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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More West Virginia B -Day Celebration Photos

West Virginia Janis was kind enough to send photos from hertrip to Milton to purchase the WV BLENKO Birthday Vase. Photos and her comments below:

Richard Blenko standing by just in case you purchased something else
other than the birthday piece and wanted it signed. Additionally, he
answered questions for visitors.

The Blenko Visitors' Center was stunning on June 20, 2008-- West
Virginia Day. This picture was taken after the morning crowd thinned,
when the purchasing of the birthday piece was over.

(At least) One Blenko shopper decided to stock up on water bottles
after purchasing the Blenko 2008 birthday piece. These vessels are
ideal for parties. One idea is for each vessel to contain a different
liquid-- sweetened tea in light green, unsweetened tea in dark green,
water in clear, orange juice in the clear/yellow/orange, host's
choice in blue.............. And my how convenient the square shape
is for storing in the refrigerator.

This was the first person to unveil the Blenko 2008 Birthday piece to
the rest of us waiting in line! The artist calls the piece Sunrise/
Sunset and likens it to the mountain scenery in West Virginia. The
colors resemble a monarch butterfly; the shape a chrysalis........

This is the nice Milton resident who got blankets for people who were
cold camping out, waiting for the glorious event. When collectors in
line began commenting about the bold colors of the Birthday 2008
piece and whether they could incorporate it into their homes, this
woman reminded us, "Great art does not have to match the color of
your couch." May we all remember that quote!

Note Hillary's parents en route to their VW bug to pack it with their
latest Blenko acquistions.

Arlon Bayliss with fellow artist (and fiance) Mary Jo Anderson. To
the right, you see their "works in progress" for the 2008 line of
Blenko. The large cobalt piece in front of Mary Jo was inspired by
frets on the neck of a guitar. According to the couple, new designs
and finishes are on the horizon for Blenko. The piece they are
holding if, of course, the West Virginia Birthday 2008 piece glowing
in the ambient light. Notice Arlon's shirt is the color of the piece.

Start saving your money for some great additions to your collection!

Here we see the actual postcard that accompanied the Blenko Birthday
2008 Piece. I was struck with how organized this whole event was.
Arlon greeted you just inside the door and handed you a postcard with
his autograph and your number. Next, you walked to the register,
showed your card (the "golden ticket") and paid. The vase was
already signed by both Richard Blenko and Arlon Bayliss, dated,
numbered, bubble wrapped, and placed in an orange shopping bag (again
numbered xxx out of 145). Tissue in the colors of the piece peeked
out of the shopping bag.

Note: If you have photos or comments please send to THEBLENKOPROJECT@aol.com


Anonymous said...

Photos are not showing Hillary.
Margie Hale

Anonymous said...

I work 11-7 in Huntington live across the bridge but went by just to see if anyone from the blog was there. At about 7:30pm met your parents, your 3 dogs, and Mr. Blenko Sr. stopped by to say hello and see who was there. For me seeing him was a first. I buy Blenko often, don't have any Birthday but want to start. Just Maybe next year I will Call in sick.
Harold J. West

Hillary J Homburg said...

WVa Janis - I am so accustom to the matched bags etc - those Blenko Ladies are always on top of everything! I forget to mention these little things - thank you!
2) annonymous Harold - I'm glad you met my folks - my Mom has been ill for a # of years so her ability to get out is limited.
3) Margie, I am a klutz with computer skills. Thanks for letting me know of the problem.
Thank you all for reading and please send the photos and comments.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the designer had a flower in her hair, I was certain she was Hillary. I ask, was told NO she is part of the design team.
Where were you Hillary?
Matt Mills

Dr.BOB said...

Thank you west virginia janis
great no excellent photographs.
Hilary I am no longer angry with you for my lack of Blenko vase.
Hearing you also didn't get one, made my loss seem very small.
For you this must have been a great disappointment.
Blenko should be offering you free everything on a monthly arrangement
and while I say this as a man with no business history, your devotion and hard work should not go without reward.
Next year we will go early and you
will be a graduate doc right? We will plan a party for the morning
6/20/09 and invite everyone. I will bring coffee.

Dr.BOB said...

Our trip was not wasted. Blenko Glass had available many other nice vases and my wife bought a few.
We recommend the shops along main street for used glass, terrific prices.

Dr.BOB said...

A Big WV Thank You!

andreerods said...

This is great news for Blenko, No?

annu said...

When the new line is available will
you publish photos
or interview the artist and tell us
more about him?

nick said...

This designer will make Blenko
famous if the national media picks up on his designs.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Should anyone have 2008 for sale, I want to purchase.
Margie Hale
will you forward the info? or should I attach my email?

sweetdoc said...

We went too late, last year was our first time, the small crowd of 2007 spoiled us.
Hilary you did too many ads about the day. Next year don't say a word.