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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Elton John - The Red Piano at Caesars Palace

Elton John's finely honed stage presence, a winning factor in targeting his tunes straight into the heart of America, is excess incarnate. In The Red Piano, the showy costumes are replaced by incredible video imagery and stage props, yet the end result is unmistakably classic Elton John. The show was conceptualised and designed by the acclaimed photographer and David LaChapelle. The larger-than-life set is complete with Elton's iconic red grand piano, dripping inflatable ice creams neon vegas signs and videos including two that feature Justin Timberlake as a young Elton John during "Rocket Man" and Pamela Anderson performing a pole dance during "The Bitch is Back."

The theme throughout is love, symbolised by the colour red and played out through state-of-the art effects and high-end imagery. During the show, audiences will be treated to live performances of the phenomenal back catalogue of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, including hits such as Rocket Man and Candle in the Wind.

Beach balls were dropped into the audiance, confetti flew, and a few lucky VIP even got to get up on stage and boogie around the piano! We had to settle for dancing in our seats, but we had a fantastic time!

The Red Piano is a visual extravaganza, a collage of all the outrageous and beautiful images Elton has been responsible for in his career. Bette Midler will be takeing over Caesar's Colloseum stage at the begining of April, but Elton will be back again for a short stint in June, so book your tickets now!


Ram said...

Elton John great gift to your mom and I really love his music too.

You are a great narrator enjoying narration of your trip


Anonymous said...

How 'old' is your Mother? She doesn't appear to be ancient!

Anonymous said...

To hear you sat for hours of elton john is a surprise thought you were a classical music kind of girl?
Or a jazz lover? Or a . . . .
tell me what is your fav music.

sweetdoc said...

You are so funny.
Elton John was very sexy in a sexual unisex way during the 70-80s if my memory serves me.
I was very young but remember when I first saw him in 80s and he was bald but energetic and handsome and the Voice, no one can duplicate that Voice!
Great gift to your Mom.

Ellenmarie said...

i saw this concert. you are fucking crazy not to go see it. elton john is right next to god

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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