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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Blenko Glass www.blenkoglass.com Water Bottle

The #384 and the # 384 with handle - Blenko water bottles.

Today my parents attended the Mountaineer Auction ( see post from Friday) where over 200 Blenko items, many very unique, unusual, rare and hard to find items were sold.

My folks say the prices were extremely low - they purchased a #384 Water Bottle (crystal) with handle - while the Blenko Water Bottle has been made continuously for over 70 years the waterbottle with handle was made for less than five years
and never with a run of more than 50 according to the retired glass workers.

The handle was a problem for Blenko ( about 1 out 5 survived the process- and only 2 of those that survived received the stamp of approval for shipping). After they were purchased the handle was a problem for the homemaker - they broke with great frequency - while not everyone agrees - we think of the water bottle with handle an a coveted item of Blenko.

The water bottles with handles come on the market a few times a year - the above photo is from a summer offering by PURPLE MOON one of the best vintage Blenko dealers. Dr Bob sent the photo of the twin ruby waterbottles along with a note saying how much his wife liked the photo.

Chuck of Purple Moon, knows Blenko, and most all things modern - he also shops wisely and keep his prices below market value. (Check out Purple Moon website often). Anyway, the water bottles with handles most often sell or 200 or above. This one my Dad picked up for $30 at the Mountaineer Auction.

I'm suggesting as Blenko Collectors - you bookmark the Mountaineer Auction website - when you see Blenko being offered, quickly call Roger and make a bid.
Don't wait for the auction date.
The Blenko mermaid was also sold - this one has sold for more than $1,500 in the last five years. The Mountaineer Auction sold the mermaid for much less than this estimate of value.

My Dad said vases, older vases, and decanters were selling for between 30 and $150, a lamp sold for less than $150. My thoughts are not even Bruce of Texas could find Blenko for less than
today's Mountaineer Auction prices.
If you haven't introduced the kids and the gran kids to Blenko collecting - a waterbottle collection ( $20 - $50 at the Visitor Center 304 743 9081) is a great way to begin.
Happy Shopping. hjh


Anonymous said...

Why show us what we
can't have?

Anonymous said...

the mermaid was horribly broken and worthless. the person who's estate this was from bought it on ebay for $150 over 2 years ago when the market was still high. I hope the winner got it for less than $100.
And the water bottles with handles sell on ebay for an average price of about $140 and I feel sorry for the suckers who buy them. There were perhaps 6 pieces worth buying in that junky auction. As for Purple Moon selling for below market value - huh? That's not possible; by definition he IS the market and one look at the prices tells you it full retail.

Anonymous said...

Hillary shows us what we cannot have because this is not a commercial site!

Anonymous said...

Since you were bidding by phone
I am certain you know at what price the mermaid sold.
Much more than 300$ but less than 1,000 and
in your display she would have sold for?
Now about Purple Moons prices
they are not cheap but they are much less than the prices of state blenko sellers.
Also Purple Moon is clean, the owner knows what he is selling me
and I know he is honest.
I don't mind the one hour drive to view potential purchases.
Sounds like a case of spilled milk.
Hilary why do you allow for these comments?
Ted E.

Anonymous said...

typo less than out of state blenko sellers.
Ted E.

Anonymous said...

Where is Tammy K she could tell you what this mermaid is worth.
Ted E.

Anonymous said...

I'll buy all the 384H you have at $150 each

Anonymous said...

This is a suggestion
a suggestion I've sent more than a dozen times in four years.
Blenko why not weekly send photos to Hilary for the blog, photos of new glass, potential glass for the 2011 line, or just experimental objects of art
done by Blenko. Or what current projects are at Blenko.
We all read daily because we collect Blenko, we are your customer base.
Use us.

Hilary why not contact Blenko weekly, or Blenko owners, officers if you read why not have a contact person who will weekly send photos?
Just a suggestion one that I
trust you might someday post.

Anonymous said...

We saw the mermaid on Thursday nite before the auction, this object was not horribly damaged.
A small repair near the hairline.
The mermaid was in exceptional shape. The new owners should be very proud of their purchase.
BTW I checked ebay past sales and saw no mermaid, I have a letter to ebay inquiring as I shop ebay daily for more than 6 years. I can't recall a mermaid and certainly not one for the price anonymous quoted.
When I hear from e-bay I'll send you the letter.
Gladys L.

Anonymous said...

Who Cares?

Dr.BOB said...

Are there any new items coming to market from Blenko?
If so would you kindly attach photos to the blog?