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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Reader LaVonne Preston wants to see examples of Blenko being used as an award - other than the water bottle.

Can you help? If you have a photo of Blenko Glass being used as an award, please send photo and story to theblenkoproject@aol.com .

LaVonne , check back for photos.

Blenko Glass can be engraved - as long as the surface is smooth - before you purchase ask your engraver / etcher / about the item you are purchasing, or phone Martha at TOUCH OF GLASS in Hurricane ,W.Va. The ladies of Touch Of Glass, Hurricane estimate they have engraved more Blenko and WV Glass than anyone else in the USA.

Thank you LaVonne for considering Blenko Glass for your award ceremony, and thank you for Buying Made In USA!

Reader Ralph Smythe sent an article that stated ' if we all buy items made in US when possible we will increase the number of employed US workers by 10% a year. Keep the jobs in the USA. When possible support your local craftsmen, vendor, small Mom and Pop stores.

Together we can make a difference.
Photo: Example of Blenko Glass hand blown - this one or one like this was used
as an award for donations of $5,000 to Public Radio in 1982. Similar Vases may be purchased from Blenko - price for this one varies from $650 to $1,500.


Anonymous said...

Racist - this is a racist post.

Dr.BOB said...


Dr.BOB said...

I purchase frequently vintage blenko that was given as an award or in memory of an occassion, tonight I'll send photos.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Racist and misinformed. Unfortunate that it landed here.

Anonymous said...

I disagree- It is not racist to say Buy Made In USA.
It is not racist to be concerned for the jobs of your neighbors.
It is not racist to be concerned that all manufacturing jobs are leaving this country.
It is not racist to say support your local vendors.
It is not racist to say buy products where you know the farmer, the glassblower, the laundry person, where your neighbor is building the cars, the stoves, the lawnmowers.
Buy Made In USA is becoming difficult!
Anyone know a manufacturer of cloth in USA?
Anyone know a clothing line that is made in USA?
I'm a lot older than glasslady, infact my children are older than glasslady.
I've seen the jobs go south, I've seen my neighbors working in WSalmart instead of a fabric mill.
What glasslady is saying isn't racist. If you are ethnic and living in the country. You are probably also concerned for your job. I'm not 100% American and none of you are. We live here and we want jobs here.
While I'm retired. My children are not and they may not be able to retire.
Buy Made In USA should be the cry of all citizens, not a cry that gets glasslady negative comments.
Buy Made In USA
She didn't say Support Your Local Unions. I will say this. Support your local unions and support your neighbors.
Linda Harper

Anonymous said...

Currently there is nothing 'Made in USA'. Even GM and budwisers are owned by non-US companies. Buying such made in USA does not help US workers anymore. Its a burden on economy. Because most 'Made in USA' companies take huge subsidies from government, which indirectly comes from investments of other countries. Buying from mom-pop stores and novelties like blenko, though has an immediate visible effect, the change is not significant enough to actually increase jobs to the required levels. It is like giving $20 to green peace and feeling happy about saving the planet. Its policies like NAFTA that took jobs (in millions) away from US. Also, most american companies are still doing good, its the american workers that are in peril.

US is a like a large market, where world goods are sold. Therefore, most jobs that are thriving are either research related or sales related. Our economy thrives on keeping consumption of goods high. We are not a manufacturing based nation.

Have you ever wondered where the money for SSN, medicare and other subsidies come from? We make money when $ exchanges hands. US thirved because every one who wants to buy oil or other commodities had to do so in $. And every time some one buys or sells $, US made money. This money is still a huge part of our GDP. Preserving $ demand is one reason why US gets into war with other nations.

To make america grow, we need to invest in manufacturing, research, education and universities. Today, all these are suffering because people want more SSN, medicare and other goodies from government. The government is balancing the budget by keeping these goodies the same and reducing investments in manufacturing, research, education and universities. The cost of keeping the goodies the same is higher debt from china which in turn affects US policies.

For all the pro-US talk, if china decides to disinvest in USA, our 3.7 trillion budget will become 2.8 trillion (900 bn comes from china alone). Where will the $ for all the goodies come from then?

If we truly care about US, we must get reasonable with our demands to government. I am not asking to not take medicare or health care benefits. But switch to a healthier lifestyle. The economic cost of stroke alone per annum is 21 bn $. This cost is projected to be 65 bn $ by 2030. If half of these people switch to a healthier lifestyle, US government will have 32 bn $ extra per annum. Similarly, if half of the people are able to restrict the life-style related diseases, we can save about 150 bn per annum. Just to put things in perspective, democrats and republicans are fighting over 60 bn $ in the current budget. Healthier lifestyle not only implies healthier work force, but more money to invest in our future (manufacturing, research, schools and universities).

If you (in general) truly care about american people and future, live and promote healthier lifestyles all around you. Join support groups and demand repeal of policies like NAFTA etc that took jobs away. Demand government to invest in public school systems, manufacturing sectors and research. Giving $ subsidy/bailouts though help to certain extent temporarily, they do not have long term impact. Would you rather have $600 check in your hand per annum or better schools, better hospitals and healthier lifestyle for your kids.


Hillary J Homburg said...

Well said 'Me.'
Thank you for your commentary.
I certainly agree with your statements re: need for investment in education, research and the need for a healthier lifestyle.
Suggestions for how to implement?
Regardless of the above. Please buy " glass that is made in USA" when possible buy Blenko Glass www.blenkoglass.com made in WVa by your neighbors.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Calling Glassdoc
racist, we want freedom to comment, actions such as this prevent comments from appearing.
Blenko is collected by a good number of Indian, Chinese and South American families. Your statement will be seen by these collectors. While I feel 100% certain they will be offended not by Glassdoc but by your attack on her. Calling someone racist is
not nice, not appropriate, if you were brave enough to sign your name - then perhaps the comment should appear other wise No!
Take your Xanax and return tomorrow.

vyb5b said...

I will speak about healthy life style alone. Impact of US policies on research, universities and education and its long term effects form topic of another blog. Unfortunately (or fortunately) $ still drives most of the US policies and is still a primary motivator of people.

Below are my suggestions,
1- higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohols.
2- higher taxes on processed fattening foods.
3- $ incentive to people maintaining healthy lifestyles. Gym membership/marathon registrations/etc getting refunded.
4- subsidizing healthy/organic foods.

These changes suggested above do not require additional investment from government. Money generated by taxing promoters of unhealthy habits, will be sufficient to fund healthier alternatives. These are policy changes that will promote healthy lifestyle. It is still up to people to realize the economic benefits and impact of healthier lifestyles, and pursue them. Obama is trying to implement some of these changes, but what is being done is little and insufficient.

Anonymous said...

A little more glass...a lot less of this nonsense.