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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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Glass Insurance Reaserch from Blog friend Tony P.

Hi Hillary,

After reading your blog concerning insurance, I called my Insurance Agent (Geico providing Homeowner’s Insurance through Liberty Mutual).

I fully expected to be told that I needed an extra-cost rider or endorsement or something like that.

But after (I kid you not) a half hour, and multiple times on hold while they consulted multiple experts at Liberty Mutual,

I was told in fact that there is no limit in my Coverage C – Personal Property – Special Limits of Liability, for a glass collection

There are limits of other things (securities, watercraft, trailers, jewelry, watches, furs, precious stones, silverware, etc), but NOT for a glass collection.
As you know, my hobby is hot glass glassblowing, and until I got your email I had never actually counted all my pieces, but I have made over 300 pieces of glass which are in multiple curio cabinets etc throughout my house.

Two additional points:

1. Glassblowing is strictly a hobby for me, not a business, if someone were in the business of collecting/selling glass, other insurance would be required.

2. If (heaven forbid) there were a loss, a claims adjuster might reach some other conclusion (given the prevailing wisdom that there is some limit), but it would not seem to be supported by the contractual language in the policy.

Each person’s situation and contract/policy may be different, but this is the conclusion I was able to reach, thanks for raising this insurance question in your blog.


Anonymous said...

Glassdoc check out your parents
and me also if you so desire - I'm in the box above them.

Anonymous said...

My one suggestion is don't do State Farm Insurance. Wonderful Until underline until you have a claim, then you become the enemy and your glass becomes worthless.
Anonymous Me

Anonymous said...

Just followed this link, but how doyou know which seat is Glassdocs?

Anonymous said...

Add me to the group of Non Lovers of State Farm Insurance.
I know of three recent victims of accidents, two with life altering injuries who were offered under 50K for settlement, both are now involved with law suits against State Farm. Where is Attorney Darrell Mc Graw when State Farm rips into people.
State Farm is a good neighbor until you have a claim. Then they are not. Do not use State Farm. I've heard erie is good.

Anonymous said...

Georgia here
Also a former State Farm person, left them 2 years ago.
State Farm is for State Farm.

Anonymous said...

If you have State Farm cancel now befoe you have a claim!