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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blenko Myers turquoise optic vases

Hi Doc,
A trio of Joel Myers designed optic vases in Turquoise. From the left is the Blenko 64-D optic vase, Blenko #6913 coin-dot optic vase, and Blenko 64-E beehive optic vase. The 64-D I found in an antique shop last week for seven dollars. The random rims are a wonderful organic shape.

Hope you and the blog enjoy,
Bruce Specht


Anonymous said...

Am I wrong in thinking the blues of the 50 60 70 80s is not the same as the current blues?

Anonymous said...

The older Blues are normally the Turquoise Blue that most folks refer to as "Blenko Blue" The current blue is Azure and is close but not the same as Turquoise. It runs a little lighter than turquoise in my opinion. Blenko has produced many blues in it's pallet. Cobalt, Persian, Ice Blue, Azure, Turquoise, and Sky Blue. All have different hues and of course these can vary by batch since they are all hand mixed using Blenko formulas. I will be sending a picture in the next batch of photos that will have three different groupings of Turquoise that span twenty years that shows the consistency of Blenko Turquoise.

Bruce Specht