Hours of employee time at VC has gone down.
The place is running like a fine watch.
No changes are needed.
Read the news, things are looking better all the time for Blenko Glass.
No help needed.
Get a life, you all need to have a life out side of collecting glass and gossip.

Anonymous said...

I need the route and the names of the stores.

Anonymous said...

never have I seen good blenko for under $20

Anonymous said...

I hate to think about Blenko being made in China
but Fenton is
so it may be a sign of the times.

Hillary J Homburg said...

I'm attaching a note from: K. T. (VP Blenko) Which should clear this discussion.
Hi Hillary,

The glass portion of the lamps and the finials are defiantly Blenko. The lamps are being assembled and sold by Rejuvenation and are not available through any Blenko outlets. To purchase these pieces customers will need to go to Rejuvenation. You can visit Rejuvenation’s press release site at http://media.rejuvenation.com/2012/07/table-floor-lamps/. Let me know if I can answer any other questions about this product line.


Katie Trippe

Vice President

Blenko Glass Company

Anonymous said...

A nation wide search? Or a search of 2 interns ( Marshall Univ interns?) one took a job in Charleston the other was to become the VP.
I doubt D. would ever be interested in this job.
I'll wait to see what KT's next job title is? What does a general do...& ..Where does a general go...or whatever the title of that oldie but goodie is...
On the job training 5 years now if my math is working today.
No search for the VP.
No search for administrator
Overlooked were dozen other folk with 10 or years experience.
Must say it was an excellent hire.

Anonymous said...

laughing at your comment Geo,
after all a large administrative staff is necessary in todays economy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Laughing about the 'search'!!
Average student from average student.
Tell me no one from Alfred management program was available.
Another shot in the dark, family is not always best solution in business.