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Blenko Glass is a West Virginia treasure that spans generations. Nothing symbolizes the state of West Virginia better or more beautifully than Blenko Glass. We will discuss current and former craftsmen and designers and how important it is that Blenko and West Virginia glass be appreciated and valued by the younger generation.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blenko Glass. Blenko Blog. Glass Workshops?

Blenko, West Virginia

Hillary,  This is the 10th time I'm asking.  Will Blenko do this workshop again? Print out attached. 
   It's difficult to answer questions like this when sent to Heart of Glass as a comment.
In the future if you'll use   theblenkoproject@aol.com  I'll respond to your question with an email.

Don Lemley left Blenko  a few years ago.  So Lemley will no be teaching this class.   You should phone Blenko Glass  304 743 9081  to ask when another series of glassblowing and fusing workshops might be conducted.    
We have no knowledge of workshops other than the 1-2 day festival of glass held yearly.
Contact Blenko.  After this,  if you have questions  email  theblenkoproject@aol.com  and we'll attempt to be of assistance.   If we receive info from Blenko about Classes or Glass making we will immediately publish this info. 

Flyer info sent by Lawrence - -
Glassblowing & Fusing Workshops

Learn all the beginning skills to this ancient craft.

Blenko Glass Company Inc. in Milton WV

Will be hosting workshops on June 24 – 27.

Beginning Glassblowing 24-25 $250.00

Beginning Fusing 26-27 $125.00

To reserve a space call:


Or 1-877-4-Blenko CONTACT: Don Lemley

Email dlemley@blenkoglass.com


Anonymous said...

Several questions for you Hilary.
1) Why is there not new catalog, and not new glass designs in what 2 years?
2) Where do they post things that are new? Not seeing anything about holidy sale or holidays here, and haven't seen anything new on Blenko Co.
3) I will start to shop for Xmas this weekend. If I dont' see anything new, I will not be shopping at Blenko for holidays this year.
4) altering the designs on a water bottle is not creating new design. Can you pass this on to the people who matter?
Thank You
clara west

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have the 2010-2011 catalog, will upload it this weekend. I keep forgetting. I am not sure if the 2012 is out. Regards, V

Hillary J Homburg said...
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Hillary J Homburg said...

In the Blenko blog, the question above was ask, this is a class that I have done 3 times during the 2 days of the Festival of Glass. I teach this class at Blenko (at no charge to them) and that has been the only time I have been requested to teach it (2011 and this year 2012). The pendant pieces are made by the students, fired in a kiln that I take to Blenko, and they take them home on the same day. If there is a request from Blenko, there is nothing magic about doing it during the Festival, but that would have to come through Blenko,

just some info you might like to add to the Blog, the fusing classes I do are just a "contribution" that I make to Blenko to help them.

Ernie Downey
Received this note from Ernie Downey.
Note: Readers, I own 5 items he created, ear rings and a pendant. I wear them frequently. Mr. Downey is highly recommended by Heart of Glass.

Anonymous said...

Glassdoc you neglected to mention those plates Ernie makes with photos.
I bought one of Mr. Blenko a year or so ago, its on display with my collection.
Blenko is most fortunate to have dedicated volunteers, Tammie Kosla created Blenko Collectors at no cost or suppot, You do this blog and Blenko Project, and Ernie with this volunteering to conduct classes. Community support is important part of success.
Lack of gratitutde for the same is deadly.
Alice H.

Anonymous said...

Why not phone Blenko and ask
what's up with catalogs, or new designs, and whats up for the holidays.
Hilary has repeated said blenko is small and has no time to share info with this blog.
So why are you searching for answer in wrong pond.
Alice H.

Anonymous said...

If others have not said to you how much we appreciate the photos, I shall now speak for all.
Its great having the catalogs, wish they were a little larger, perhaps you might do a water mark to avoid duplicating if this is the fear.
Alice H.

Dr.BOB said...

Why have you discontinued daily post?

Dr.BOB said...

If you continue with the irregular post, you'll loose readers.

Anonymous said...

hello alice, if you want bigger picture of any file, I can send it to you separately. Or if you like, can send you link for bigger pictues/ thanks, V

Anonymous said...
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