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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Blenko Amethyst Husted minitures


Hi Hillary,

Another pair of Husted designed miniatures in Amethyst. On the left is a Blenko # CM-3 with the right being a #CM-7.
I am finally getting a chance to fill out my miniature collection with several nice pieces.
Bruce Specht


susan said...

We have multiple questions.
In an online glass discussion yesterday, someone reported less than 150 people total at the Festival of Glass. Is this true? Do you feel the economy is to blame?
The special edition items. Are these available on line?
Is Bayliss the full time art director? We heard - again online group- everything was being done inhouse?
Is there a 2011 catalogue?
Did they replace management with the Fed filing for reorganization?
Any hope for survival?
Suggestions from you Glassdoc and also readers for vendors offering older blenko. We are having difficulty after Balls closed finding a new source.
Thank you
Also why is there no link to the Blog from the Blenko website. It disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have knowledge of where Tammie Kosla is?
She was very helpful to me as a new collector, offering suggestions, low price glass and helping me complete several groupings.
I lost contact and quiet frnakly miss her.
R. Greenlee

Anonymous said...

We were there on Saturday
the crowd was not as large as last year.
Sales appeared to be brisk.
The economy sucks in SC, WV and the US.
There is a 2011 catalog available for $5 at the Blenko gift shop.
Katie was at the Festival so no change.
I did not see Richard or Bill Blenko.
Re: Bayliss he teaches full time and has a design studio Blenko is a part time gig for him. Blenko is fortunate to have someone of his calibre.
Perhaps other readers will have answers for remaining questions.
Naomi A.

Anonymous said...

Me again
Does Blenko get a lot of bad checks?
I noticed they do very little to verify the checks.
Bad bad management procedure.

sweetdoc said...

We also plan to do Weston in Oct., hope to see the Blenko Man and meet the fellow who donated the glass for this project.
If Blenko sold out of the limited edition items by the shops - as HJH says it must have been a very good day.
My work schedule doesn't allow me to comment or read anything other than work related materials while I play administrator.
Miss you all, Roxie and her gkids, WV Janis and her lovely photos and comments, Dr Bob and his caustic comments, Margie's gentle g-mom personality.
Anyone else going to Weston?
Perhaps we can all do coffee or lunch?

Hillary J Homburg said...

Re: Bad Checks
Blenko does ask for identification, and uses a check service to verify funds.
I'll check with Blenko office staff - my thoughts are they do not receive 'bad' checks or credit card payments .

Hillary J Homburg said...

Re: Tammy Kosla
She attended Festival of Glass in 2010 looked marvelous, said she was extremely happy with her life and career.
Perhaps others will have more current info.

Hillary J Homburg said...

For Susan:
Blenko is doing very well, Blenko needs the support of all collectors.
This year consider giving Blenko for each and every gift giving opportunity.
Take your friends and family to visit Blenko.
Spread the Blenko ' bug'.
Blenko needs sales. All retailers are suffering in this economic down turn.
The Blenko Collectors and vendors are stepping up to
increase Blenko sales.
Support made in USA ! Buy Blenko and encourage your friends to also buy Blenko.

Anonymous said...

Bruce - Hillary
Have you two considered using all bruce's photos on the Blenko Project website?
You could do original photos
from each designers collection
as bruce has the best of the designers and pre designers
Might take some organizing but could be done and would add so much to the blenko project
in terms of identification and helping newbies like me find glass that is blenko.
Tim White
Madison, WV