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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Plan now for A Sugarless Valentine's Month

Photo of Blenko Glass WV Birthday Collection 1980.
Caroline from heart of glass blog, sent a note about SOAP channels Sugarless Valentine's Week. She suggested we might want to advertise a Sugarless Valentine's Month! Well as you know - I don't do the advertising for BLENKO GLASS. I will send along the comment.

For me it was a sensible comment. For the entire year! Give up meat one day a week (if you haven't already given up meat) use the saving 1/2 for your piggy bank 1/2 for a Blenko or Glass Collection account, same thing with white flour and sugar, who among us really needs that white flour or sugar. Certainly NOT the children.

This year for Valentine's Day consider giving the Teachers of Your Children BLENKO GLASS hearts or red or pink BLENKO GLASS http://www.blenkoglass.com/ (not all glass is less expensive in the Blenko Glass visitors shop , Milton). Instead of giving sweets to your neighbors give GLASS red or pink BLENKO and suggest in the Spring you will bring flowers or flowers from their own garden would look so lovely in the BLENKO.

When you give BLENKO tell the Blenko story, ask for the paper products to include in the gift box (free or $1) which tell the BLENKO GLASS story. Educate your neighbors, about the marks of handmade glass, educate your children. Let's work to TAKE BACK the GLASS MAKING INDUSTRY! BLENKO GLASS is the only antique glass manufacturer in the US!

Let's work hard to keep glass making, tableware, in West Virginia.

Use BLENKO GLASS daily, along side your Fiesta (dishes from Northern WV) these companies are still in business you can get replacements if there is a breakage. Buy 2 sets, use one and let the other 'age'.

Mountain Rita tells me she has been on a diet of walking 3 miles daily before she allows herself access to the Internet, the only other thing she does is eliminate white flour. To date she has released 7 pounds since December 20th, she reports her sessions with gym trainer will begin in March after the bad weather as she must drive 40 minutes to the gym.

Way to go - Mountain Rita!

I'm rambling today, we didn't talk about Christmas Glass, did you get glass or give glass, what did you gift or receive ? (photos?), did you make New Years Resolutions? Care to share those?

Have a great day. I'm doing what I call a study 'bootcamp' I work 8 hours with 2 short breaks daily to prepare for my National Board during this my Holiday! hjh


Anonymous said...

When I can make the camera and computer work together I will send photos. Let WVJanis know I have taken over 100. I am boxing glass to donate and photographing as I box.
Margie Hale

Anonymous said...

When I can make the camera and computer work together I will send photos. Let WVJanis know I have taken over 100. I am boxing glass to donate and photographing as I box.
Margie Hale

Anonymous said...

Do you want to sell that 1980s Birthday piece?
Are you trying to find the whole lot for me? No one has emailed.
I will pay $25K for the entire collection send photos of glass and signatures please.

annu said...

Mountain Rita girl you are on the right track. Exercise is the key to good health, this and meditation will provide for a long and happy life. Release of excess weight will come with time, focus on your mental self, and the amount of progress with length and time of walk.
Write again so I can keep track of you. Are you working on this with a friend? If not use the blog community for support. You can't be the only person in need of a peaceful life, or weight loss.

annu said...

Did I read you are 80+ I'm under 30 and can't upload photos from my Nikon to computer. Do not be discouraged.

annu said...

bgraham2007 what will you do with the whole lot?

Anonymous said...

If I become mean and obnoxious will you read my emails as you seem to read Mountain Rita's?
Just asking.

sweetdoc said...

My goal for the year is to build muscle and add bone with medication and exercise, also to hold my glass buying down to less than 1K a month. Addictions are costly.