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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Blenko Addiction?

I have 3 dozen un opened boxes of Blenko in my garage. How do I display so much Blenko? In the past I've separated by color, I display Ruby on Valentine Day, the Green on St Patty's Day etc...but its too much trouble. Don't say buy a display case. I own two in my dining room and I have shelves built in my living room. If any readers have ideas or can share what they do I would appreciate all help.
Brooklyn, NY

Could you be a compulsive shopper? Blenko is addictive - in my family we think of it as a POSITIVE ADDICTION!
Attached are photos from my family room. I put up very inexpensive shelving from Lowe's home improvement. Painted everything white - glass looked better with a white background.
I bought inexpensive under cabinet lights - again from Lowe's. Below are photos of WV Birthday Pieces ( just a few - I donated my collection several years ago to WVU ) the last two photos are pictures of the Variations by Wayne Husted. This was a limited edition set sold by Husted and Blenko about 6 years ago. If you find these buy them - this set and the WV Birthday Vases are undervalued. hjh

Storing Blenko. How NOT to display Blenko. Decorative Shelving. Blenko Glass Company.
Blenko Designer Series. Variations. Wayne Husted.


DrAnnu said...

Trust me on this ---- you are addicted.
I spoke once with Tammy Kosla who was also a member of the blenko addiction club, its an easy to acquire addiction.
My attic is filled with Blenko, I m having a carpenter build to fit the Blenko.
We also collect Fostoria and A Pa Glass.
Thanks to Hillary for the photos of her collection.

DrAnnu said...

Are you allowing comments?

Anonymous said...

You never share personal photos.
Now three days of your own photos.
Thanksgiving is in the air.

ERDOCSeattle said...

Is this for sale?

Anonymous said...

Simple but it is working!

Anonymous said...

Will Blenko have a Holiday Sale? If so when.

Christy Gibson said...

Holiday Sale will be Nov 25-27. Limited edition items will be on sale at 8am on Friday, Nov 25. We will be continuing our salute to Appalachian music with a guitar, there will be a new Ltd. edition angel called the "Angel of Love", a new basket called "Cranberry Frost"and a footed vase we have named "Winterberry" with blue, cranberry and white frit color swirled throughout. All of these pieces are numbered, some are signed by the artist. Walter Blenko and son Andy Blenko will be on hand to sign all purchases, W. H. Blenko, Jr. will be in for a couple of hours on Friday to sign purchases. There will be a live radio remote with door prizes to be given away, and many more items. Mini snowmen, angels and new this year penguins. We will have a few classes on Saturday the 26th. A Xmas ornament class, a blown candy dish class, beginner s/g panel and a class great for kids which will allow you to make a set of 4 plaster coasters that can be decorated with Blenko sheet glass pieces. Cake & refreshments while they last. Daily specials each day. Watch Huntington & Charleston papers on Sun, Nov 20 for insert. Also watch our website to be updated soon. For customers who can't make it to the factory we will have a Mini "Angel of Love" available on our online catalog on Friday, Nov 25. Time to be determined. Only 50 available. Please feel free to call the office if you have any additional questions. I will send Hillary pictures of the items as soon as I get them back from the Photographer next week.

Anonymous said...

For those of us who can't get down to WV more than once a year, will these items be offered by phone or on line.
If by phone, is it possible to make certain the people who answer the phone know the items are available.
I have old fashion AT&T land line where I pay by the minute for long distance calls, my calls to Blenko end in frustration most often.
Will Hilary be publishing photos of the items?
Thank you for letting us know what will be available.

Anonymous said...

Ann Urbeck? I agree with your comments we are Blenko addicts.
I tell my hubby it is a positive addiction, I don't over shop for clothing purses food
Blenko is my only indulgence.
Most Blenko collects buy quality glass when they can and like that Blenko is made in a small town by real people who love their work.