Heart of Glass - Blenko Glass

Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Huntington Museum of Art

Click and visit the HMOA site - the museum has a large display of West Virginia and American made Glass.


Dr.BOB said...

This is a must see. We went last year when you blogged about the HMOA.

Anonymous said...

Should I ever get the oldest granddaughter here to visit I have plans of taking her tp Huntington. Miley Cyrus for her Art for me. Hope you are not working to hard. Seen Bea yesterday and she was over joyed to see me. That little Deva is in charge of all the puppies. I got puppy kisses and Cas and Sof got bossed. Morti just kind of had a look of what is a guy to do. All four of them were beautiful having just been groomed.Seen the WV piece and it is not blue and gold but orange and black good piece for the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. It is very different and I do like it's shape and would be nice to see flowers in, not that I would for fear of water stains. I will be seeing you this week at your home and then I will be going home to give that pink bunny to Lilly Joy and I hope to get you a picture so that everyone can see who got the pink bunny. What has Blenko done this year for the fourth of July? See soon, Love ya, Roxie

sweetdoc said...

I never did get my card back from the Blenko people in Kermit. How long is long enough to wait.