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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reader Question - can you help?


Just finished searching for information online for the past hour! Finally, I found your website and thought, just maybe someone there would be able to help me.

I found a very beautiful, heavy (possibly lead crystal) clear rabbit with a silver Blenko sticker. It's about 7" tall and heavy, like a paperweight. My problem I'm having is that I can find all sorts of information about Blenko glass containers, vases, etc. but nothing about an item like an animal. Has anyone in your group ever heard of Blenko making anything like this?

Thanks in advance for ANY help you can give me.


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buckndi said...

In the 1976 catalog, there are a number of crystal figured paperweights, a rabbit among them. The rabbit item number is #76F. there is also a snowman (76A), a bear (76B), a seal (76C), an owl (76D), an elephant (76E), and a ram (76G). There are others in the series, which apper in the 1978 catalog - a penguin (76P), and a squirrel (76S). I don't have a 1979 catalog, but in the 1980 catalog, there is an orca (76K), a pig (76PG) and a whale (76W). In the 1981 catalog has a pineapple (#81A) new bear (#81B). In the 1982 catalog, there is a duck (#823), and in the 1983 catalog, a porpoise ($831) and a swan (#833). The 1982 duck is the only one I find in the 1984 catalog, and none of the crystal animal paperweights appear in the 1985 catalog. That doesn't mean they weren't available at the factory, just that they weren't in the regular catalog offerings.

Hope that helps,