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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Where Are They Now? - Retired Blenko Workers

The BLENKO PROJECT NEEDS YOUR HELP! We 're looking for retired Blenko Craftsmen. We want to add their photos, and their stories to our Blenkoproject - history of the craftsman. I know some of these gentlemen have passed on, but perhaps a family member will have photos, and be willing to share the story. We want to include as many workers as possible, I have a short list - I'm certain there are many others - please add any name you remember - even if you don't know the address. We'll keep searching!
If your name is on this list, or you see your neighbors name, ask him to write or phone, perhaps he'll want to tell you about his time at Blenko Glass. We'd like to share photos of glass collections, old photos of glass once made and long forgotten. Factory photos. Whatever.
Documenting the history of the Glass factory worker is the goal. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated by the readers of this blog, and perhaps by children doing research on West Virginia Glass years from now. If you don't have a computer I can provide you with a post office box address for mailing.
Do you all have photos, postcards, snap shots, or any documentation or addresses phone numbers Etc for
the families of
Peral Lemly
Bill Bailey
Connie Blake
John Worst
Clayton Lunsford
Raymond Lewis
Clarel Chapman
Jessie Carpenter
Red Powers
Jarfly Richmond

Also if you can add to this list of talented
retired workers I would greatly appreciate this.
We want to give these gentlemen along with Mr Les . Womack ( I have his address) their own page on the www.blenkoproject.org IF we can get enough photos for them and their glass and their time at Blenko. If you are a family member, a friend or neighbor ask these gentlemen or their families to contact us. 304 437 4647 The Blenko Project - leave a message or better yet Email us.
Thank you


Anonymous said...

Just a thought but couldn't Blenko Glass give you this info?
Sue M.

lewisphddvd said...

In Ohio the Dept of History / Culture has grant monies as of 2002 for oral histories of this type.
If this is a fed funded project then your state may also / check this.
Great plan even if you must fund yourself. Needs to be done.
Sue is correct, Blenko Glass should be able to provide you with this information freely, I fail to understand the disconnect.
Is there a disconnect?
Between BCS and Blenko Glass also? Fragmentation lack of communication or ability to work well with others may be the greatest issue.

susan said...

Tsk tsk Lewis, I agree. Blenko Glass should know who retired and who was considered a quality craftsperson and who might be 'qualified' for a spot on website.
The issue about communication has nothing to do with us unless we pay our dues, if we don't we have no voice. Even then we need to do as Hilary suggest and leave management to management.
Let us discuss glass and glass making and the beauty of glass and on occassion only a negative.

Anonymous said...

I met 2 of these gentlemen at the Festival of Glass this year.
Lucky Me!

Anonymous said...

Jessie Carpenter is my neighbor and I will phone him this evening.
Does Connie down at Blenko know you need this information?

sweetdoc said...

So where are they?